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Here it is, the complete list of available articles, sorted by the idiot who wrote it. A lot of old reviews from past writers have been deleted. From now on though, fired staffers/quitters will still have their shit published at Global Domination under their name which they had while working here.

Desert Eagle
Lord K Philipson
Statik Majik
The Duff
Global Domination
Ash The Sky: Demo
Besatt: Tempus Apocalypsis
Contrast The Water: Perseverance
Corrosive Carcass: Composition of flesh
Cosmic Funeral: Godless war to eternity
Cryptopsy - Flo Mounier and Matt McGachy
Cryptopsy: Cryptopsy
Curse This Ocean: Lightbringer
Daemonicus: Deadwork
De Profundis - Craig Land
De Profundis: The emptiness within
Deep Desolation - Markiz
Deep Desolation: Rites of blasphemy
Depth Beyond One's: Monuments of control
Deserted Fear: My empire
Detrimentum: Inhuman disgrace
Dimicandum: Legacy of Gaia
Enslaved: Riitiir
Execration - Kevin "Drumdefiler" Elrod
Eye Of Solitude: Sui caedere
Fetus Stench: Stillbirth
Forgotten Tomb: And don't deliver us from evil
Fortid: Pagan prophecies
Godlesson: Fuck satan hell die yeah
Haiduk: Spellbook
Hatriot - Steve Souza
Historias Nórdicas De La Abuela Vikinga: Demo
Hyperial: Industry
Karmic Kick: Enter angels
Mouthful Of Flies - Deanger Smith
Naer Mataron: Long live death
Offending: Age of perversion
Orion: On the banks of Rubicon
Paroxsihzem - Krag
Plector: Punishment day
Psychofagist: Unique negligible forms
Puteraeon: Cult cthulhu
Refusal: Grasp
Ruins: Place of no pity
Skarab: Skarab
Sorkka: Ensimmäinen jae
Sparrows - Bryan Nicholas
Suture: Skeletal vortex
The Nefilim: Zoon
Told By Blood: Steamworks
Trillion Red: Metaphere
Vitriol: Into the silence I sink
Ackros: The multiverse
Adamantra: Promo 2011
Aenaon / Satanochio: A parallel zoetrope
Albino Bone Rituals: Witch doctor
Amon Amarth: Once sent from the golden hall
Ana Kefr: The burial tree
Anathema, The Wounded, 2010-04-23
Anathema: A natural disaster
Anathema: Alternative 4
Anathema: Judgement
Anathema: We're here because we're here
Antimatter: Leaving Eden
Anwynn: Newydd wawr
Apocalyptica: 7th symphony
Årabrot: Revenge
Astrophobos: Arcane secrets
Atheist: Jupiter
Authority Zero: Stories of survival
Autopsy: Macabre eternal
Avenged Sevenfold: Nightmare
Become A Threat: Method to this madness
Bill Skins Fifth: From what lies beneath
Black Sunshine: Black sunshine
Blind Guardian: At the edge of time
Blindead: Affliction XXIX II MXMVI
Borknagar: Universal
Candlemass: Death magic doom
Carcass: Heartwork
Celestiial: Where life springs eternal
Claim The Throne: Triumph and beyond
Cynic: Focus
Dark Tranquillity: We are the void
Darkthrone: The cult is alive
Deadwalk: Scandalous
Death: Human
Demians: Building an empire
Devin Townsend: Ziltoid the omniscient
Disgod: Sanguine scales
Double Barrel Remedy: Double barrel remedy
Doublesion: Cannibal surgery
Dream Theater: Black clouds and silver linings
Dream Theater: Images and words
Dusteroid: Tyrannosonor
Dyrathor: Sacred walcraft of Hel
Eluveitie: Everything remains as it never was
Eluveitie: Slania
Emperor: In the nightside eclipse
Enforcer: Diamonds
Eyes Set To Kill: Broken frames
Faith No More: Album of the year
Freedom Call: Legend of the shadowking
Graspop 2010, Belgium: Day 1
Graspop 2010, Belgium: Day 2
Graspop 2010, Belgium: Day 3
Honey For Christ: The cruelty of great expectations
Iced Earth: Burnt offerings
Ignition Code: Upgraded
In Flames: Sounds of a playground fading
Insane Therapy: Veil of silence
Instant Suppression: Domain.Nation
Judas Priest: British steel
Judas Priest: Screaming for vengeance
K+K Tactics: Sub species aeternitatis
Kamelot: Poetry for the poisoned
Katatonia, 2010-03-07
Katatonia: Last fair deal gone down
Keep Of Kalessin: Reptilian
Killface: Faceless
King Diamond: Abigail
Liquid Graveyard: The fifth time I died
Machiavellian: The impossibility of death in the minds of the living
Machinae Supremacy: A view from the end of the world
Massive Slavery: Global enslavement
Mean Streak: Declaration of war
Melechesh: The epigenesis
Metallica: Master of puppets
Minora: Imago
Mirrorthrone: Carriers of dust
Mouga: The god and devil's schnapps
My Silent Wake: Iv et lux aeterna
Naisian: Mammalian
Nechochwen: Azimuths to the otherworld
Nefarium: Ad discipulum
Nembience: Through times of despair
Nevermore: The obsidian conspiracy
Nightwish: Century child
Numen: Numen
Orphaned Land: The never ending way of ORwarriOR
Pain Of Salvation: Road salt one
Pain Of Salvation: The perfect element - part 1
Paradise Lost: Draconian times
Paradise Lost: Symbol of life
Path Of Samsara: Path of Samsara
Pensées Nocturnes: Grotesque
Perpetuum: Gradual decay of conscience
Pray For Locust: Swarm
Rammstein: Liebe ist für alle da
Scar Symmetry: The unseen empire
Sentenced: The cold white light
Septic Flesh: The great mass
Simulacrum: Promo 2011
Slaughter Denial: Eyes of madness
Slayer: Reign in blood
Slechtvalk: A forlorn throne
Solid Vision: Sacrifice
Solution .45: For aeons past
Sonata Arctica: The days of grays
Soulfly: Omen
Spazmosity: Welcome death
Svartsyn: Wrath upon the Earth
Symphony X: Iconoclast
System Of A Down: Mezmerize
System Of A Down: Steal this album!
Tarja: What lies beneath
The Devin Townsend Project: Deconstruction
The Dillinger Escape Plan: Option paralysis
The Gardnerz: The system of nature
Therion: Sitra Ahra
Throes Of Dawn: The great fleet of echoes
Top 30 albums from 2000-2009: Altmer
Triptykon: Eparistera daimones
Unexpect: Fables of the sleepless empire
Valkyrie: Man of two visions
Vex: Thanatopsis
Wacken Open Air 2010, Germany: Day 1
Wacken Open Air 2010, Germany: Day 2
Wacken Open Air 2010, Germany: Day 3
1349: Hellfire
A Transylvanian Funeral: The outsider
Abriosis: Vessel
Abysmal Dawn: Programmed to consume
Acherontas: Vamachara
Aenaon: Cendres et sang
Alex Webster: Extreme metal bass (book)
Amogh Symphony: Abolishing the obsolete system
Asphyxiate: Anatomy of perfect bestiality
Baht: In my veins
BamaHammer's Top 10 Most Metal Professional Wrestling Intro Songs
Bathory: Nordland I
Belphegor: Pestapokalypse VI
Bereft: Bereft
Black Metal: Beyond the darkness (book)
Blind Guardian: A twist in the myth
Blind Guardian: Somewhere far beyond
Blood Mortized: The key to a black heart
Blut Aus Nord: The work which transforms god
Boneride: Arms of mercy
Burzum: Hvis lyset tar oss
Cannibal Corpse: The bleeding
Cannibal Corpse: Torture
Children Of Bodom: Follow the reaper
Coffins: Buried death
Crackdust: Dented reality
Craft: Void
Darkthrone: Hate them
Darkthrone: Panzerfaust
Darkthrone: Ravishing grimness
Darkthrone: Sardonic wrath
Darkthrone: Soulside journey
Defiled: Divination
Defiled: In crisis
Defleshed: Reclaim the beat
Deftones: Koi no yokan
Deftones: White pony
Deranged: Cut carve rip serve
Deranged: Plainfield cemetery
Deus Mortem: Darknessence
Deus Mortem: Emanations of the black light
Dimmu Borgir: Death cult Armageddon
Discreate: Contingent development of inanimate modifications
Djevel: Dødssanger
Dragonland: Under the grey banner
Dying Embrace: Era of tribulation
Dying Embrace: Grotesque
Edge Of Sanity: The spectral sorrows
Enslaved: Below the lights
Entombed: Left hand path
Exhumation: Consider this
Exterminas: Seventh demoniacal hierarchy
Gamma Ray: Power plant
GD's verdicts - Best of 2012: BamaHammer
Gehenna: Seen through the veils of darkness (the second spell)
Gorgoroth: Antichrist
Gorgoroth: Twilight of the idols (in conspiracy with Satan)
Gotsu Totsu Kotsu: Mouryou
Guillotine: The cynic
GxSxD: God send death
Haemic: Fields of sanguine
Helloween: 7 sinners
Hybrid Circle: Before history
Intestine Baalism: Banquet in the darkness
Ira: The syndrome of decline
Iron Maiden: Maiden England North American Tour 2012
Jasad: Witness of perfect torture
King Diamond: The puppet master
King: Forged by Satan's doctrine
Krisiun: The great execution
Kryptos: The ark of Gemini
Kryptos: The coils of Apollyon
Ljå: Till avsky for livet
Lost Horizon: A flame to the ground beneath
Luca Turilli's Rhapsody: Ascending to infinity
Marduk: Dark endless
Marduk: Rom 5:12
Marduk: World funeral
Michael Moynihan and Didrik Søderlind: Lords of chaos (book)
Miseration: Tragedy has spoken
Moloch: Stiller Schrei des Winters
Mötley Crüe: Dr. Feelgood
Nachtmystium: Silencing machine
Nasum: Helvete
Neptrecus: Neptrecus
Ofermod: Thaumiel
Ofermod: Tiamtü
Ophidian Forest / Hæresiarchs of Dis: Darkest origins
Outliar: Provoked to anger
Overtake: One finger salute
Pink Cream 69: Ceremonial
PostHumanBigBang: PostHumanBigBang
Rammstein: Reise, Reise
Rev 16:8: Grand tidal rave
Revulsion: Undressing external humanity
Rotting Christ: Genesis
Sadist: Sadist
Sanctification: Misanthropic salvation
Scarab: Blinding the masses
Seance: Fornever laid to rest
Septic Trauma: Subservience
Severe Torture: Fall of the despised
Severe Torture: Sworn vengeance
Shining: V - Halmstad
Shining: VII - Född förlorare
Six Feet Under: Bringer of blood
Skewered: Skewered
Smouldering In Forgotten: I, devourer
Soilwork: Stabbing the drama
Sonata Arctica: Stones grow her name
Soundgarden: Superunknown
Svart: Förlorad
Svart: Vanära, vanmakt och avsmak
Testament: Low
Thanatos: Undead. Unholy. Divine.
The Beatles: The Beatles
The Devil: The devil
The Haunted: rEVOLVEr
The Haunted: The dead eye
The Monolith Deathcult: Triumvirate
The Smashing Pumpkins: Mellon collie and the infinite sadness
The Vision Bleak: Set sail to mystery
Thrown To The Sun: Of oceans and raindrops
Top 20 Debuts: Bamahammer's wishlist
Torture Division: Evighetens dårar
Týr: Eric the Red
Uluun: The eternal winter
Unleashed: Sworn allegiance
Unsu: The filthy
Venom: Black metal
Vore: Gravehammer
Warclouds: A disturbing presence
White Zombie: La sexorcisto - devil music, vol.1
Xandria: Neverworld's end
Year in review: 1994
Year in review: 2003
Zonaria: Arrival of the red sun
Albatross: Dinner is you
Arc Of Ascent: Circle of the sun
Bile Of Man: Promo
Carach Angren: Death came through a phantom ship
D.S.F.A. 6: Paradise of the underground
Devoid: A god's lie
Grave: Burial ground
GWAR: 2010-07-15
Intestinal: Human harvest
Iron Maiden: The final frontier
Katatonia: Brave murder day
Lord Of Putrefaction: Wings over a black funeral
Lowrider: Ode to Io
Mäax: Six pack witchcraft
Putrefy - Jason
Repulsion: Horrified
Sirrah: Acme
Skraeckoedlan: Flykten från Tellus
Terrorizer: World downfall
This Gift Is A Curse: This gift is a curse
Thy Grief Eternal: On blackened wings
Acid Drinkers: Fishdick zwei - The dick is rising again
Aenaon: Phenomenon
Alghazanth: Wreath of Thevetat
Atanab: Black magic
Azarath: Praise the beast
Bathory: Blood on ice
Beissert: The pusher
Bloody Mary: We rock, you suck!
Bullet: Highway pirates
Centicore: Scars of the watchers
Cephalic Impurity: Unique brute revival
Cholera: Prophecies of annihilation
Daath: The concealers
Dark Fortress: Ylem
Decameron: My shadow...
Decameron: My shadow... - Reply
Diabolical: Ars vitae
Dimmu Borgir: Abrahadabra
Dimmu Borgir: Enthrone darkness triumphant
Disease Illusion: Backworld
Dissection: Storm of the light's bane
Dissection: The somberlain
Distress Of Ruin: Predators among us
Disturbed: Asylum
Emperor: Anthems to the welkin at dusk
Empyrean: Quietus
Entrails: Human decay
Entrails: Reborn
Entrails: The tomb awaits
Eternal Chaos: Dark god of the eternal
Eternal Helcaraxe: To whatever end
Europe: Last look at Eden
Excommunicated: Skeleton key
Fangorn: Mysterious land
Fatalist: The depths of inhumanity
Fleshred: When all fades
GD's verdicts - Best of 2013: CadenZ
Ghost: Opus eponymous
Grand Magus: The hunt
Haeiresis: Transparent vibrant shadows
Hail Of Bullets: On divine winds
House Of Metal Festival 2014: Day 1
House Of Metal Festival 2014: Day 2
Hyperborean: The spirit of warfare
Iblis: Menthell
In Flames: The jester race
Inferno: Black devotion
Insomnium: Across the dark
Iugulatus: Satanic pride
Jalometalli 2012, Finland: Day 1
Jalometalli 2012, Finland: Day 2
Jeff Loomis: Zero order phase
Limbonic Art: Moon in the Scorpio
Lost God: Savage souls
Lost Soul: Immerse in infinity
Lou Siffer And The Howling Demons: The devil's ride
Månegarm: Nattväsen
Meadows End: Ode to Quietus
Moloken: Rural
Mordbrand: Necropsychotic
Myrd: Myrd dig selv
Naglfar: Téras
Neuronia: Follow the white mouse
Nightwish: Imaginaerum
Obscura: Retribution
Odyssey: Reinventing the past
Opeth: Heritage
Opeth: In live concert at the Royal Albert Hall
Pandemonium: Misanthropy
Pantheon I: Worlds I create
Primal: Obłęd
Psychotic Gardening: Black fever
Rape, Pillage And Burn: Songs of death, songs of hell
Sabaton: Coat of arms
Sael: The sixth extinction
Satyricon: Nemesis divina
Sentenced: Shadows of the past
Siknis: Twisted mind
Slain: Before the inferno
Sonic Syndicate: We rule the night
Sparzanza: Folie à cinq
Stam1na: Viimeinen Atlantis
Stone Sour: Audio secrecy
StrommoussHeld: Connective tissue
Sycronomica: Sycroscope
Temple Of Baal: Lightslaying rituals
The Grotesquery: Tales of the coffin born
The Wretched End: Ominous
Them: Unhallowed
Top 20 Debuts: CadenZ' wishlist
Top 30 albums from 2000-2009: CadenZ
Torchbearer: Death meditations
Transcending Bizarre?: The misanthrope's fable
TT: Corona regni Satanae
Unleashed: As Yggdrasil trembles
V/A: Close-Up Magazine #126
V/A: Deathgasm Records
Vermivore: Zero vector
Volturyon: Coordinated mutilation
Vorum: Grim death awaits
Vspolokh: Sorrow of the past
Warceremony: Altars of war
Watain: Lawless darkness
Withering Soul: No closure
Abigail Williams: Becoming
Aborym: Dirty
Abrahel: Implacabilis procella cupiditatis
Abstrusa Unde: Introspection
Accept: Stalingrad
Acrassicauda: Only the dead see the end of the war
Adrift For Days: Come midnight
Aosoth: IV - Arrow in heart
Aqua Nebula Oscillator: Third
Arch Enemy: Stigmata (deluxe edition)
Ars Macabra: III
Aruna Azura: A story of a world's betrayal
Avven: Kastalija
Axel Rudi Pell: Into the storm
Axel Rudi Pell: The circle of the oath
Black Oath: Ov qliphoth and darkness
Black Overdrive: Demo
Black Sabbath: 13
Black Sabbath: Born again
Black Sabbath: Heaven and hell
Blackrat: Whiskey and blasphemy
Blodsgard: Monument
Bodyfarm: Malevolence
Bovine: The sun never sets on the British Empire
Breed 77: The evil inside
Bryan Klooster's Theos: Behold, the infinite
Burzum: Umskiptar
Candlemass: Psalms for the dead
Carach Angren: Where the corpses sink forever
Carved In Ashes: The drowned silhouette
Church Of The Dead: Vol. 2 - Terror tales
Cobolt 60: The grim defiance
Coraxo: Starlit flame
Cradle Of Filth: The manticore and other horrors
Cryptik Howling: Synthetic ascension design
Dark Moor: Dark moor
Darkthrone: The underground resistance
De la Tierra: De la Tierra
Decapitated Christ: The vanishment and extermination of deities
Decline Of The I: Inhibition
Decrepitaph / Humiliation: The Carnal Slumber / Enemy’s Perimeter (split)
Dee Snider: Dee does Broadway
Demonaz: March of the Norse
Demoncy: Enthroned is the night
Día De Los Muertos: No money no fiesta
Diseim: Holy wrath
Dol Ammad: Cosmic gods episode I - Hyperspeed
Down: Down IV part I - The purple EP
E.B.D.B.: A bullet up your nostril
Edvian: 2012
Egality: Embryonic aseity
El Caos Reptante: Necroblues
Emissaries Of The Darkened Call: Three nails in the coffin of humanity (split)
Epica: Requiem for the indifferent
Epitimia: (Un)reality
Eryin Non Dae.: Meliora
Eternal Helcaraxe: Against all odds
Euclidean: Demo
Exlibris: Humagination
Extinction In Progress: The wrench and the screwdriver
From Beneath Billows: Monolith
From Hell: Ascent from hell
Fuck The Underground Vol. 1: Death rides a pale white dude
Galaktik Cancer Squad: Ghost light
GD's verdicts - Best of 2012: Cobal
GD's verdicts - Best of 2013: Cobal
Gillman: Escalofrío
Gillman: Escalofrío 2... la conclusión
Grace Disgraced: The primal cause - Womanumental
Graveyard Of Souls: Shadows of life
Grind-O-Matic: Flower power
Harasai: Psychotic kingdom
Heidevolk: Batavi
Helloween: Straight out of hell
Heretic: Angelcunts and devilcocks
Horn: Jahreszeiten
Horna: Askel lähempänä saatanaa
Human Beansauce: Baculum
Immortal: Damned in black
Inferno: Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness
Infuneral / The Last Knell: Split
Karma Rage: soCiym
Kill Devil Hill: Kill Devil Hill
Kings Destroy: A time of hunting
Kvelertak: Meir
Lacrimosa: Revolution
Leper: End progress
Leperton: Leperton
Let The World Die: At the road of ruin
Lowbau: A darker shade of blues
Lurk: Kaldera
Lyfthrasyr: The Engineered Flesh
Mägo De Oz: Hechizos, pócimas y brujería
Mare Cognitum: An extraconscious lucidity
Master: The witchhunt
Medieval Steel: Dark castle
Medieval Steel: The anthology of steel
Melandrolia: Spleen
Mind Affliction: Pathetic humanity
Mirrorthrone: Of wind and weeping
Munruthel: Epoch of Aquarius
Nefesh: Shades and lights
Nemesis Irae: Eradikate kampaign
Neoandertals: Australopithecus
Nethermost: Alpha
Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus: Synkka tuuli
Nihilo: Dum spiro spero
Noumena: Death walks with me
Ocean Districts: Expeditions
Oddland: The treachery of senses
Ofghost: Audiocorpse
Orphaned Land: El Norra Alila
Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals: Walk through exits only
Primus: Sailing the seas of cheese
Ram-Page: The depths of rage
Rawage: Triumph of sin
Regarde Les Hommes Tomber: Regarde les hommes tomber
Rexor: Nox obscura sortis
Rocking Corpses: Rock'n'rott
Sarke: Aruagint
Satyricon: Satyricon
Scale The Summit: The collective
Scale The Summit: The migration
Schattenbrandung: I - Apophänie
Sectu: Gerra
Shame Yourself: Wonderfuck
Shinin' Shade: Sat-urn
Sic Zone: Bear the consequences
Sinheresy: The spiders and the butterfly
Six Feet Under: Unborn
Six Feet Under: Undead
Skeletons: Revenant
Skeletonwitch: Serpents unleashed
Sons Of Lioth: Large hadron collider spider
Stangala: Boued tousek hag traou mat all
Stormlord: Hesperia
Strynn: Decadence
Suffocation: Pinnacle of Bedlam
Symbolic: Portraits of chaos
Tao Menizoo: Journey through a devastated mind
Tärpäth: Delivered to devastate
Temple Of Baal: Verses of fire
Tenebrous: Opus Magnum
The Flight Of Sleipnir: Saga
The Horn: Volume ten
The Spokes: In my head
The Suicide Kings: Generation suicide
Torchia: One
V/A: Russian death metal
Vadikan: Hydrargyrum
Way To End: Various shades of black
Whoretopsy: They did unspeakable things
Winterblut: Von den pflichten schönes zu vernichten
Woods Of Ypres: Woods 4: the green album
Wound: Inhale the void
Xibalba: Hasta la muerte
Year Of No Light & Thisquietarmy: Split
Ølten: Ølten
Absurdity: D:\Evolution
Avenger: Bohemian dark metal
Burning Shadows: Gather, darkness!
Centimani: Aegaeon
Chopstick Suicide: Lost fathers and sons
Desultor: Masters of hate
Donn The Philosophy: Horns curve into broken circles
Dust N Brush: Filth of our blood
Embers - Steve, Timm, Jerry & Kelly
Endless Coma: Rising rage
Enthroned: Obsidium
Evidence: There's only ten left
Exuviated: Morpheus orphan
Gravehill - Mike Abominator
Hate Embraced: The art of devastation
Ice Dragon - Joe
Massive Assault: Death strike
Mordax: Violence fraud treachery
Nocturnal Torment: They come at night
On-Off: Don't forget the roll
Ram-Zet: Freaks in wonderland
Resistance: To judge and enslave
Revel In Flesh: Deathevokation
Scythe - Rick Scythe
Seita: Asymmetric warfare
Shattered Destiny: Fragments
Svyatogor: Doctor Veritas
Two Cent Sam: Songs from the sandbox
Warhead: To be free or to die
Welcome To The Wicked Side: Wicked side
Aborted: The archaic abattoir
Abortus: Judge me not
Abyss Records - Dan Ferguson
Acheron: Tribute to the devil's music
Acid Witch: Witchtanic hellucinations
Aeon: Bleeding the false
Ahab: Chris Hector
Akercocke: Antichrist
Akercocke: The goat of Mendes
Akercocke: Words that go unspoken, deeds that go undone
Alice In Chains: Facelift
Alice In Chains: Jar of flies
Alice In Chains: Sap
Altar: In the name of the father
Amon Amarth: Fate of norns
Amon Amarth: Versus the world
Amorphis: Privilege of evil
Amorphis: Eclipse
Anata: Under a stone with no inscription
Apocalyptic Visions: Doomsday device
Apocalyptica: Apocalyptica
Arch Enemy: Wages of sin
Arctic Flame: Declaration
As The Sun Sets: Each individual voice is dead in this silence
Asphyx: Asphyx
Asphyx: Crush the cenotaph
Atari Teenage Riot: Burn, Berlin, burn!
Battelore: Evernight
Bird Of Ill Omen: Self, dare you still breathe?
Black Breath: Razor to oblivion
Bloodbath: Breeding death
Bolt Thrower: War master
Brilliant Coldness: Poisoned reality
Broken Hope: Grotesque blessings
Brutal Assault: Compilation (Open Air, vol. 13)
Burn the priest: Burn the priest
Carcass: Necroticism - Descanting the insalubrious
Casus Belli: Kalos kai agathos
Celestial Season: Forever scarlet passion
Celestial Season: Solar lovers
Centinex: Decadence (prophecies of cosmic chaos)
Cephalic Carnage: Exploiting dysfunction
Coalesce: 012 - Revolution in just listening
Coffins: The other side of blasphemy
Coldworker: Rotting paradise
Control Denied: The fragile art of existence
Converge: Petitioning the empty sky
Cream: Wheels of fire
Crematorium: A world where only nightmares prevail
Crisis: 8 convulsions
Crisis: Like sheep led to slaughter
Crisis: Deathshead extermination
Crisis: The hollowing
Crowbar: Time heals nothing
Crypticus: The rites of infestation
Cult Of Luna: Somewhere along the highway
Danzig: 4p
Danzig: Danzig
Danzig: Danzig II - Lucifuge
Danzig: III - How the gods kill
David Bowie: The man who sold the world
Dawn Of Azazel: Sedition
Dawn Of Demise: Hate takes its form
Dead Kennedys: Fresh fruit for rotting vegetables
Deathevokation: The chalice of ages
Deeds of Flesh: Crown of souls
Deep Purple: Machine head
Deicide: In torment in hell
Deicide: Serpents of the light
Deicide: Once upon the cross
Demiricous: One (hellbound)
Destructor: Forever in leather
Dew-Scented: Impact
Diabolic: Excisions of exorcisms
Diesel Machine: Torture test
Dio: Holy diver
Disavowed: Perceptive deception
Divine Empire: Method of execution
Down, 2009-09-11
Droids Attack: Fatal/Error
Earth: The bees made honey in the lion's skull
Entombed: To ride, shoot straight, and speak the truth
Evoken: Quietus
Evoken: Antithesis of light
EyeHateGod - Mike IX Williams
Eyehategod: Southern discomfort
Eyehategod: Dopesick
Eyehategod: In the name of suffering
Fabio: After dark
Fear Factory: Concrete
Feral: Dragged to the altar
Foreigner: The very best of and beyond
Funebrarum / Interment: Conjuration of the sepulchral (split)
Funeral: Tristesse / Tragedies
God Dethroned: Into the lungs of hell
Godless Rising: Rising hatred
Gods Green Earth: Promo 2009
Gorefest: False
Gorement: Darkness of the dead
Grave: You'll never see...
Grave: Dominion VIII
Grave: Soulless
Haemic: Demo 2011
Hate Division: Hate division
Hate: Cain's way
HatePlow: Everybody dies
Hooded Menace: Fulfill the curse
Hypocrisy: Inferior devoties
Hypocrisy: Into the abyss
Hypocrisy: Penetralia
Hypocrisy: The arrival
Hypocrisy: Virus
Hypokras: Dead and hungry
Images Of Violence: Degrade the shapeless
Impious: The killer
Impurity: Of lust and war
Incantation: The forsaken mourning of angelic anguish
Incantation: Decimate christendom
Incapacity: 9th order extinct
Infernäl Mäjesty: None shall defy
Iniquity: Five across the eyes
Inside Out: No spiritual surrender
Insomnium: Since the day it all came down
Iron Fire: Blade of triumph
Isaac Hayes: Hot buttered soul
Isis: Mosquito control
Judas Priest: Point of entry
Judas Priest: Angel of retribution
Kataklysm: Epic (the poetry of war)
Konkhra: Weed out the weak
Krabathor: Unfortunately dead
Lamb Of God: New American gospel
Luddite Clone: The arsonist and the architect
Lunatic Gods: Sitting by the fire
Malamor: Dead to the world
Malediction: Whirl evoken by prayers
Maledictive Pigs: Soul surgery
Malummeh: Revival
Mantas: Zero tolerance
Masters Of Metal, 2008-08-09
Mathyr: Mandraken
Mausolea: Peasantry
Maveth: Of serpent and shadow & Impious servant
Metallica: The black album
Mike Ness: Under the influences
Milli Vanilli: Girl you know it’s true
Ministry: The land of rape and honey
Ministry: Filth pig
Misery Index: Pulling out the nails
Misfits: Famous monsters
Monstrosity: Spiritual apocalypse
Morbid Angel: Domination
Morbid Angel: Gateways to annihilation
Mortiis: Crypt of the wizard
Mythological Cold Towers: Sphere of Nebaddon
Napalm Death: Words from the exit wound
Near Death Experience: Version 3.0
Nominon: Monumentomb
Nominon: Terra necrosis
Nordavind / Nostalgya: Split
Obligatorisk Tortyr: Återförödelse
Officium Triste: Giving yourself away
Officium Triste: Reason
Opeth: Damnation
Origin: Echoes of decimation
Ozzy Osbourne: Blizzard of Ozz
Paganizer, etc.: Rogga Johansson
Paganizer: Dead unburied
Pantera: Far beyond the great southern cowboys vulgar hits
Pantheist: Amartia
Panzerchrist: Soul collector
Paradise Lost: Lost paradise
Pessimist: Blood for the gods
Pop Evil: Lipstick on the mirror
Powerwolf: Bible of the beast
Rebaelliun: Bvrn the promised land
Relentless: Tempest of torment
Revolting: Dreadful pleasures
Runemagick - Nicklas "Terror" Rudolfsson
Runemagick: Darkness death doom
Runemagick: Voyage to desolation/Dawn of the end
Runemagick: Dark dead earth
Runemagick: Requiem for the apocalypse
S.C.A.L.P.: Tears and blood
Sabbat: History of a time to come
Sammath - Jan Kruitwagen
Sammath: Triumph in hatred
Satan's Host: The great American scapegoat 666
Scorn: Gyral
Six Feet Under: Maximum violence
Skinless: Foreshadowing our demise
Skrew: Angel seed XXIII
Skull And Bones - Spartacus
Soundgarden: Down on the upside
Soundgarden: Louder than love
Spinal Tap: Spinal tap
Stone Temple Pilots: Core
Subhumans: The day the country died
Thanatos: Angelic encounters
The Coffinshakers - Rob Coffinshaker
The Crown: Crowned in terror
The Exploited: Beat the bastards
The Haunted: One kill wonder
The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Are you experienced?
The Monolith Deathcult: The white crematorium 2.0
The Sword: Gods of the earth
Therion: Beyond sanctorum
Thin Lizzy: Vagabonds of the Western world
Tiger Army: III - Ghost tigers rise
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers: Greatest hits
Top 30 albums from 2000-2009: Daemonomania
Torment: Forgive the ignorant
Torture Division: With endless wrath we bring upon thee our infernal torture
Trauma: Comedy is over
Trauma: Suffocated in slumber
Unleashed: Where no life dwells
Unleashed: Across the open sea
Unleashed: Shadows in the deep
V/A: 21 years of doom, death & darkness
V/A: Teh Domination compilation
Vader: Reign forever world & Blood EP's
Warzone XX compilaton
White Zombie: Astro-creep 2000 (songs of love, destruction and other synthetic delusions of the electric head)
Whitesnake: Whitesnake
Witchery: Restless and dead
Wreck Of The Hesperus: The sunken threshold
Yngwie J. Malmsteen: Magnum opus
Yngwie Malmsteen: The Yngwie Malmsteen collection
Yngwie Malmsteen: The seventh sign
Yyrkoon: Occult medicine
Yyrkoon: Unhealthy opera
ZZ Top: Tres hombres
Desert Eagle
After The Burial: Rareform
Born Of Osiris: A higher place
Novembre: The blue
Sister Sin: True sound of the underground
3 Inches Of Blood: Fire up the blades
3 Inches Of Blood: Here comes thy doom
A Storm Of Light: And we wept the black ocean within
Abadden: Sentenced to death
Aborted: Strychnine. 213
Absu: Absu
AC/DC: Black ice
Ace Frehley: Anomaly
Adorned Brood: Asgard
Adorned Brood: Noor
Agent Steel: Alienigma
Aghora: Formless
Agnostic Front: Warriors
Agoraphobic Nosebleed: Agorapocalypse
Agua de Annique: Air
Aktiv Dödshjälp: 4:48
Alabama Thunderpussy: Open fire
Alcest: Écailles de lune
Alkonost: Pesni vechnogo dreva
All Out War: Assassins in the house of god
Almah: Fragile equality
Amaseffer: Slaves for life
Amorphis: Silent waters
Amorphis: Skyforger
Anathema: Hindsight
Another Life: Memories from nothing
Arch Enemy: Rise of the tyrant
Arkona: Lepta
Arsonists Get All the Girls: The game of life
Artefact: Ruins
August Burns Red: Messengers
Avantasia: Lost in space EP parts I & II
Avantasia: The scarecrow
Axel Rudi Pell: Tales of the crown
Ayreon: 01011001
Baroness: Blue record
Behemoth: Evangelion
Behemoth: The apostasy
Benediction: Killing music
Between The Buried And Me: Colors
Between The Buried And Me: The great misdirect
Black Messiah: Of myths and legends
Blaze Bayley: The man who would not die
Blood Red Throne: Come death
Blood Red Throne: Souls of damnation
Bloodbath: The fathomless mastery
Bloodbath: Unblessing the purity
Bonded By Blood: Feed the beast
Böwlrider: Big röck möuntain highs
Brainstorm: Downburst
Brainstorm: Memorial roots
Burzum: Belus
Cage: Hell destroyer
Callisto: Providence
Cannibal Corpse: Evisceration plague
Cattle Decapitation: The harvest floor
Children Of Bodom: Blooddrunk
Chimaira: The infection
Code: Resplendent grotesque
Coerced Into Battle: Enemy mine
Cradle Of Filth: Godspeed on the devil's thunder
Crematory: Pray
Crimfall: As the path unfolds
Cryptic Voice: Acess denied
Cryptopsy: The unspoken king
Crystal Eyes: Chained
Cumulo Nimbus: Totensonntag
Cynic: Traced in air
Dark Empire: Humanity dethroned
Darkest Hour: Deliver us
Death By Dawn: Unleash hell
Defenestration: For us it ends when we drown
Deströyer 666: Defiance
Destruction: D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.
Devildriver: The last kind words
Devin Townsend Project: Ki
Diablo Swing Orchestra: Sing along songs for the damned & delirious
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter: Licht
Dimension Zero: He who shall not bleed
Dismember: Dismember
Dissimulation: Atiduokit mirusius
Divine Heresy: Bleed the fifth
Doro: Fear no evil
Down: III - Over the under
Dragonforce: Ultra beatdown
Dødheimsgard: Supervillain outcast
Elimination: Destroyed by creation
Eluveitie: Evocation I - the arcane dominion
Enslaved: Vertebrae
Entwine: Painstained
Ephrat: No one's words
Extreme Noise Terror: Law of retaliation
F5: The reckoning
Fastkill: Nuclear thrashing attack
Feral: Welcome to the graveyard
For Ruin: Last light
Forefather: Steadfast
Forest of Impaled: Rise and conquer
Forest Of Shadows: Six waves of woe
Freedom Call: Dimensions
Gama Bomb: Citizen brain
Gama Bomb: Tales from the grave in space
Gamma Ray: Land of the free II
Gamma Ray: To the metal
Ghost Brigade: Isolation songs
God Dethroned: Passiondale
God Forbid: Earthsblood
Gojira: The way of all flesh
Grave Digger: Ballads of a hangman
Guilt Machine: On this perfect day
Guns N' Roses: Chinese democracy
H.I.M.: Venus doom
Hardingrock: Grimen
Heathen Foray: The passage
Heaven Shall Burn: Iconoclast (part I: the final resistance)
Hirax: El rostro de la muerte
Hostile Inc.: Qiyamat
Iced Earth: Overture of the wicked
Iced Earth: The crucible of man
ID:Vision: Plazmadkaos
Ihsahn: After
Ikuinen Kaamos: Closure
Impelliteri: Wicked maiden
In Flames: A sense of purpose
Ironwood: Fire, water, ash
Janvs: Vega
Job For A Cowboy: Ruination
John Murphy - For Ruin
Judas Priest: Nostradamus
Kachana: Of gods and men
Katatonia: Night is the new day
Khold: Hundre år gammal
Killswitch Engage: Killswitch engage
Klabautamann: Merkur
Kreator: Hordes of chaos
Kylesa: Static tensions
Lacrimas Profundere: Songs for the last view
Lamb Of God: Wrath
Legion Of The Damned: Cult of the dead
Legion of the Damned: Feel the blade
Lich King: Toxic zombie onslaught
Lizzy Borden: Appointment with death
Malevolent Creation: Doomsday X
Mar de Grises: Draining the waterheart
Memory Garden: Carnage carnival
Mercenary: Architect of lies
Ministry: The last sucker
Minsk: With echoes in the movement of stone
Moonsorrow: Tulimyrsky
Moonspell: Night eternal
Moonspell: Under satanae
Morgana LeFay: Aberrations of the mind
Motörhead: Motörizer
Mumakil: Behold the failure
Municipal Waste: Massive aggressive
Municipal Waste: The art of partying
My Dying Bride: Bring me victory
My Dying Bride: For lies I sire
Mykorrhiza: Northern rememberance
Napalm Death: Time waits for no slave
Neal Morse: Sola scriptura
Nile: Those whom the gods detest
Nocturnal Breed: Fields of rot
Nokturnal Mortum: Голос Сталі
Novembers Doom: Into night's requiem infernal
October Tide: Rain without end
Old Man's Child: Slaves of the world
Opeth: Watershed
Otep: The ascension
Overdrive: Let the metal do the talking
Overkill: Ironbound
Paradise Lost: Faith divides us - death unites us
Paradise Lost: In requiem
Paths Of Possession: The end of the hour
Pavor: Furioso
Pig Destroyer: Phantom limb
Poisonblack: A dead heavy day
Porcupine Tree: Nil recurring
Powderhog: Powderhog
Primal Fear: 16.6 (before the devil knows you're dead)
Primal Fear: New religion
Primordial: To the nameless dead
Proghma-C: Bar-do travel
Pyramaze: Immortal
Quadrivium: Adversus
Rebellion: Arise (from Ginnungagap to Ragnarok - history of the vikings, vol. III)
Requiem Laus: The eternal plague
Revolution Renaissance: Age of Aquarius
Revolution Renaissance: New era
Ride The Sky: New protection
Rob Rock: Garden of chaos
Rob Zombie: Hellbilly deluxe II
Ronny Munroe: The fire within
Ross The Boss: New metal leader
Samael: Above
Satyricon: The age of Nero
Saxon: Into the labyrinth
Scar Symmetry: Dark matter dimensions
Scar Symmetry: Holographic universe
Sebastian Bach: Angel down
Seneca: Reflections
Septic Flesh: Communion
Sepultura: A-lex
Seven Witches: Deadly sins
Shadows Fall: Retribution
Skeletonwitch: Breathing the fire
Skiltron: Beheading the liars
Slayer: Christ illusion
Slayer: World painted blood
Soilent Green: Inevitable collpase in the presence of conviction
Solefald: Pills against the ageless ills
Sólstafir: Köld
Somberlain: Sick artwork
Sorgsvart: Vikingtid og anarki
Soul Stealer: Soul stealer
Soulfly: Conquer
Soundshok: The bringers of bloodshed
Space Eater: Merciful angel
Stormlord: Mare nostrum
Stratovarius: Polaris
Suicidal Angels: Sanctify the darkness
Susperia: Attitude
Swallow The Sun: Plague of butterflies
Tankard: Thirst
Terdor: Aris panzerug anno november 1942
Terminal: Tree of lie
The Acacia Strain: Continent
The Black: Alongside death
The Cavalera Conspiracy: Inflikted
The Cleansing: Poisoned legacy
The County Medical Examiners: Olidous operettas
The Day Of The Beast: The day of the beast
The Fall Of Every Season: From below
The Few Against Many: Sot
The Gathering: The west pole
The Haunted: Versus
The Horn: Dawning of an ancient sun
The Project Hate MCMXCIX: The lustrate process
The Red Chord: Fed through the teeth machine
This Haven: Today a whisper, tomorrow a storm
This Or The Apocalypse: Monuments
Through The Eyes Of The Dead: Malice
Throwdown: Venom and tears
Tiamat: Amanethes
Tim Ripper Owens: Play my game
To Resist Fatality: Ianus
Torture Squad: Hellbound
Toxic Holocaust: An overdose of death
Trail Of Tears: Bloodstained endurance
Tronus Abyss: Vuoto spazio trionfo
Týr: By the light of the northern star
Týr: Land
Unearth: The march
Unholy: Blood of the medusa
Vader: Necropolis
Venom: Hell
Virgin Snatch: Act of grace
Virus IV: Dark sun
Vreid: Milorg
Wardruna: Runaljod - gap var ginnunga
Warrel Dane: Praises to the war machine
Whirling: Faceless phenomena
Who's My Saviour: Glasgow smile
Winds: Prominence and demise
Wolfchant: A pagan storm
Wolves In The Throne Room: Black cascade
Woods Of Ypres: Woods III (deepest roots and darkest blue)
Xandria: Salome the seventh veil
Acid Bath: When the kite string pops
Anaal Nathrakh: In the constellation of the black widow
Axamenta: Ever-arch-I-tech-ture
Bibleblack: The black swan epilogue
Black Elk: Always a six, never a nine
Black Math Horseman: Wyllt
Black Pyramid: Black pyramid
Cellador: Enter deception
Church Of Misery: Houses of the unholy
Coexistence: Carrion comfort
Dark Lunacy: Forget me not
Darkness Ablaze: Darkness ablaze
Dethklok: Dethalbum II
Diablo Red: Vol. II - a statue of Mary with bullhorns
Diablo: Icaros
Edge Of Sanity: Crimson
Everything Burns: Home
Evig Natt: Darkland
Exivious: Exivious
Grand Magus: Hammer of the north
Guns N' Roses: Appetite for destruction
Gwyllion: The edge of all I know
Haggard: Tales of Ithiria
Heaven & Hell: The devil you know
Hevein: Sound over matter
Horricane: The end's façade
Iced Earth: The glorious burden
Infinite Horizon: Dominion
Infinite Horizon: Soul reducer
Ingrimm: Todgeweiht
Iron Maiden: Powerslave
King Bong: How I learned to stop worrying and love the bong
Kiuas: The new dark age
Kiuas: The spirit of Ukko
Laetitia In Holocaust: The tortoise boat
Lunar Aurora: Zyklus
Miscondücters: Braindead
Miseration: The mirroring shadow
New Keepers Of The Water Towers: Chronicles
Panic Cell: Fire it up
Ram-Zet: Neutralized
Sarah Jezebel Deva: A sign of sublime
Sorgeldom: Inner receivings
Stereomud: Every given moment
Struck By Lightning: Serpents
Subterranean Masquerade: Suspended animation dreams
The Devin Townsend Project: Addicted
Totalt Jävla Mörker: Söndra och härska
Trigger The Bloodshed: The great depression
16: Deep cuts from dark clouds
Abaton: Hecate
Abraham: The serpent, the prophet and the whore
Abysmal Grief: Feretri
Acephalix: Deathless master
Acrania: An uncertain collision
Advent Of Bedlam: Flesh over god
Agrimonia: Rites of seperation
Amenra: Live
Amnis Nihili: Christological escalation
Ancestors: In dreams and time
Anhedonist: Netherwards
Antediluvian: Through the cervix of Hawaah
Apocryfal: Ravens
Apostate: Trapped in a sleep
Arc Of Ascent: The higher key
Argus: Boldly stride the doomed
Asidefromaday: Chasing shadows
Ataraxy: Revelations of the ethereal
Avatarium: Avatarium
Banda De La Muerte: Pulso de una mente maldita
Be'lakor: Of breath and bone
Begrime Exemious: Visions of the scourge
Behold! The Monolith: Defender, redeemist
Beissert: Darkness: devil: death
Bell Witch: Longing
Below: Across the dark river
Bestial Holocaust: Into the goat vulva
Bible Of The Devil: For the love of thugs and fools
Blood Ceremony: The eldritch dark
Bloodiest: Descent
Bombs Of Hades: The serpent's redemption
Boneride: Weight of water
Brainoil: Death of this dry season
Brutality: Ruins of humans
Burnsred: Burnsred
Centurion: Contra rationem
Church Of Misery: Thy kingdom scum
Clamfight: I versus the glacier
Cloud Rat: Moksha
Clutch: Earth rocker
Coexistence: Flow
Coffins: March of despair
Coilguns / Never Void: Split
Converge / Napalm Death: Split
Creeping: Order of snakes
Cultura Tres: El mal del bien
Cultura Tres: Rezando al miedo
Damnesty: ...Atleast we tried
Dead Again: Occultus lake
Dead River Runs Dry: Winter 2012
Deceased: Surreal overdose
Deep Space Destructors: I
Deep Space Destructors: II
Deep Space Pilots: Deep space pilots
Dehuman: Black throne of all creation
Demolisher: Plague district
Demon Lung: Pareidolia
Demonic Death Judge: Skygods
Denial Fiend: Horror holocaust
Derogatory: Above all else
Desaster: The arts of destruction
Die Hard: Conjure the legions
Diskord: Dystopics
Disma: Towards the megalith
Draconis Infernum: Rites of desecration & demise
Dragged Into Sunlight: Widowmaker
Dragonauta: Omega pentagram
Drug Honkey: Ghost in the fire
Duck Explosion: Zebra pilot
Eibon: II
Elder: Dead roots stirring
Electrozombies: Skull of chaos
Emergency Gate: You
Encoffination: Elegant funerals for the unknown dead
Encoffination: O' hell, shine in thy whited sepulchres
Endezzma: Erotik nekrosis
Engraved Disillusion: Embers of existence
Ereb Altor: Gastrike
Evadne: The shortest way
Evangelist: Doominicanes
Family: Portrait
Faustcoven: Hellfire and funeral bells
Fausttophel: Thirst of oblivion
Fetal Zombie: Fetal zombie
Fleshred: Bloodtorn
Funerus: Reduced to sludge
GD's verdicts - Best of 2012: gk
GD's verdicts - Best of 2013: gk
Gehtika: Unconventional manicism
Genocide Shrines: Devanation monumentemples
Germ Bomb: Sound of horns
Goatess: Goatess
Godhunter - Charlie Touseull (Part 1)
Godhunter - Charlie Touseull (Part 2)
Godhunter: City of dust
Godhunter: Wolves
Goregast: Desechos humanos
Grave Miasma: Odori Sepulcrorum
Gravehill: Death curse
Greenleaf: Nest of vipers
Grotesquary: Cult of the grotesque
Ground Frame: Worlds
Guilty As Sin: Future history
Halo Of Flys: Bloodier shade of red
Hammer Persuasion: Necropsy of the human mind
Headhunter D.C.: ...In unholy mourning...
Hell: On: Age of oblivion
Helstar: This wicked nest
Holodomor: Témoignages de la gnose terrestre
Holy Moses: Redefined mayhem
Horn Of The Rhino: Grengus
Horse Latitudes: Awakening
Humo del Cairo: Vol. II
Ignivomous: Contragenesis
Impiety: Ravage and conquer
In Solitude: The world the flesh the devil
Incantation: Vanquish in vengeance
Incarnit: Umbra
Indesinence: Vessels of light and decay
Indian: Guiltless
Isole: Born from shadows
Joel Grind: The yellowgoat sessions
Kartikeya: Mahayuga
Killjoy Corporation: Horsefly
Knightmare: In death's shadow
Kongh: Sole creation
Konkeror: The abysmal horizons
Krux: III - He who sleeps amongst the stars
Krypts: Unending degradation
Landmine Marathon: Gallows
Lantern: Below
Lethargy: Divine madness
Lo!: Monstrorum historia
Lord Mantis: Pervertor
Lord Of The Grave: Green vapour
Love Sex Machine: Love sex machine
Lucifer D. Larynx And The Satanic Grind Dogs Of Death: Absolute defilement
Lugubrum: Face lion face oignon
Lycanthia: Oligarchy
Machetazo: Necrocovered
Machetazo: Ruin
Mael Mórdha: Damned when dead
Martyrdöd: Paranoia
Mekong Delta: In a mirror darkly
Memorain: Seven sacrifices
Miasmal: Cursed redeemer
Monomakh: MMXII
Monster Magnet: Last patrol
Morbid Truth: Morbid truth
Morbus Chron: Sleepers in the rift
Moror: Abyss
Mortal Sin: Psychology of death
Mosfet: Deathlike thrash 'n' roll
Mount Salem: Endless
Mournful Congregation: The book of kings
Mustasch: Sounds like hell, looks like heaven
My Dying Bride: A map of all our failures
Nation Despair: Exitium mundi
Netra: Sørbyen
Nexhymn: Black horizon
Nominon: Manifestation of black
Nominon: The cleansing
Oak Pantheon: From a whisper
Ocean Chief: Sten
Odradek Room: Bardo. Relative reality
Ogre: The last neanderthal
One Inch Giant: Malva
Orange Goblin: A eulogy for the damned
Oranssi Pazuzu: Kosmonument
Orthodox: Baal
Pale Divine: Cemetery earth
Pale Divine: Painted windows black
Pentagram: Last rites
Phidion: Flesh of the forsaken
Pike: To cross the great divide
Pilgrim: Misery wizard
Potergeist: Swampires
Primary Slave: Another mark is drawn
Procession: To reap the heavens apart
Prong: Carved into stone
Pseudogod: Deathwomb cathechesis
Putrified: Sacrilegious purification
Ravencult: Morbid blood
Ravens Creed: The power
Reino Ermitano: Rituales interiores
Reino Ermitano: Veneración del fuego
Repuked: Up from the sewers
Revolting: Hymns of ghastly horror
Root: Hell symphony
Root: Heritage of Satan
Root: Zjevení
Rose Kemp: Golden shroud
Rudra: Brahmavidya immortal I
S.I.M.B.: Monday superblues
Saatoväki: Demo 2012
Samothrace: Reverence to stone
Sarke: Oldarhian
Satan's Wrath: Galloping blasphemy
Saturnalia Temple: Aion of drakon
Science Of Disorder: Heart, blood and tears
Seagulls Insane And Swans Deceased Mining Out The Void: Seagulls insane and swans deceased mining out the void
Seamount: IV - Earthmother
Sentence: Everywhere
Serpentia: The day in the year of candles
Sevenfield: Apperception
Shub Niggurath: A deadly call from the stars
Sigiriya: Darkness died today
Sigiriya: Return to earth
Silent Descent: Mind games
Silent Path: Mourner portraits
Sincarnate: Nothing left to give
Skeletal Remains: Beyond the flesh
Slaughterday: Nightmare vortex
Slaughtered Priest: Confess your sins
Sonne Adam: Doctrines of dark devotion
Sorcerer: Sorcerer
Sorkka: Toinen jae
Spyros Charmanis: Wound
Stonewall Noise Orchestra: Salvation
Subterranean Disposition: Subterranean disposition
Switchblade: Switchblade [2012]
System Annihilated: Furor
The 11th Hour: Lacrima mortis
The Flight Of Sleipnir: Ascension
The Flight Of Sleipnir: Essence of nine
The Loathsome Couple: The loathsome couple
The Oath: The oath
The Rock Alchemist: Eyes of mind
The Shrine: Primitive blast
The Witch: Pachyderm storm
The Wounded Kings: Consolamentum
Thou: The archer and the owle
Thou: To the chaos wizard youth
Thunderkraft: Totentanz
Timo Komulainen: Biographical
TOAD - Alex and Nate
Top 20 Debuts: gk's wishlist
TOW: Feast on your gone
Trouble: The distortion field
Tungsten: Promo 2012
Tyranex: Extermination has begun
Undergang: Til døden os skiller
Venomous Maximus: Beg upon the light
Venomous Maximus: MMIX - MMXI
Victor Griffin's In-Graved: In-graved
Viking Skull: Cursed by the sword
Vindicator: United we fall
Voivod: Target earth
Vorkreist: Sigil whore christ
Vorum: Poisoned void
VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC: In involuntary abortion we trust
Weapon: Embers and revelations
When All Light Dies: Transitions
Willard666: Demo
Windhand: Soma
Witch Mountain: Cauldron of the wild
Woburn House: Sleep summer storm
Wolfbrigade: Damned
Worship: Terranean wake
Year in review: 1992
Year Of The Goat: Angels' necropolis
Zebarges: Stay barges or die!
Zombified: Backroom eugenics
Zygoatsis: S.K.U.D. (Satanic kultus - Unholy desecration)
3 Inches Of Blood: Advance and vanquish
Accu§er: Diabolic
Ahab: The call of the wretched sea
Alpinist: Lichtlærm
Altar: Youth against Christ
Anaal Nathrakh: Vanitas
Angrepp: Warfare
Asphyx: Death... the brutal way
Asphyx: Deathhammer
Asphyx: Last one on Earth
Assassin: Interstellar experience
Assück: Misery index
Asthma Castle: Jesus, Mary and Broseph
Australasia: Sin4tr4
Baphomet: The dead shall inherit
Battle Beast: Battle beast
Battue: The subliminal fears
Beat Hardy: Hate machine
Benediction: Subconscious terror
Benediction: Transcend the Rubicon
Black Breath: Heavy breathing
Black Sabbath: Headless cross
Blaspherian: Infernal warriors of death
Blaze Bayley: The king of metal
Blind Guardian: Imaginations from the other side
Blind Guardian: Nightfall in Middle-Earth
Blood Of The Black Owl: A banishing ritual
Blood Red Throne: Blood red throne
Blood Red Throne: Monument of death
Bolt Thrower: For victory
Bolt Thrower: In battle there is no law
Bolt Thrower: Realm of chaos
Bones Brigade: I hate myself when I'm not skateboarding
Brodequin: Methods of execution
Burial: Relinquished souls
Cannabis Corpse: Tube of the resinated
Captain Cleanoff: Symphonies of slackness
Caretaker / Undersmile - Split EP
Chapel Of Disease: Summoning black gods
Chemical Breath: Fatal exposure
Clutch: Strange cousins from the west
Coilguns: Stadia rods
Coma: Excess
Coroner: Mental vortex
Coroner: Punishment for decadence
Cro-Mags: Best wishes
Cynic: Demo 1990
Dark Angel: Darkness descends
Defecation: Purity dilution
Dehumanized: Prophecies foretold
Demolition Hammer: Epidemic of violence
Demolition Hammer: Necrology
Dephosphorus: Axiom
Desperados: The dawn of dying
Destroying Divinity: Dark future
Destruction: Cracked brain
Destruction: Live without sense
Devastation: Idolatry
Diabolic: Subterraneal magnitude
Die Hard: Evil always return / Emissaries of the reaper
Dire Straits: Brothers in arms
Disfear: Live the storm
Disrupt: Unrest
Dissection: Reinkaos
Dog Eat Dog: 2010-07-30
Dog Eat Dog: All boro kings
Driven By Hate: Eight of spades
Drug Honkey: Death dub
Dying Fetus: Reign supreme
Electro Toilet Syndrom: The meathookers
Eloa Vadaath: A bare reminiscence of infected wonderlands
Empatic: Gods of thousand souls
End Begins: One step forward, a lifetime back
Entrench: Inevitable decay
Evildead: Annihilation of civilization
Exeloume: Fairytale of perversion
Exodus: Fabulous disaster
Extreme Noise Terror: Damage 381
Exumer: Fire & damnation
Exumer: Possessed by fire
Fair Warning: Aura
Feindflug: I./St.G. 3 (Phase 2)
Flotsam & Jetsam: No place for disgrace (2014)
Forced Entry: Uncertain future
Freedom Hawk: Freedom hawk
Fu Manchu: California crossing
Fu Manchu: The action is go
Gamma Ray: Master of confusion
Gammacide: Victims of science
GD's verdicts - Best of 2012: Habakuk
GD's verdicts - Best of 2013: Habakuk
Ghamorean: Terra ruina
Goatwhore: Blood for the master
Gorguts: Considered dead
Grand Magus: Iron will
Grand Magus: Triumph and power
Grand Supreme Blood Court: Bow down before the blood court
Graveyard: Hisingen blues
Habakuk's Top 5 Most Metal songs from old school video games
Habakuk's Top Ten Most Metal Movie Theme Songs Of The Eighties
Hail Of Bullets: Warsaw rising
Hate Eternal: Conquering the throne
Hate Squad: I.Q. zero
Hate: Erebos
Hatebreed: Satisfaction is the death of desire
Hatebreed: The rise of brutality
Horned Almighty: Necro spirituals
Hotbild: I blint raseri
Human Sculpture: Our world/torn down
Iced Earth: Plagues of Babylon
Immolation: Close to a world below
Immolation: Kingdom of conspiracy
Immolation: Majesty and decay
Incantation: Onward to Golgotha
Incubus: Beyond the unknown
Infected Society: Get infected
Infernal War: Redesekration
Instinct Of Survival: North of nowhere
Inswarm: Surely death is no dream
Iron Maiden: Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden: No prayer for the dying
Iron Reagan: Worse than dead
Iugulatus: Call of the horned god
Japanische Kampfhörspiele: Bilder fressen strom
Japanische Kampfhörspiele: Fertigmensch
Japanische Kampfhörspiele: Luxusvernichtung - Vierundfünfzig vertonte Kurzgedichte
Jesse Silverberg - Simulator of mosh pits
Johnny Electric: Communication radio highway
Kälter: Ubuntu
Keitzer: Descend into heresy
King Kobra: Ready to strike
Krabathor: Cool mortification
Kreator: Cause for conflict
Kreator: Coma of souls
Kroda: 5 jahre kulturkampf
Kyuss: Wretch
Lautstürmer - Adam, Selle and Christ
Lautstürmer: Depopulator
Lavagoat: Monoliths of Mars
Leeches Of Lore: Leeches of lore
Lemming Project: Extinction
Leptotrichia: The repository
Local Domination: Munich, Germany
Luciferion: The apostate
Mäax: Unholy rock 'n' roll
Majesty: Before the downfall
Malevolent Creation: Demo 1989
Malevolent Creation: Eternal
Malevolent Creation: Invidious dominion
Malevolent Creation: Stillborn
Malevolent Creation: The ten commandments
Malignant Tumour: Burninhell
Manowar: Louder than hell
Manowar: The triumph of steel
Marduk: Iron dawn
Märvel: Warhawks of war
Mass Burial: Of carrion and pestilence
Massacre: From beyond
Massive Assault: Slayer
Meathook Seed: Embedded
Megadeth: Rust in peace
Melvins: The bulls & the bees
Merauder: Master killer
Merciless: Unbound
Mirrors Of Obsidian: Imminent chaos complete
Moloken: Our astral circle
Morbid Angel: Covenant
Morbid Angel: Illud divinum insanus
Morbid Saint: Destruction system
Morbid Saint: Spectrum of death
Morgoth: Cursed
Morpheus Descends: Ritual of infinity
Motörhead: Ace of spades
Motörhead: Aftershock
Motörhead: Bastards
Motörhead: Bomber
Motörhead: Motörhead
Motörhead: The wörld is yours
Municipal Waste, Victims, Reproach, 2010-01-21
Municipal Waste: The fatal feast
Mutiny Within: Synchronicity
My Darkest Hate: Combat area
My Own Grave: Unleash
Mysore: When all shall perish
Nailbomb: Point blank
Nails: Abandon all life
Napalm Death: From enslavement to obliteration
Nashgul: El dia despues al fin de la humanidad
Necromorten: Warfuse
Negativvm: Tronie
New Lows: Harvest of the carcass
Nile: Amongst the catacombs of Nephren-Ka
Nocturnus: The key
Nocturnus: Thresholds
Obituary: Cause of death
Optimum Wound Profile: Silver or lead
Orange Goblin: The big black
Orchid: Capricorn
Overdose: Progress of decadence
Overkill: Taking over
Overkill: The electric age
Owl: Owl
Pandemonium: Hellspawn
Pandemonium: Promo 2010
Pantera: Cowboys from hell
Pentacle: ...Rides the moonstorm
Perdition Temple: Edict of the Antichrist elect
Phobia: Cruel
Portrait: Crimen laesae majestatis divinae
Prescient: The polynomial framework
Primal: Deathzone
Propagandhi: Supporting caste
Protector: A shedding of skin
Queensryche: Operation: Mindcrime
Radiation Sickness: Reflections of a psychotic past
Raised Fist: Dedication
Ratos De Porão: Anarkophobia
Ratos De Porão: Sistemados pelo crucifa
Ratt: Infestation
Razor: Decibels
Razor: Open hostility
Razor: Violent restitution
Requiem: Formed at birth
Requiem: Government denies knowledge
Righteous Pigs: Stress related
Ripping Corpse: Demo 1992
Risk: The daily horror news
Rorcal: Heliogabalus
Rotting Christ: Κατά Τον Δαίμονα Εαυτού
Runemagick: Enter the realm of death
Running Wild: Black Hand Inn
Running Wild: Death or glory
Running Wild: Resilient
S.O.D.: Speak English or die
Sacrilege: Behind the realms of madness
Schizo: Main frame collapse
Sepultura: Arise
Sepultura: Kairos
Sepultura: The mediator between head and hands must be the heart
Sick Of It All: Based on a true story
Sinister: Hate
Sinner: Danger zone
Slaughter: Strappado
Slave Zero: Exempt from all tolerance
Sodom: Agent Orange
Sodom: Epitome of torture
Sodom: Get what you deserve
Sodom: Tapping the vein
Sodom: Witching metal
Soils Of Fate: Crime syndicate
Solstice: Solstice
Sphere: Homo hereticus
Strife: In this defiance
SuperHeavyGoatAss: Nemesis
Tank: Honour & blood
Tankard: Chemical invasion
Tankard: Zombie attack
Terror: Keepers of the faith
Tersanjung 13 / Grindbashers: Grind the bastards (split)
Thanatos: Realm of ecstasy
The Bronx: The Bronx
The Company Band: The company band
The Damnation: Evilution
The Dead Lay Waiting: We rise
The Hellacopters: Head off
The Offspring: Smash
The Sword: Warp riders
Therapy?: Troublegum
Therion: Paroxysmal holocaust
Thunderhorse: Hurricane bastard features
Top 20 Debuts: Habakuk's wishlist
Top 30 albums from 2000-2009: Habakuk
Torche: Harmonicraft
Torment: Pain is transient, failure forever
Toxic Holocaust: Chemistry of consciousness
Tramp: Indigo
Trenchgrinder: Demo 2011
Tribulation: The horror
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats: Blood lust
V/A: Skitliv! Fucked up, passed out, no memories left...
Vader: Welcome to the morbid reich
Våldsamt Motstånd: Promo 2012
Victims: Divide and conquer
Voidhanger: Wrathprayers
Vomitory: Redemption
Wardruna: Runaljod - Yggdrasil
Wargasm: Why play around?
Warlock: Triumph and agony
Warpath: Malevolent reprisal
Warvictims: Dogs of war
Wednesday 13: The dixie dead
Wendy o'Williams: WOW
Where Fear And Weapons Meet: The weapon
Witchcraft: Legend
Wolfp.a.c.k.: I
Wormrot - Arif, Rasyid & Fitri
Wormrot / I Abhor: Split
Wormrot: Abuse
Wormrot: Dirge
Wrathprayer: The sun of Moloch - The sublimation of sulphur's essence which spawns death and life
Year in review: 1989
ZZ Top: Eliminator
ZZ Top: La futura
...And Darkness Remains: Calling into the abyss
Allen / Lande: The battle
Allen/Lande: The revenge
Artas - Radek
Arvas/Hordagaard: Dawn of Satan
As I Lay Dying: The powerless rise
At War: Infidel
Avenged Sevenfold: Avenged sevenfold
Benedictum: Seasons of tragedy
Biomechanical: Cannibalised
Bloodshedd: Eye of the pessimist
Bloodshedd: Spare no one
Cage: Science of annihilation
Cog: Culling
Contradiction: The essence of anger
Cosmic Atrophy: Codex incubo
Crown The Lost: Blind faith loyalty
Devildriver: Pray for villains
Dream Evil: In the night
End Of Man: Power, corruption and lies
Fall Of Mirra: Prelude to destruction
Fantasy Opus: Beyond eternity
Funeral In Heaven: Janaani janmabhumisca svargadapi gariyasi
Hammerfall: No sacrifice, no victory
Hellrazor: In the wild
Holy Moses: Agony of death
Intolerant: Reasons for unrest
Jorn: Lonely are the brave
Mahatma: Perseverance
Manticora: The black circus (part one: letters)
Manticora: The black circus (part two: disclosure)
Moonshine: Eternal
Pulsating Anus: Demo 2008
Pulsating Anus: Owen, Kent and Matt
Rob Rock: Holy hell
Rudra: Brahmavidya (Transcendental I)
Scar For Life: Scar for life
Sin: Audio summoned flesh
Soul Remnants: Plague of the universe
Tenet: Sovereign
The Generals: Stand up straight
The More I See: The unholy feast
Trivium: Shogun
Unholy Ground: Above so below
Vektor: Black future
Ade: Spartacus
Amendfoil: Skyline escape
Ancient Ascendant: Echoes and cinder
Ancient Ascendant: Into the dark
Anima Morte: The nightmare becomes reality
Anthrax: Anthems
Atrocity: Okkult
Autopsy: The headless ritual
Behemoth: The satanist
Black Crown Initiate: Song of the crippled bull
Blood Mortized: The demon, the angel, the disease
Bloody Hammers: Bloody hammers
Bölzer: Aura
Bombus: The poet and the parrot
Broken Hope: Omen of disease
Carcass: Surgical steel
Catarrhal: Fleshgrave
Chemia: The one inside
Children Of Madness: Howl from beyond
Circle II Circle: Seasons will fall
Colosso: Abrasive peace
Crimson Rain: Mankind is obsolete
Death Angel: The dream calls for blood
Death Tyrant: Opus de tyranis
Death Wolf: II - Black armoured death
Death: Leprosy (re-issue)
Deathronic: Duality chaos
Dethklok: Dethalbum III
Dr. Living Dead!: Radioactive intervention
F.K.Ü.: 4: Rise of the mosh mongers
Facebreaker: Dedicated to the flesh
Feared: Furor incarnatus
Forbidden: Twisted into form
Forlorn Chambers: Unborn and hollow
GD's verdicts - Best of 2013: Ironpants
Ghost: Infestissumam
Glorior Belli: Gators rumble, chaos unfurls
Godslave: In hell
Hail Of Bullets: III - The Rommel chronicles
Harm: Cadaver Christi
Holy Grail: Ride the void
Idensity: Chronicles
Illucinoma: The evolutionist
In Solitude: Sister
Inferior: Unsoiled
J. D. Overdrive: Fortune favors the brave
Kill Division: Destructive force
Krysantemia: Lay down forever
Liklukt: Bay of kings
Massacre: Back from beyond
Morbus Chron: Sweven
Necrocurse: Grip of the dead
Necrowretch: Bestial rites
Necrowretch: Putrid death sorcery
Nothnegal: Decadence
Nox Vorago: Obsidian stonemirrors
Otep: Hydra
Owl: You are the moon, I am the night
Paradise Lost: Tragic illusion 25 (the rarities)
Pensées Nocturnes: Nom d'une pipes!
Pyrithion: The burden of sorrow
Revel In Flesh: Manifested darkness
Ringworm: Hammer of the witch
Rivers Of Nihil: The conscious seed of light
S(crap)s: Satariel / Sectu/ Serpent Venom / Temtris / The Hidden / Unearthly / Zaum
S(crap)s:Brutally Deceased / Entrapment/ Etta Zero / Infection / Ocean Chief / Ogre / Purple Hill Witch
Saille: Ritu
Seven Against: III
Smothered: The inevitable end
Sons Of Aeon: Sons of Aeon
Sorcery: Arrival at six
Suicidal Tendencies: 13
Terra Tenebrosa: The purging
The Dead Goats: Children of the fungus
The Haunted: Eye of the storm
The Moth Gatherer: A bright celestial light
The Resistance (SWE): Scars
The Resistance: Rise from treason
Tombstone Highway: Ruralizer
Torture Killer: Phobia
Tungsten: The reservoir
Týr: Valkyrja
Ulcer: Grant us death
Ungrace: Feed the demons
Upside Crown: On the verge of oblivion
Vampire: Vampire
Vreid: Welcome farewell
Warbringer: IV: Empires collapse
Wellfear: Illusions unveiled
Western Massacre: Freedom through violence
Witherscape: The inheritance
Zombiekrig: Den vänstra stigens ljus
2 Skinnee J's: Supermercado
Abysmal Dawn: From ashes
Abysmal Dawn: Leveling the plane of existence
AC/DC: Live
AC/DC: The razor's edge
Amon Amarth: Surtur rising
Amon Amarth: The avenger
An evening with Amon Amarth: 2011-08-19
Annthennath: States of liberating departure
Anthrax: Fistful of metal
Arch Enemy, Exodus, Arsis, Mutiny Within, 2010-01-20
Armored Saint: Raising fear
Arsis: A celebration of guilt
Arsis: Starve for the devil
Attack Attack: Someday came suddenly
Attila: Rage
Aura Noir: Black thrash attack
Bad Brains: God of love
Band Of Gypsys: Band of gypsys
Bang 76: It's a revolution
Bet The Devil: Bet the devil
Beyond The Sixth Seal: The resurrection of everything tough
Birdflesh / Hatebeak: Split EP
Black Sabbath: Reunion
Blood Tsunami: Grand feast for vultures
Boston: Boston
Boston: Don't look back
Burning Human: Resurrection through fire
Cancer: Death shall rise
Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, Vital Remains: 2010-11-19
Carcass: Wake up and smell the... carcass
Cavalera Conspiracy: Blunt force trauma
City Weezle: City weezle
Coroner: Death Cult
Coroner: No more color
Coroner: R.I.P.
Coroner: S/T
Corrosion Of Conformity: Blind
Corrosion Of Conformity: Live volume
Dark Angel: Time does not heal
Darkest Hour: The human romance
Death Angel: Relentless retribution
Death Angel: The ultra-violence
Death: Individual thought patterns
Death: Symbolic
Death: The sound of perseverance
Def Leppard: High'n'dry
Deicide: To hell with god
Demolition Hammer: Time bomb
Demolition Hammer: Tortured existence
Destruction: The Anti-Christ
Devian: Ninewinged serpent
Dew-Scented: Invocation
Dew-Scented: Issue VI
Dim Mak: The emergence of reptilian altars
Divine Empire: Nostradamus
Down: Nola
Downthesun: Downthesun
Dragonlord: Black wings of destiny
Dream Theater: Metroplis pt.2 - Scenes from a memory
Dream Theater: Octavarium
Dream Theater: Train of thought
Dying Fetus, Arsis, Misery Index: 2010-05-07
Dying Fetus: Descend into depravity
Dying Fetus: Grotesque impalement
Dying Fetus: History repeats
Dying Fetus: Killing on adrenaline
Dying Fetus: Stop at nothing
Dyscarnate: And so it came to pass
Electric Wizard: Witchcult today
Eternal Suffering: Drowning in tragedy
Exhorder: The law
Exodus: Another lesson in violence
Exodus: Tempo of the damned
Exodus: The atrocity exhibition - Exhibit A
Facebreaker: Infected
Fear Factory: Demanufacture
Fear Factory: Mechanize
Fishbone: Fishbone 101 - Nuttasaurusmeg fossil fuelin' the fonkay
Flotsam And Jetsam: No place for disgrace
Gojira, 2009-09-22
Gojira: From Mars to Sirius
Grim Reaper: See you in hell
Gwar, Kingdom Of Sorrow, Toxic Holocaust: 2008-12-14
Hammertime: Hammertime
Hate Eternal, Origin, Vital Remains, Abysmal Dawn: 2011-07-11
Helmet: Meantime
Hexen: State of insurgency
Hurtlocker: Embrace the fall
Iron Horse: Fade to bluegrass - the bluegrass tribute to Metallica
Iron Maiden, Dream Theater: 2010-03-20
Iron Maiden: Dance of death
Iron Maiden: Fear of the dark
Iron Maiden: Flight 666
Iron Maiden: Somewhere in time
Israel Unleashed: The very best metal and rock from the holy land
Judas Priest: A touch of evil
Judas Priest: Jugulator
King's X: King's X
Kiss: Double platinum
Konkhra: Sexual affective disorder
Korpius: Shades of black
Lazarus A.D.: Black rivers flow
Life In Your Way: Waking giants
Limp Bizkit: Gold cobra
Living Colour: Stain
Local Domination: Baltimore, USA
Lynyrd Skynyrd: Street survivors
Machine Head: Burn my eyes
Machine Head: Hellalive
Mad Season: Above
Malevolent Creation: Retribution
Malevolent Creation: The fine art of murder
Maryland Deathfest 2010: Day 1
Maryland Deathfest 2010: Day 2
Maryland Deathfest 2010: Day 3
Mastodon: Leviathan
Mastodon: The hunter
Megadeth, Testament, Exodus, 2010-03-15
Megadeth: Peace sells, but who's buying?
Meshuggah, Cynic: 2009-20-02
Meshuggah: Chaosphere
Metallica: Kill 'em all
Middian: Age eternal
Misery Index: Heirs to thievery
Monstrosity: Imperial doom
Monstrosity: In dark purity
Mötley Crüe: Decade of decadence
Motörhead: March or die
Motörhead: No sleep till Hammersmith
Motörhead: Rock and roll
Neuraxis: Asylon
Neuraxis: Truth beyond...
Nile, Ex Deo, Psycroptic, Keep Of Kalessin, Pathology: 2010-11-02
Nile: Annihilation of the wicked
Nile: In their darkened shrines
Noctem: Divinity
Obituary: Darkest day
Obscura: Cosmogenesis
Obscura: Omnivium
Odin's Court: Redriven by fate
Ozzy Osbourne: Scream
Pain Principle: Waiting for the flies
Pantera: Reinventing the steel
Pantera: The great southern trendkill
Pissing Razors: Cast down the plague
Primus: Frizzle fry
Proofed: American metal - A Blend
Psycroptic: Initiation
Queef Huffer: Infatuation with vaginal flatulence
Quo Vadis: Day into night
Rainbow: Rising
Ratt: Out of the cellar
Red Hot Chili Peppers: What hits?
Rush: 2011-04-22
Rush: Clockwork angels
Rush: Rush
Sceptic: Internal complexity
Schenker-Pattinson Summit: The endless jam continues
Science Faxtion: Living on another frequency
Sepultura: Beneath the remains
Shakra: Infected
Silverchair: Frogstomp
Slayer: Hell awaits
Slayer: Show no mercy
Sodom: In war and pieces
Sodom: M-16
Soulfly: Dark ages
Suicidal Tendencies: Lights... camera... revolution!
Suicidal Tendencies: No mercy fool! / The suicidal family
Testament: Souls of black
Testament: The gathering
The Absence: Enemy unbound
The Absence: From your grave
The Funeral Pyre: Wounds
The M3 Festival: 2011-05-14
The Maryland Fucking Deathfest: The Methodical Chronicles
The Sword: Age of winters
Thismeansyou: Retrieving the apparently dead
Three Days In Darkness: Amongst cowards
Tool: Salival CD/DVD
Top 30 albums from 2000-2009: InquisitorGeneralis
Trapt: Trapt
Trepalium: XIII
Vader: Black to the blind
Vader: De profundis
Vader: Live in Japan
Van Halen: Fair warning
Van Halen: Van Halen II
Vektor: 2012-09-16
Vektor: Outer isolation
Verismo: City of kings
Violator: Chemical assault
Warbringer: War without end
Warbringer: Worlds torn asunder
Wolfpack Unleashed: Anthems of resistance
Yyrkoon: Dying sun
Abiotic: Symbiosis
AevLord: The nomad’s path
Aiumeen Basoa: Iraganeko bide malkartsutik
Azoic: Gateways
Carnal Agony: Demo 2012
Code Orange Kids: Love is love/Return to dust
Consciousness Removal Project: Tacit
Crashdiet: The savage playground
Cult Of Luna: Vertikal
Delerict: Perpetuation
Dir en Grey: Dum spiro spero
Earthburner: Stoned at birth
Eclectika: Lure of ephemeral beauty
Evilhorse: Cabeza de vaca
Forceps: Humanicide
God Seed: I begin
Goodbye To Gravity: Goodbye to gravity
Hatebreed: The divinity of purpose
Khoma: All erodes
Malignancy: Eugenics
Manilla Road: Mysterium
Mindwork: Eterea
Neferion: The primordial mode
Neurosis: Honor found in decay
Old Corpse Road: 'Tis withing hour... As spectres we haunt this kingdom
Orthodox: Amanecer en puerta oscura
Përl: R(a)ve
Primary Target: Defiant
Rotten Sound: Species at war
The Acacia Strain: Death is the only mortal
The Faceless: Autotheism
Thirteen Bled Promises: Heliopause fleets
Tusmørke: Underjordisk tusmørke
Valborg: Nekrodepression
Vetter: Vetterkult
16 - Jason Corley
16: Zoloft smile
7th Nemesis: Violentia imperatrix mundi
Afgrund: Svarta dagar
Allegiance: Vrede
Amen: Amen
Amputated: Wading through rancid offal
Ancara: Beyond the dark
Angst Skvadron: Flukt
Angst Skvadron: Sweet poison
Antagony: Days of night
Archaic: Time has come to envy the dead
Aura Noir: Deep tracts of hell
Aura Noir: Hades rise
Axis Of Perdition: Urfe
Be'lakor: Stone's reach
Belphegor: Bondage goat zombie
Bestia: Ronkade parved
Birdflesh: Smattro Ansjovis
Black Bleeding: The great Satan
Bleed From Within: Humanity
Brujeria: Brujerizmo
Brutal Truth: Need to control
Burzukh: Orion
Caldera: Mist through your consciousness
Children Of Bodom: Something wild
Chronic Torment: Wind of infections
Constantine: A play of minds
Corpus Christii: Rising
Cosmoloco: 2008
Cryptic Death: Black earth funeral
Cryptopsy - Flo Mounier
Daemon: Eye for an eye
Daemusinem: Diabolical carnage
Dead Man's Hand: The combination
Dead Shape Figure: The grand karõshi
Deranged: Obscenities in b flat
Deranged: The redlight murder case
Disloyal: Prophecy
Dismember: Hate campaign
Dissection: Dissected tapes
Divine Eve: Vengeful and obstinate
Driller Killer: Cold, cheap and disconnected
Earth Crisis: Breed the killers
Emeth: Telesis
Fight Amp: Hungry for nothing
Fuck The Facts / Leng Tch'e: Split
Gnaw Their Tongues: Reeking pained and shuddering
Goat The Head: Neander tales
Goregast: La revancha
Gorelord: Norwegian chainsaw massacre
Hackman: Enterprises
Haggis: Nation of fools
Haggis: The beginning of the end
Hail!Hornet - Vince
Hail!Hornet: Hail!Hornet
Hebosagil - Osku Kähkönen
Hebosagil: Colossal
Helmet: Betty
Hiroshima Will Burn: To the weight of all things
Hour Of Penance - Giulio Moschini
Hour Of Penance: Paradogma
Hour Of Penance: The vile conception
Hunab Ku: The gaze inward
Illdisposed: Return from tomorrow
Illdisposed: The prestige
Illdisposed: To those who walk behind us
Im Nebel: Vitriol
Immolation - Ross Dolan
Infected Disarray: Disseminating obscenity
Infested: 1000 doors
Insect Warfare - Beau Beasley
Insect Warfare: World extermination
Insidious Decrepancy: The inerrancy of profanation
Interitus Dei: In motion
Invictus: Imperium paganum
Ixxi: Assorted armament
Kill The Client: Cleptocracy
Kill The Client: Escalation of hostility
Killaman: Killaman
Laudanum: The apotheker
Left To Vanish: Versus the throne
Lost Soul: Chaostream
Manngard: European cowards
Marche Funèbre: Norizon
Marduk: Wormwood
Mass Obliteration: Abrahamithic curse
Massemord: Let the world burn
Meatjack: Trust
Mely: Portrait of a porcelain doll
Mind: EP 2007
Miseration: Your demons, their angels
Moloch: Demo 2007
Monstrosity: Millenium
Moonshine: Moonshine
Mord: Necrosodomic abyss
Morgue: The process to define the shape of self loathing
Moss: Tombs of the blind drugged
Mr. Death: Detached from life
Mumakil: Customized warfare
Murder Corporation: Tagged and bagged
Murder Therapy - Riccardo and Francesco
Murder Therapy: Symmetry of delirium
Murder Therapy: The therapy
Mysteria: Temple of the scorn
Necroabortion: Brutal misanthropy
Necrophagia: The divine art of torture
Netherbird: Lighthouse eternal
Nightstalker: Superfreak
Nyktalgia: Peisithanatos
Paganizer: Carnage junkie
Paganizer: Scandinavian warmachine
Phazm: Cornerstones of the macabre
Raging Speedhorn: We will be dead tomorrow
Redemptor Hominis: Prémices
Reece: Universal language
Revelation Of Doom: Shemhamforash
Ruins Of Faith: To the shrines of the ancestors
Runemagick - Nicklas Rudolfsson
Sacramental Awakened: Turned to stone
Salome: Salome
Sidus Tenebrarum: Born from a black rib
Sin Of Kain: The end
Sinister: Aggressive measures
Sinister: The silent howling
Skullshifter: Inner demons
Slayer: Undisputed attitude
Sludge - Makro
Sludge: Lava
Snail: Blood
Son Of Ruin: Son of ruin
Sotajumala - Timo Häkkinen
Sotajumala: Teloitus
Soul Doctor: Way back to the bone
Souledge: Blood has no limit
Syn:drom: Demo 2008
Synthetic Breed: Catatonic
Taake: Taake
Tao Menizoo: So blind
Teardown: Cyanotic
Terror: The damned, the shamed
Thanatos - Stefan Gebédi
Thanatos: Justified genocide
The Misanthrope Project: Your world is sickening
The Psyke Project: Apnea
The Wicked: Sonic scriptures of the end times (or songs to have your nightmares with)
Theory In Practice: The armageddon theories
Titus Tommy Gunn: La peneratica svavolya
Top 30 albums from 2000-2009: Kampfar
Total Devastation - Jaakko Heinonen
Total Devastation: Roadmap of pain
Toxocara: Imminent repulsion (suffice to prevent)
Tragediens Trone: The cold depths of solitude
Trepalium: Alchemik clockwork of disorder
Troll: Universal
Ufomammut: Idolum
Unholy Matrimony: Croire, décroître
Unleashed: Hammer battalion
Urna: Iter ad lucem
V/A: A tribute to Nasum
Voyager: Voyager
Wallachia: Ceremony of ascension
Warganism: Centipede
Watch Me Bleed: Souldrinker
Weedeater: God luck and good speed
Wodensthrone: Loss
Zodiac Machine: Zodiac machine
Zoroaster: Voice of Saturn
101 South: No U-turn
AC/DC “Black Ice” tour 2009
AC/DC: Dirty deeds done dirt cheap
Acid Bath: Paegan terrorism tactics
Acid King: III
Ackros: Promo 2010
Acrimony: Tumuli shroomaroom
Agnostic Front: Victim in pain
Agoraphobic Nosebleed: Frozen corpse stuffed with dope
Alice Cooper: Killer
Altar Of Plagues: White tomb
Alverg: Elde
Antaeus: Blood libels
Aosoth: Ashes of angels
Ascend: Ample fire within
Asva: What you don’t know is frontier
Backdraft: This heaven goes to eleven
Barbatos: Let's fuckin' die!
Battalion: Underdogs
Black Boned Angel: The witch must be killed
Black Sabbath: Black sabbath
Black Sabbath: Master of reality
Black Sabbath: Paranoid
Black Sabbath: Sabbath bloody sabbath
Black Sabbath: Sabotage
Black Sabbath: Vol. 4
Bloodgut: Nekrologikum evangelikum pt.I: zombie reign 2666 A.D
Bloody Panda: Pheromone
Blue Cheer: Vincebus eruptum
Blut Aus Nord: 777 – Sect(s)
Blut Aus Nord: Memoria vetusta II (dialogue with the stars)
Blut Aus Nord: MoRT
Blut Aus Nord: What once was… Liber I
Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore: Black earth
Bone Awl: Meaningless leaning mess
Born Of Sin: Imperfect breed of humanity
Botch: We are the Romans
Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth / Mico De Noche: Split 10”
Bullet For My Valentine: Fever
Buried At Sea: Migration
Burning Witch: Crippled Lucifer (reissue)
Carnivore: Retaliation
Cavity: Laid insignificant
Cavity: Supercollider
Celtic Frost: Into the pandemonium
Celtic Frost: To mega therion
Church Of Misery: Early works compilation
Clagg: Lord of the deep
Clock Paradox: The five precepts
Cobalt: Eater of birds
Cobalt: Gin
Coffins: Mortuary in darkness
Cohol: Deepend flaw in the dark
Confined Within: Ashes of a fallen kingdom
Converge: You fail me
Corrupted: El mundo frio
Corrupted: Paso inferior
Corruption: Bourbon river bank
Cryptic Tales: Anathema
Culted: Beyond the thunder of the upper deep
Culted: Michael
Curse Of The Golden Vampire: Mass destruction
Daemonicus: Host of rotting flesh
Darkness Ablaze: Shadowreign
Dead Congregation: Purifying consecrated ground
Deathbound: Non compos mentis
Deathspell Omega: Paracletus
Deathspell Omega: Veritas diaboli manet in aeternum - Chaining the Katechon
Deep Desolation: Subliminal visions
Despise You/Agoraphobic Nosebleed: And on and on…
Deviated Instinct: Guttural breath
Discharge: Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing
Discordance Axis: The inalienable dreamless
Disembowelment: Disembowelment
Doomriders: Darkness come alive
Dragged Into Sunlight: Hatred for mankind
Drudkh: Forgotten legends
Earth: Angels of darkness, demons of light I
Earth: Earth 2
Eclectika: Dazzling dawn
Eibon: Entering darkness
Electric Wizard: Dopethrone
Encoffination: Ritual ascension beyond flesh
Entrails: Tales from the morgue
Exhale: Blind
Eye For An Eye: Downfall
Ezurate: Eve of desecration
Fester: Winter of sin (2010 reissue)
Fleurety: Min tid skal komme
Frozen Dawn: The old prophecy of winterland
Gnaw: This face
Godflesh: Streetcleaner
Gore: Hart gore/Mean man's dream
Goreaphobia: Mortal repulsion
Graves At Sea: Documents of grief
Gulaggh: Vorkuta
Hallowed Butchery: Funeral rites for the living
Hand To Hand: Design the end / Follow the horizon
Harkonen: Grizz
Hat: Vortex of death
Hell-born: Darkness
Helmet: Strap it on
High On Fire: Snakes for the divine
Hooded Menace: Never cross the dead
Horna: Ääniä yössä
Human Parasite: Proud to build the insidious catastrophe
Human Remains: Where were you when
Hymir: Nyctophobia
Immortal Sense: Call it anything
Impetuous Ritual: Relentless execution of ceremonial excrescence
Inbreeding Rednecks: Corpse molesters
Incite: The slaughter
Ingrimm: Böses blut
Iron Butterfly: In a gadda da vida
Iron Maiden: Piece of mind
Iron Maiden: The number of the beast
Iron Man: I have returned
Isis, 2009-11-22
Isis: Celestial
Jack Slater: Extinction aftermath
Jane’s Addiction, Nine Inch Nails, 2009-07-20
Jeff Walker Und Die Flüffers: Welcome to carcass cuntry
Jesu: Infinity
Khanate: Clean hands go foul
Khanate: Khanate
Killing Joke: 2010-10-08
Kommandant: Kontakt
Krallice: Dimensional bleedthrough
Krallice: Diotima
Krallice: Krallice
Krieg: The isolationist / Ash Pool: For which he plies the lash
Lavagoat: Lavagoat
Lemmy: The movie
Leviathan: Massive conspiracy against all life
Lifelover: Konkurs
Liturgy: Renihilation
Loathe: Despondent by design
Local Domination: Athens, Greece
Ludicra: Another great love song
Ludicra: The tenant
Malfeitor: Incubus
Manowar: Hail to England
Mare: Mare
Mass Obliteration: Fratricide
MC5: Kick out the jams
Mean Streak: Metal slave
Melvins: Bullhead
Moderat Likvidation: Mammutation
Mogwai, Misuse, 2009-02-20
Monarch!: Dead men tell no tales
Monno: Ghosts
Monster Magnet: Mastermind
Monster Magnet: Spine of god
Monsterworks: The GOD album
Morgion: The relapse collection
Morgue Supplier: Constant negative
Moss: Sub templum
Murder Intentions: A prelude to total decay
Nachtmystium: Addicts – black meddle pt.2
Nachtmystium: Assassins - black meddle pt.1
Nails: Unsilent death
Napalm Death: Scum
Negură Bunget: Măiestrit
Neurosis: Live at Roadburn 2007
Nicht: Part 1 - Catalepsy sinks
Nihill: Krach / Grond
No Hawaii: Snake my charms
Nortt: Ligfærd
Obituary: Slowly we rot
Ocean: Pantheon of the lesser
One Arm Short: Utopian cellar
Orthrelm: 2nd 18/04 norildivoth crallos lomrixth urthiln
Otesanek: Otesanek
Owen Hart: Earth control
Oxbow: An evil heat
Pestilence: Consuming impulse
Pneuma: Anomaly
Portal: Outré
Portal: Swarth
Possessed: Seven churches
Prejudice: Megalomanic infest
Psychophagist: Il secondo tragico
Pyramids: Pyramids
Ribspreader: The van murders
Rozenhill: King without domain
Salome: Terminal
Sectu: Inundate
Sempiternal Deathreign: The spooky gloom
Seth.ECT: Godspeak
Shai Hulud: Hearts once nourished with hope and compassion
Shrinebuilder: Shrinebuilder
Shroud Of Despondency: Dark meditations in monastic seclusion
Sigh: Scenes from hell
Skeletal Spectre: Tomb coven
Skullflower: IIIrd gatekeeper
Sleep: Dopesmoker
Snowblood: Snowblood
Sokrovenno: De rerum natura
Sonisphere Festival: 2010-06-24
Source Of Deep Shadows: Fading emptiness
Stalaggh: Projekt misanthropia
Strychnos: Undead unsouls unbound
Subhuman: Profondo rozzo
Subrosa: No help for the mighty ones
Such hawks, such hounds - Scenes from the American hard rock underground: DVD
Sunn0))): Monoliths & dimensions
Swans: 2011-04-14
Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine: Rampton
Teitanblood: Seven chalices
The Amenta: Occasus
The Atlas Moth: A glorified piece of blue sky
The Gates Of Slumber: Hymns of blood and thunder
The Howling Wind: Into the cryosphere
The Locust: Plague soundscapes
The Obsessed: Lunar womb
The Ocean: Anthropocentric
The Ocean: Heliocentric
The Stooges: Fun house
The Suicide Kings: Menticide
Thergothon: Stream from the heavens
Thou: Summit
Tombs: Winter hours
Top 30 albums from 2000-2009: Khlysty
Total Terror: Total terror
Toxaemia: Buried to rise
Trash Talk: Eyes & nines
Trigger The Bloodshed: Degenerate
Twilight: Monument to time end
Twilight: Twilight
Ufomammut: Eve
Ulcerate: The destroyers of all
Unearthly Trance: Electrocution
Unearthly Trance: Season of séance, science of silence
Unearthly Trance: V
Unlight: Death consecrates with blood
Until The Light Takes Us: Film review
V/A: Grind madness at the BBC
Velvet Cacoon: Genevieve
Vemoth: The upcoming end
Victimizer: Tales of loss and new found serenity
Von: Satanic blood angel
Votum: Metafiction
Vreid: V
Wan: Wolves of the north
War From A Harlots Mouth: In shoals
Warhorse: As heaven turns to ash
Weakling: Dead as dreams
Winter: Into darkness / Eternal frost
Xerath: II
Zeni Geva: 10,000 light years
Lord K Philipson
2 Ton Predator - Mazza
21 Lucifers: Hope fades
A Crime Against Humanity: Split release
A Forest Of Stars: Opportunistic thieves of spring
Abomnium: Rites like chains
Abraxas Countdown: 7"
Accu§er: Who dominates who?
Acephala: Division by zero
Adveniat Hiems: Loki
Aeon - Daniel Dlimi
Aeon: Path of fire
After Forever: After forever
After Oblivion: Stamina
After Oblivion: Vultures
Agony - Magnus Sjölin
Agony: The first defiance
Alastor: Noble north
Amaran - Ronny Backlund
Amaranthe: Amaranthe
Amaranthe: The nexus
Amberian Dawn: River of Tuoni
Amon Amarth - Johan Hegg
Amon Amarth - Olli Mikkonen
Amon Amarth: Twilight of the thunder god
Amon Amarth: Versus the world
Amon Amarth: With Oden on our side
Amon: Liar in wait
Ancestors: Invisible white
Ancient Wisdom: A godlike inferno
And Oceans: Cypher
Andromeda: The immunity zone
Angelfire: 2005
Annihilator: Metal
Anthrax: Among the living
Anthrax: Among the living - Reply
Aosoth: III
Apostasy: Cell 666
Arbitrator: The consummate ascendancy
Arcania: Sweet angel dust
Arch Enemy: Dead eyes see no future
Asoka: 36 years later
Asylium: 2004
Atakhama: Existence indifferent
Athura: End of an era
Aurora Borealis: Time, unveiled
Autumn: My new time
Avian: Ashes and madness
Axis Of Perdition: The ichneumon method
Axt / Bluthuf: Split
Behemoth: Zos kia cultus
Bent Sea: Noistalgia
Bert Heerink: Better yet
Big Balls: Metal compilation
Big Flying J: High fashioned
Black Mamba Rockexplosion: Black mamba rockexplosion
Bleeding Through: This is love, this is murderous
Bloodbath: Nightmares made flesh
Bloodshed Walhalla: The battle will never end
Bloodwrath: The hate effect
Bludgeon: Crucify the priest
Bolt Thrower: Honour valour pride
Bolt Thrower: The IVth crusade
Bolt Thrower: The IVth crusade - Reply
Bolt Thrower: Those once loyal
Bombstrike: Born into this
Boozed - Markus
Boozed: Seizin' the day
Born Liminal: Promo 2012
Breakdown: Time to kill
Bring Me The Horizon: There is a hell, believe me I've seen it. There is a heaven, let's keep it a secret
C-187: Collision
Candlemass: Epicus doomicus metallicus
Candlemass: Epicus doomicus metallicus - Reply
Candlemass: King of the grey islands
Candlemass: Nightfall
Candlemass: Nightfall - Reply
Candlemass: Tales of creation
Candlemass: Tales of creation - Reply
Carnal Forge: Aren't you dead yet
Carnal Forge: Testify for my victims
Catamenia: Eskhata
Celtachor: In the halls of our ancient fathers
Centicore: Death's parade
Century Media - Jenny Walroth
Chaoswave: Dead eye dreaming
Chimaira: Pass out of existence
Christ Agony: Nocturn
Clawfinger: Life will kill you
Cohol: 2004
Coilguns / Kunz: Split
Coldseed: Completion makes the tragedy
Coldworker - Anders Jakobsson
Coldworker: The contaminated void
Como Muertos: Demo 2007
Corpus Mortale - Martin Rosendahl
Cradle Of Filth: Thornography
Cretin: Freakery
Criterion: The dominant
Crustacean: Insaniac
Cryptic Tales: VII dogmata of mercy
Cwn Annwn: Blood of the Djinn
Daemonicus: Swarm of death
Daggers Drawn: Demo 2010
Dan Seagrave
Dan Swanö
Dark Funeral - Emperor Magus Caligula
Dark Funeral: Angelus exuro pro eternus
Dark Funeral: Attera totus sanctus
Dark Funeral: Diabolis interium
Dark Funeral: Diabolis interium
Dark Funeral: Diabolis interium - Reply
Dark Moor: Tarot
Dark Tranquillity: Damage done
Dark Tranquillity: Lost to apathy
Darkane: Expanding senses
Darkcreed: Dark regions
Darkside: Amber (skeletal journeys through the void)
Darzamat: Oniriad
Deadlight: Promo 2005
Deadlock - Tobi
Deadlock: Bizarro world
Deadlock: Manifesto
Deadlock: Wolves
Death Breath: Stinking up the night
Death Of Millions: Statistics and tragedy
Deathchamber: His will be done
Decapitated: Nihility
Deceiver: Mini CD
Delight: Breaking ground
Demigod: Shadow mechanics
Demon Project: Fear is my rage
Denial Of God: The horrors of Satan
Depressed Mode: Ghosts of devotion
Deus Otiosus: Murderer
Devilish Impressions: Diabolicanos (act III: Armageddon)
Devious: Vision
Diabolic Force: Old school attack / Prisoner of wickedness
Dionysus: Fairytales and reality
Dire Omen: Promo 2011
Dirk Verbeuren - Drummer phenomenon
Dismember: Under blood red skies (DVD)
Disturbed: Indestructible
Divided Multitude: Guardian angel
Divine Element: Divine element
Dragon Eye Morrison: Drama/The Kodiak
Drugs of Faith: Drugs of faith
Dyscordia: Twin symbiosis
Early Grave: Tomorrow I am you
Edge Of Sanity: Crimson - Reply
Edge Of Sanity: Purgatory afterglow
Edge Of Sanity: Purgatory afterglow - Reply
Edge Of Sanity: When all is said
Ektomorf: Outcast
Empyreal Destroyer: 2006
End Of Green: High hopes in low places
End Of You: Unreal
Endless Torture: At war with war
Engel: Absolute design
Entombed: Serpent saints (the ten amendments)
Entrenched: Preemptive strike
EpisThemE: Descending patterns
Epitimia: Faces of insanity
Erodead: 2004
Escape From: Opetani okrucienstwem
eSpudd.com - Spudd
Eternal Frost Records: Compilation vol II
Eufobia: Cup of mud
Evanescence: Fallen
Evanescence: The open door
Everwhere: Black dawn
Extinct Gods: Wartribe
F.K.Ü.: Where moshers dwell
Face Your Underground: Compilation
Facebreaker: Dead, rotten and hungry
Fallen Empire: Skepticism
Fatality: Metal as hell (chapter 1)
Favilla: Spawned from chaos
Fear Factory - Raymond Herrera
Fear The Future: The bloody beginning
Fester: Silence
Fetus Stench: Demo 2011
Firewind: Forged in fire
Fitcage: Pigumanity
Five Finger Death Punch: War is the answer
Fleshwrought: Dementia/Dyslexia
Flotsam And Jetsam: Ugly noise
Forgotten Tomb: Under Saturn retrograde
Fornost Arnor: The death of a rose
Freebase: My life, my rules
Frozen: In time
Gadget: The funeral march
GD's verdicts - Best of 2013: Lord K. Philipson
Gergovia: Morturi te salutant
Ghamorean: Eon eschatos
Giants of Grind 2: DVD-compilation
Godhate: Anguish
Gorefest - Ed Warby
Gorefest: La muerte
Gorefest: Rise to ruin
GoreForce 5: Happy as pigs in shit
Goryptic: From blast to collapse
Grave - Jonas Torndal
Grave: As rapture comes
Grave: Back from the grave
Grave: Fiendish regression
Grimlord: Dolce vita sath an as
Grindnecks: 460 from hell
Gus Of Sweden: Major minority
Gus Of Sweden: Tell your god... to ready for blood
Haiduk: Plagueswept
Hail Of Bullets: ...Of frost and war
Hate Brigade: Death trip
Hatesphere - Jacob Bredahl
Hatesphere: Ballet of the brute
Hatesphere: Bloodred hatred
Hatesphere: Hatesphere
Hatesphere: The sickness within
Havok: Being and nothingness
Head: Save me from myself
Hermh: The spiritual nation born (DVD)
Hittegods: Flower power
Holy Moses: The new machine of Liechtenstein
Holy Moses: The new machine of Liechtenstein - Reply
Iann Robinson
Ikhon: Demo 2011
Illdisposed: Burn me wicked
Illucinoma: Demo 2011
Immolation - Ross Dolan
Immolation: Dawn of possession - Reply
Immolation: Failures for gods - Reply
Immolation: Providence
Impaled Nazarene - Arc v 666
Impiety: Dominator
In Flames: Reroute to remain
Indestructible Noise Command: Heaven sent... Hellbound
Infernal Execrator: Antichrist execration
Ingrained: Ashes to dust
Inhumanity: Demo 2012
Inhume: Chaos dissection order
Instorm: Madness inside
Insult: Axiom
Internecine: Book of lambs
Intervention: Growing line of caskets
Intervention: Words of violence
Invocation Of Death: Vol. 1
Jemineye: Restless hearts
Kaamos - Konstantin
Kaarnekorpi: Aaltojen alle
Kamchatka: Bury your roots
Kee Marcello: Redux Europe & Redux Shine on
Kerosene: Rhode Island red
Khariot: Disymposium
King Bravado: King Bravado
King's X: XV
Kittie: Funeral for yesterday
Kittie: In the black
Koldborn: First enslavement
Konkhra: Reality check
Korn: Remember who you are
Korn: Untitled
Korn: Untouchables
Krisiun: AssassiNation
Krisiun: Bloodshed
Krisiun: Southern storm
Kyu: Svrgn
Lacuna Coil: Comalies
Lacuna Coil: Shallow life
Laetitia In Holocaust: Rotten light
Landmine Marathon: Sovereign descent
Last Winter: The heart & the broken compass
Left Hand Path: Time to die!
Liklukt: Into the deep
Liklukt: Sons of Svalbard
Liklukt: Trapped on the seabed
Lines Of Leaving: Lines of leaving
Linkin Park: Minutes to midnight
Liquid Skull: Abscessive autopsy
Locus Titanic Funus: Castus lacrima
Los Sin Nombre: Blind leading blind
Machinergy: Rhythmotion
Malrun: Two thrones
Manfish: What is this manfish?
Manifest: Written in blood
Many Things Untold: Atlantic
Marche Funèbre: To drown
Martin van Drunen (Asphyx, Hail Of Bullets etc)
Mass Insanity: The hypochrist
Massacre: Condemned to the shadows
Massive Assault: Dystopian prophecies
Mekanism: Cicatrized
Mercenary: 11 dreams
Meshuggah: Contradictions collapse
Meshuggah: Destroy, erase, improve
Meshuggah: Nothing
Metallica: St. Anger
Mhorgl: Heresiarch
Mike Poggione
Mikkel Schack: ...About to destroy something beautiful
Mindbend: Timeline
MindGrinder: MindTech
MindMirror: Wither
Mithras: Worlds beyond the veil
Mnemic, M.A.N, Maramon, 2006-09-24
Monstrosity - Mike Poggione
Monstrosity: Rise to power
Morbid Angel: Altars of madness
Morbid Atrophy: Grist'n'grind
Morgoth: Best of 1987 - 1997
Murdershock: Reasoning insanity
My Own Grave - Mikael Aronsson
Naglfar: Harvest
Nattsmyg: När solen slocknar
Necrophobic - Joakim Sterner
Necrophobic: Bloodhymns
Necrophobic: Death to all
Necrosphere: Revived
Nemesea - Some fag in the band
Nemesea: In control
NeonFly: Outshine the sun
Nephelium: Coils of entropy
Nevea Tears: Do I have to tell you why I love you
Nightrage: A new disease is born
Nightwish: Dark passion play
Nightwish: Once
Nightwish: Once - The "I'm so sorry"-version
Nihilistikrypt: Required sacrifices
Ninnuam: Promo 2010
No Quarter Given: The embodiment begins
Noctem: Oblivion
Noctiferia: Per aspera
Noctisdark: The root of dreamers
Oath To Vanquish: Applied schizophrenic science
Obituary: Left to die
Ocular Faith: ... And the golden saints wept
Ogrish.com - Danny
Oppression: 2004
Orb Of Torture: Stereolith
Osmose Records: Promo package (4 albums)
Ovenizer: Exhibition of thoughts
Pagan Fire: EP 2007 & demo 2006
Panzerchrist - Rasmus Henriksen (first one)
Panzerchrist: Battalion beast
Paperback Freud: Raise it up the flagpole
Paul Masvidal
Persefone: Spiritual migration
Pestifer: Age of disgrace
Pestilence: Consuming impulse - Reply
Pestilence: Resurrection macabre
Pharaoh Overlörd: Out of darkness
Plaguebearer: Demo 2011
Premacy: Voices above
Procaos: Never wake up
Prometheus: Beneath an alien sky
Prong: Power of the damager
Psychopunch: The last goodbye
Pungent Stench: Masters of moral, servants of sin
Putrescence: Fatal white pustules upon septic organs
Ram Zet: Intra
Ram-Zet - Zet
Recremation: Split CDr
Red Harvest: Internal punishment programs
Red Harvest: New world rage music
Reign Of Vengeance: Disemboweling swine
Relativity: It could have been so much better
Repuked: Excremental funeral
Restruct: Built back up from self-destruction
Resurrected in festering slime (compilation)
ReVamp: ReVamp
Roanoke: Stormbringer
Rotten Liver: Purification by debauchery
Rotting Christ: Sanctus diavolos
Rotting Cock: My sister is dead and I fuck her corpse every day
Ruin: 2006
Ruin: 2007
Ruined Soul: My dying day
Rusty Pacemaker: Blackness and white light
Sabaton, Evil Conspiracy, 2006-10-07
Sacrifist: The well of sacrifice
Saint Deamon: In shadows lost from the brave
Sanctification - Tomas Elofsson
Sanctification: Black reign
Sanctity: Road to bloodshed
Satariel - Robert Sundelin
Satariel: Phobos and deimos
Sawthis: Egod
Scarecrow: La morte vivante
Scorched Earth Tactics: Blastradius
Scrambled Defuncts: Souls despising the god
Seance: Saltrubbed eyes
Seance: Saltrubbed eyes - Reply
Seven7: Under eye
Shenight: Demo 2007
Sickening Horror: The dead end experiment
Sins Of The Father: Sins of the father
Skirmish: Demo 2010
Skull And Bones: Roswell
Skull And Bones: Waking up songs
Slaughtercult: Morbid reincarnation
Slayer: South of heaven
Slipknot: Vol 3 (the subliminal verses)
Soilwork: The living infinite
Solitude Aeturnus: Alone
Sonic Syndicate: Love and other disasters
Sonic Syndicate: Only inhuman
Soreption: Deterioration of minds
Soturnus Skullcrusher: Promo 2009 / DVD
Soulbreach: My dividing line
Souldrainer: Heaven's gate
Soundchaser: Changes Part I - The betrayed
Spearhead: Theomachia (the doctrine of ascension and decline)
Speed/Kill/Hate: Out for blood
Static X: Cannibal
Stillborn: Los asesinos del sur
Storm Of Darkness / Luciferian: Split CD
Stormzone: Death dealer
Suffocation: Souls to deny
Sulphur: Cursed madness
Sworn: Global demise
Syn:drom: Iconoclasm
Syn:drom: With flesh unbound
Teardown: Cold rooms
Terrorizer: Darker days ahead
The 11th Hour: Burden of grief
The Acacia Strain: The dead walk
The Agonist: Lullabies for the dormant mind
The Agonist: Once only imagined
The Agonist: Prisoners
The Berzerker: Animosity
The Dead Lay Waiting: Almost heaven
The Duskfall: Source
The End: Elementary
The Generals: Punchline
The Konsortium: The konsortium
The Mighty Nimbus - Dinis
The Monolith Deathcult: Tetragrammaton
The Project Hate MCMXCIX - Jörgen Sandström
The Rotted - Tim Carley
The Sixpounder: Going to hell
The Storm: Black luck
This Or The Apocalypse: Dead years
Thorium: Unleashing the demons
Those Who Bring The Torture: Those who bring the torture
Threeman Recordings - Daniel Strachal
Throneaeon: Godhate
Thulcandra: Fallen angel's domain
Thy Bleeding Skies: Autumn souls
Tony Laureano
Top 30 albums from 2000-2009: Lord K Philipson
Total Hate: Depopulating planet Earth
Tribute to At The Gates
Trident - Alex Friberg
Trident: World destruction
Unbidden: Slaughtering the vile
Uncontrolled: The fifth horseman is fear
Undivine: Behind thy eyes
Unknown band: Unknown album (Iugulatus: "Satanic pride"?)
Unleashed - Anders Schultz
Unleashed: Midvinterblot
Urkraft: Eternal cosmic slaughter
V/A: A tribute to Slayer 25 years
V/A: Split my bitch up
Vader, Nightrage, Bloodthorn, 2006-11-18
Vader: Revelations
Våldsamt Motstånd: Wermland
Vazimba: Vazimba
Velcra: Consequences of disobedience
Vicious Art - Robert Lundin
Vicious Art: Pick up this sick child
Viu Drakh: Death riff society
Vomitory - Tobben Gustafsson (first one)
Vomitory - Tobben Gustafsson (second one)
Vomitory, tour report 2005
Vomitory: Blood rapture
Vomitory: Carnage euphoria
Vomitory: Terrorize, brutalize, sodomize
Vore: Maleficus
Wake: Leeches
Watain: Sworn to the dark
Watain: The wild hunt
Wicked Wisdom: Wicked wisdom
Winter In Eden: Awakening
Witchbreed - Ruby
Witchbreed: Heretic rapture
Witchery: Witchkrieg
Within Temptation: The heart of everything
Wolf, Bullet, 2006-10-21
Wolfcrusher: Virgin tapestry
Wynjara: Human plague
Wyruz: Your angel
Xasthur: Defective epitaph
Xerath: I
XXX Maniak: Harvesting the cunt nectar
Ydin: Saasta
Ydin: Silvottuna ja häpäistynä
Year in review: 1983
Year in review: 1988
Yngwie J. Malmsteen: Relentless
Yngwie J. Malmsteen: Spellbound
Yngwie Malmsteen: Rising force
Zuul FX: Live free or die
Zyklon - Secthdamon
Zyklon: Disintegrate
Abominable Putridity: The anomalies of artificial origin
Arckanum: Helvitismyrkr
Cephalotripsy: Promo 2011
Condemned: Realms of the ungodly
Defeated Sanity - Lille Gruber
Images Of Violence: Revenants of silent stones
Imprecation: Jehovah denied
Internal Bleeding: Chris Pervelis
Jasad: Demo 2010
Opium: Necrology disorder
Prophecy: Dont fuckin' mess with Texas
Pyrexia: Sermon of mockery
Relics Of Humanity: Guided by the soulless call
Sarcophagy: The summoning
Aeon - Zeb Nilsson
Aeon: Aeons black
Ajuna: Prisoners of the sun
All Pigs Must Die: Nothing violates this nature
All Shall Perish: This is where it ends
Amon Amarth - Johan Söderberg
Amon Amarth: Deceiver of the gods
Arceye - Al Llewellyn
Arceye: At first light
ArchiTorture: Spare no one
Artas: Riotology
Attic: The invocation
Azure Emote: The gravity of impermanence
Beneath: Enslaved by fear
Between The Buried And Me: Parallax: The hypersleep dialogues
Bill Skins Fifth: For the threat
Blinded In Bliss: Constancy
Bloodshot Dawn: Bloodshot dawn
Carnifex: Die without hope
Cattle Decapitation: Monolith of inhumanity
Chaos Divine: The human connection
Christ Agony: Darkside
Circensa: Circensa
Circle Of Silence: The rise of resistance
Coffins: The fleshland
Corroosion: Dirt awareness
Curimus: Realization
Days Of Confusion: Seeds
De Lirium's Order: Veniversum
De Magia Veterum: The deification
Deicide: In the minds of evil
Dementia Senex: Heartworm
Entrails: Raging death
Eternal Gray: Your gods, my enemies
Exhumed - Matt Harvey
Exhumed: Necrocracy
Eye Of Minerva: Spherical perdition
ForceOut: Delusion
Forlorn Path - Yuriy Garnaev
Forlorn Path: Man's last portrait
GD's verdicts - Best of 2012: Pr0nogo
GD's verdicts - Best of 2013: Pr0nogo
Goatwhore: Blood for the master
God Dethroned: The lair of the white worm
God Dethroned: Under the sign of the iron cross
Head Takers: Beyond the shades
Heart Attack: Stop pretending
Hell:On: Hunt
Hour Of Penance: Regicide
Hour Of Penance: Sedition
Humangled: Odd ethics
Humanity Defiled: Circling the drain
Laconia: Exordium
Luctus: Stotis
Lycus: Tempest
Meridian: Meridian
Murder Construct: Results
Nashorn: Maggots to devour the world
Necrophor: Verbum vexillifer
Odium: At the bottom
Only A Shadow Remains: Premeditated
Oral Fistfuck - Someone in the band
Oral Fistfuck: Demo 2011
Origin: Omnipresent
Pekla: Degsit!
Rabbits: Bites rites
Ram-Page: Blooming rust
Sad Eyes: 9H0B1A
Septicflesh: Titan
Sin Of God: Satan embryo
Sophicide: Perdition of the sublime
Southwicked: Death's crown
Temple: On the steps of the temple
The Black Dahlia Murder: Ritual
The Body: Master, we perish
The Project Hate MCMXCIX: The cadaverous retaliation agenda
Torture Division: Our infernal torture
Unbreakable Hatred: Total chaos
Whitechapel: Our endless war
Wretched: Cannibal
Wretched: Son of perdition
3 Inches Of Blood: Battlecry under a wintersun
4Arm: Submission for liberty
4Arm: The empires of death
a. Lostfield: Internal affairs
Abacinate: Genesis
Ahma: Crooked issue
Alarum: Natural causes
Alice Cooper: Welcome 2 my nightmare
Among The Mortals: Of ignorance and dismissal
Amorphead: Chaos expression
Amorphis: The beginning of times
Anthrax: Sound of white noise
Architorture: Circle of aggression
Armor Column: Maximum collateral damage
Army Rising: Impending chaos
Assaulter: Boundless!
Barn Burner: Bangers
Barn Burner: Bangers II - Scum of the earth
Battle Pope: Pantless carnage
Blackstar: Barbed wire soul
Blood Red Throne: Brutalitarian regime
Calm Hatchery: Sacrilege of humanity
Carnal Decay: On top of the food chain
Cathedral: The guessing game
Chain Reaction: Cutthroat melodies
Chaos Synopsis: Kvlt ov dementia
Charred Walls Of The Damned: Charred walls of the damned
Corrosive Carcass: Rot in pieces
Daemonicus: 11th hour
Deep Treatment: Epicrisis
Degradation: Juggernaut
Despite: Clenched
Domain Of Dreams: Domain of dreams
Dreadnaught: Dirty music
Drowning Pool: Drowning pool
Ektomorf: Redemption
Electric Hellride: Charged
Essence: Lost in violence
Face Down: The will to power
Fake Idyll: Therapist
Forbidden: Omega wave
Forgotten Horror: The serpent creation
Frankenbok: Murder of songs
Frozen Semen: Artificial insemination
Full Scale Conflict: Trials of existence
Hail!Hornet: Disperse the curse
Havok: Time is up
Hellbringer: Hellbringer
Hellcrawler: Wastelands
Helloween: The time of the oath
Hemina: As we know it
Hirax: The new age of terror
Human Desolation: Project wasteland
Iced Earth: Framing armageddon
In Tha Umbra: Noire
Inferno: Infeccion mundial
Injury: Unleash the violence
Invasion: Orchestrated kill manouver
Iron Maiden: The X factor
Jungle Rot: Kill on command
Kvelertak: Kvelertak
Lair Of The Minotaur: Evil power
Legion Of The Damned: Descent into chaos
Local Domination: Melbourne, Australia
M.ILL.ION: Sane & insanity
Macabre: Grim scary tales
MD.45: The craving
Megadeth: United abominations
Mhorgl: Antinomian
Mindmirror / Liquid Society: Fifteen years / Escape
Misanthropian: A torture of your own design
Mistweaver: Tales from the grave
Mordax - Jeff
Mordax: Slaughter
Morta Skuld: Through the eyes of death
Mr. T: Mr. T's commandments
Nader Sadek: In the flesh
Necromorph: Grinding black zero
Neuromist: Move of thought
No Hand Path: An existence regained
Northland: Northland
Onslaught: Sounds of violence
Ouroboros: Glorification of a myth
Outcast: Mass murder fantasies
Ozzy Osbourne: Ozzmosis
Plector: Dark & spiteful
Prong: Cleansing
Psychoparalysis: Escalation
Psychoparalysis: Forest of ignorance
Queensrÿche: Operation: Mindcrime II
Raunchy: A discord electric
Ravage Machinery: The dystopian tide
Ravage: The end of tomorrow
Razor Of Occam: Homage to martyrs
Revolting: In grisly rapture
Sacred Reich: The American way
Sahg: III
Samael: Blood ritual
Samael: Lux mundi
Savage Messiah: Plague of conscience
Shellfin: Secondhand family
Show Your Face: Promo 2010
Skeletonwitch: Forever abomination
Skirmish: Through abacinated eyes
Slash: 2010-04-29
Stench: In putrescence
Susperia: Cut from stone
The Force: Nations under attack
The Haunted: Road kill
The Haunted: The haunted
The Haunted: Unseen
Thousand Year War: Tyrants and men
Top 30 albums from 2000-2009: Revenant
Truth Corroded: Worship the bled
UnSun: Clinic for dolls
V/A: Nativity in black - A tribute to Black Sabbath
V/A: The best of sign me to Roadrunner Records
Vader: Litany
Valborg: Barbarian
Violator: Annihilation process
Visitor: The need to believe
Vomitory: Opus mortis VIII
Warbeast: Krush the enemy
Warpath: Damnation
Zenithal: Death race
Mgła: Further down the nest
Mgła: Mdłości
Svartsyn: Black testament
The Devil's Blood: The thousandfold epicentre
Yass-Waddah: Cities of the red night
Acacia: Tills döden skiljer oss åt
Acrimonious: Sunyata
Agalloch: The serpent & the sphere
Attack Attack!: Stick stickly
Azziard: Vesanie
Begrafven: Begrafven
Blåhø: Through sinister nightfall
Code: Augur nox
Crepusculum: Illuminatus
Cult Of Erinya / Zifir: Split
Cult Of Fire: मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान
Def/Light: Transcendevil
Degial: Death's striking wings
Dionisyan: Land of dreams
Do Skonu: Womb of primeval darkness
Dödaren: Maen
Drudkh / Winterfylleth: Thousands of moons ago / The gates
Drudkh: Eternal turn of the wheel
Ekove Efrits: Nowhere
Electric Wizard: Legalise drugs & murder
Enforcer: Death by fire
Ered Wethrin: All song ceased
Falkenbach: Asa
Frigoris: Wind
Galvano: Two titans
GD's verdicts - Best of 2012: sincan
GD's verdicts - Best of 2013: sincan
Getaway Rock Festival 2012: The experience chronicle
Getaway Rock Festival 2013: The experience chronicle
Ghost: 2012-07-05
Godbless Thee, Mooseheart: Prison
Gorthaur's Wrath: War for heaven
Grief Of Emerald: It all turns to ashes
Grift: Fyra elegier
Incursus: Eternal funeral trance
Inquisition: Obscure verses for the multiverse
Jex Thoth: Blood moon rise
Lustre: Wonder
Marduk: Serpent sermon
Mayhem: Esoteric warfare
Mgła: Presence
Mgła: With hearts toward none
Mils: Man is a lonely soldier
Mord'A'Stigmata: Ansia
Negativvm: Hvngerkvnst
Neglektum: Blasphemer
Obsidian Tongue: A nest of ravens in the throat of time
Patria: Nihil est monastica
Pest: The crowning horror
Portrait: Crossroads
Primordial - A.A. Nemtheanga
Satan's Wrath: Aeons of Satan's reign
Satyricon: 2012-07-06
Skagos: Ást
Skineater: Dermal harvest
Skogen: Eld
Skogen: Svitjod
Sons Of Crom: Victory
Stilla: Ensamhetens andar
Stilla: Till stilla falla
Stridsmenn: Stridsmenn
Taake: Noregs vaapen
Teitanblood: Purging tongues
The Devil's Blood: The time of no time evermore
The Negation: Paths of obedience
Thyrfing: Vansinnesvisor
Triptykon: Melana chasmata
Twilight Of The Gods: Fire on the mountain
Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats: Mind control
Unspoken: Requiem aeternam deo
V/A: One and all, together, for home
Vainaja: Kahleiden kantaja
Vattnet Viskar: Sky swallower
Winterfylleth: The threnody of triumph
Wolves In The Throne Room: Malevolent grain
Wolvserpent: Perigaea antahkarana
Accept: Blood of the nations
Angel Witch: Angel witch
Asunder: Works will come undone
Atrophy: Socialized hate
Bane: Chaos, darkness & emptiness
Beelzefuzz: Beelzefuzz
Black Sabbath: Mob rules
Chaos For All: Demo 2011
Crusader: Rise of the templars
Cult Of Erinyes: A place to call my unknown
Cwn Annwn: The alpha and the omega
Cynicism Management: Tit
Dagoba: Poseidon
Deathember Flower: Architect
Dio: The last in line
Elks: Destined for the sun
Embryonic Devourment: Vivid interpretations of the void
G.U. Medicine: Lords of oblivion
GD's verdicts - Best of 2013: sly
Iron Maiden, 2010-08-15
Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine: The audacity of hype
Judas Priest: Turbo
Kausalgia: Promo 2010
Love/Hate: Blackout in the red room
Mactätus: Blot
Merging Flare: Reverence
MindMirror: Daily dose
Motörhead: 2011-03-10
Necromandus: Orexis of death
NekroDrako: Before the swine
Obsydian: The grotesque presage
Ozzy Osbourne: No rest for the wicked
Peste Noire: Ballade cuntre lo anemi francor
Psychotic Gardening: Humanitorium
Pussy Sisster: Pussy sisster
Revengine: The Absence
Rolo Tomassi: Cosmology
Savatage: Hall of the mountain king
Scorpions: Animal magnetism
Scorpions: Sting in the tail
Seven Days Remain: Seven days remain
Shattered Hope: Absence
Smargroth: Empyreal cycle
Tangorodrim: Unholy metal way
Tesla: The great radio controversy
Tormention: Soldier of the dead
WakeUpCall: Wakeupcall
Witch Cross: Fit for fight
Achren: The forgotten king
Aegeon: Forbidden entrance to the gardens of death
Agalloch: Ashes against the grain
Agalloch: The mantle
Agalloch: The white
Albino Bone Rituals: Reveal thy horrors
Alcest: Les voyages de l'Âme
Alea Jacta: Enter the chaos
Alghazanth: Vinum intus
Amon Amarth: The crusher
Amorphis: Tales from the thousand lakes
Angels Of Babylon: Kingdom of evil
Annihilator: Annihilator
Anthrax: We've come for you all
Anthrax: Worship music
Arkaea: Years in the darkness
Ars Macabra: Hate induced trance
As My World Burns: Letters from Alaska
Atheist: Piece of time
Auroch: From forgotten worlds
Banished From Inferno: Minotaur
Bathory: Twilight of the gods
Before The Dawn: Rise of the Phoenix
Beyond Insanity: Beyond insanity
Black Sabbath: Dehumanizer
Black Sabbath: Heaven and hell
Black Sabbath: Mob rules
Black Thoughts Bleeding: Stomachion
Blastanus: Collapse
Blood Label: Existence expires
Blood Mortized: Blood mortized
Bloodbath: Resurrection through carnage
Bruce Dickinson: Accident of birth
Bruce Dickinson: Tyranny of souls
Bullet For My Valentine: Temper temper
Carnage: Dark recollections
Carnality: Carnality
Celtic Frost: Cold lake
Celtic Frost: Morbid tales
Centurion: Serve no one
Cerebrum: Spectral extravagance
Children Of Bodom: Hate crew deathroll
Children Of Bodom: Hatebreeder
Cidodici: Freedom calling
Clamath: Last exit to damnation
Clock Paradox: Demo 1, 2009
Clock Paradox: Promosexual 2009
Corpset: Ruins
Cynic: Carbon-based anatomy
Cynic: The portal tapes
Dark Vision: Ingrowth
Dead: Hardnaked but... dead!
Death Ape Disco: Supervolcano
Death Toll Rising: Defecation suffocation
Death: Scream bloody gore
Deep Purple: Burn
Deep Purple: Fireball
Deep Purple: In rock
Dethonator: Dethonator
Dismember: Like an ever flowing stream
Dissection: Live legacy
Draconian: A rose for the apocalypse
Draconian: Arcane rain fell
Drawn And Quartered: Feeding hell's furnace
Dream Theater: A dramatic turn of events
Dream Theater: Awake
Earthship: Iron chest
Edge Of Sanity: Purgatory afterglow
Egnum: 2009
Emperor: IX equilibrium
Emperor: Prometheus - the discipline of fire & demise
Empires Laid Waste: With the tide comes destruction
Evile: Five serpent's teeth
Evile: Infected nations
Exodium Mors: Sacrifice, perish, and demise
Exodus: Exhibit B - The human condition
Exodus: Fabulous disaster
Exodus: Shovel headed kill machine
Fear Factory: Archetype
Fear Factory: Obsolete
Fear Factory: Transgression
Fleshgod Apocalypse: Oracles
Forgotten Tomb: Under Saturn retrograde
Four Year Strong: Explains it all
Future Is Tomorrow: Fit to die (part 1)
Gastrorrexis: The dark world of parasitic infections
Geff: Land of the free
Gojira: L'enfant sauvage
Grave: Endless procession of souls
Grotesquary: Tales from the crypt
Halo Of Flys: Death, pain, & minds insane
Hate: Solarflesh
Head Cleaner: Resistance, determination and the sheer will to overcome
High On Fire: De vermis mysteriis
High On Fire: Surrounded by thieves
HOD: Serpent
Hyperial: Sceptical vision
Hypocrisy: Abducted
Hypocrisy: End of disclosure
Hypocrisy: Hell over Sofia - 20 years of chaos and confusion
Hypocrisy: Hypocrisy
Iced Earth: Dystopia
Iced Earth: Something wicked this way comes
Iced Earth: The dark saga
Ihsahn: Eremita
Immortal: All shall fall
Immortal: At the heart of winter
Immortal: Sons of northern darkness
In Flames: Colony
In Flames: Lunar strain
In Flames: Whoracle
In Mourning: The weight of oceans
Inquisitor: The quantum theory of id
Iron Maiden: A matter of life and death
Iron Maiden: Brave new world
Iron Maiden: Seventh son of a seventh son
Iscaroth: Era of the cadaver
Jeff Loomis: Plains of oblivion
Jelonek: Jelonek
Jesaiah: Et tu, hope
Judas Priest: British steel
Judas Priest: Sad wings of destiny
Jungle Rot: Terror regime
Katatonia: Dead end kings
Katatonia: Viva emptiness
Keep Of Kalessin: Through times of war
Koldbrann: Vertigo
Korn: The path of totality
Kreator: Coma of souls
Kreator: Phantom Antichrist
Kreator: Terrible certainty
Kroda: Schwarzpfad
Krux: He who sleeps amongst the stars
Lamb Of God: Resolution
Last View: Hell in reverse
Les Discrets: Ariettes oubliées...
Loch Vostok: Dystopium
Lou Reed and Metallica: Lulu
Machine Head: Through the ashes of empires
Machine Head: Unto the locust
Megadeth: Endgame
Megadeth: Hidden treasures
Megadeth: Risk
Megadeth: So far, so good... so what!
Megadeth: TH1RT3EN
Megadeth: The system has failed
Megadeth: Youthanasia
Memoria: Death calls the islands
Meshuggah: Koloss
Metallica: ...And justice for all
Metallica: Garage Inc.
Metallica: Metallica
Metallica: Ride the lightning
Mia Hope: We are just satellites
Ministry: Psalm 69 - the way to succeed and the way to suck eggs
Ministry: Relapse
Ministry: The mind is a terrible thing to taste
Morbid Angel: Domination
Mr. Death: Descending through ashes
Nauticus: The wait
Ne Obliviscaris: Portal of I
Necrophagist: Epitaph
Nekromantheon: Rise, vulcan spectre
Netherbird: Shadows and stone
Neuroma: Extremophile
Never To Arise: Hacked to perfection
Nexus: The paradise complex
Nile: At the gate of Sethu
Nile: In their darkened shrines
Nile: Ithyphallic
Nile: Worship the animal
Northern Plague: Blizzard of the north
Pantera: Cowboys from hell
Perversity: Ablaze
Primordial: Imrama
Pyrrhon: An excellent servant but a terrible master
Rainbow: Ritchie Blackmore's rainbow
Rapture: Futile
Refusal: Short on ammo
Ruin Of Remembrance: Second world
Scum: Painful illusion
Septekh: The seth avalanche
Sepultura: Blood-rooted
Sepultura: Chaos A.D.
Sepultura: Roots
Sight Of Emptiness: Absolution of humanity
Sincera: Cursed and proud
Sinister Realm: Sinister realm
Slayer: Seasons in the abyss
Slayer: South of heaven
Smalley's favorite covers on Ozzy-era Black Sabbath
Sodom: Persecution mania
Soen: Cognitive
Spectral Lore: Sentinel
Stalwart: Manifest of refusal
Steve Harris: British lion
Steven Wilson: The raven that refused to sing (and other tales)
Stigmata: The wounds that never heal
Sulphur Aeon: Swallowed by the ocean's tide
Superjoint Ritual: Use once and destroy
Supreme Lord: Father kaos
Svarttjern: Towards the ultimate
Swallow The Sun: Emerald forest and the blackbird
Sweizz & Joey Hopkins: Promo
Sworn Amongst: Severance
Synapses: Expiation
Teodor Tuff: Soliloquy
Terrorizer: Hordes of zombies
Terrortory: The seed left behind
Testament: Dark roots of earth
Testament: Practice what you preach
Testament: The formation of damnation
Testament: The ritual
The Dead Normality: Killing reality
The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Axis - bold as love
The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Electric ladyland
The Levitation Hex: The levitation hex
The Morning After: You can't hurt steel
The Sin Committee: Confess
This Weary Hour: No hand to comfort you
Tool: 10,000 Days
Tool: Ænima
Top 20 Debuts: Smalley's wishlist
Trauma: Archetype of chaos
Type O Negative: Bloody kisses
Type O Negative: Life is killing me
Type O Negative: October rust
Type O Negative: World coming down
Unhoped: Die harder
Vallenfyre: A fragile king
Vesen: This time it's personal
Village Of Dead Roads: Desolation will destroy you
Voices Of Rock: High & mighty
Vuohi: The rising era of goat
Wall Of The Eyeless: Through emptiness
We, The Undersigned: Bleed the constants
Will 'O Wisp: Kosmo
Windir: Arntor
Wyruz: Fire at will
Zandelle: Flames of rage
Zardens: Breeding the dark
Aborted: Global flatline
Abyssal: Novit enim dominus qui sunt eius
Acheron: Decade infernus (1988-1998)
Adrenaline Mob: Omertá
Akphaezya: Anthology IV - The tragedy of Nerak
Arsis: Lepers caress
Atheist: Elements
Atheist: Piece of time
Atheist: Unquestionable presence
Bad Religion: True north
Bathory: Bathory
Bathory: Blood fire death
Bathory: Hammerheart
Bathory: The return...
Bathory: Twilight of the gods
Bathory: Under the sign of the black mark
Bloodthorn: Onwards into battle
Brutality: Screams of anguish
Brutality: When the sky turns black
Candlemass / Entombed: Candlemass vs. Entombed
Cannibal Corpse, The Black Dahlia Murder, Nile, Exhumed, Skeletonwitch, Abysmal Dawn, Hour Of Penance, Arkaik: 2012-04-14
Chaos Inception: The abrogation
Damnation: Destructo evangelio
Dark End: Grand guignol - book I
De Lirium's Order: Veniversum
Death To All: 2013-04-20
Death: Leprosy
Death: Scream bloody gore
Deicide: Deicide
Deicide: Legion
Disincarnate: Dreams of the carrion kind
Dragonforce: The power within
Drakkar: When lightning strikes
Dreaming Dead: Midnightmares
Fester: A celebration of death
GD's verdicts - Best of 2012: Sokaris
Hate: Awakening of the liar
Hellwitch: Syzygial Miscreancy
Job For A Cowboy: Demonocracy
King Diamond: Abigail
King Diamond: Conspiracy
King Diamond: Fatal portrait
King Diamond: The eye
King Diamond: Them
Llvme: Yía de nuesu
Metallica: Ride the lightning
Morbid Angel: Blessed are the sick
Morbid Angel: Formulas fatal to the flesh
Nocturnus: The key
Obituary: The end complete
Obituary: World demise
Philip Anselmo And The Illegals / Warbeast: War of the gargantuas
Running Wild: Shadowmaker
Screaming Savior: Infinity
Sigh - Mirai Kawashima (Part 1)
Sigh/Kawir: Split
Sigh: Desolation
Sigh: Gallows gallery
Sigh: Ghastly funeral theatre
Sigh: Hail horror hail
Sigh: Imaginary sonicscape
Sigh: Infidel art
Sigh: Requiem for fools
Sigh: Scenario IV - Dread dreams
Sigh: Scorn defeat
Sigh: Tragedies
So Much For Nothing: Livsgnist
Sokaris' Top 10 Hilariously Awful Metal Bands
Testament: 2013-02-20
The Great Kat: Beethoven on speed
Unconsecrated: Awakening in the cemetery grave
Vesperian Sorrow: Stormwinds of ages
Winterburst: The mind cave
Witchery: Dead, hot and ready
Witchfinder General: Death penalty
Wombbath: Internal caustic torments
Wormfood: Décade(nt)
Xenomorph: Empyreal regimes
Year in review: 1986
Zyklon: World ov worms
Statik Majik
Ajattara: Äpäre
Ajattara: Kuolema
Anthrax: Sound of a white noise
Apostasy: Devilution
Arch Enemy: Doomsday machine
Arise: The beautiful new world
Bleeding Heart: Lifeless
Bloodthorn: Genocide
Carcass: Necroticism
Carcass: Swansong
Catamenia: Eternal winters prophecy
Cathedral: Statik majik
Children of Bodom: Are you dead yet?
Deicide: Scars of the crucifix
Deicide: The stench of redemption
Diablo: Eternium
Diablo: Mimic47
Disturbed: The sickness
Down My Throat: Real heroes die
Down My Throat: Through the river of denial
Eden's Fall: Harmony of lies
End Of You - Jami Pietilä
Enter My Silence: Coordinate: D1sa5t3r
Finntroll: Visor om slutet
God Among Insects: World wide death
God Among Insects: Zombienomicon
Godsmack: IV
Grave: You'll never see...
Hypocrisy: Abducted
King Diamond: House of god
Korn: See you on the other side
Kotiteollisuus: 7
Kotiteollisuus: Kuolleen kukan nimi
Lacuna Coil: Karmacode
Mannhai: Hellroad caravan
Manowar: Fighting the world
Ministry: Houses of the molé
Ministry: Rio grande blood
Old Man's Child: In defiance of existence
Overkill: Killbox 13
Overkill: The years of decay
Pantera: Vulgar display of power
Resleep: Kieroin
Rob Zombie: Educated horses
Sepultura: Dante XXI
Slayer: Divine intervention
Soulfly: Prophecy
St.Hood - Sami Halme
St.Hood: Sanctified
Stam1na: Uudet kymmenen käskyä
The Project Hate MCMXCIX: Armageddon march eternal (symphonies of slit wrists)
The Project Hate MCMXCIX: Cybersonic superchrist
The Project Hate MCMXCIX: Cybersonic superchrist - Reply
The Project Hate MCMXCIX: Hate, dominate, congregate, eliminate
The Project Hate MCMXCIX: When we are done, your flesh will be ours
Torture Killer: Swarm!
Turmion Kätilöt: Pirun nyrkki
Velcra: Between force and fate
W.A.S.P.: Kill, fuck, die
Waltari: Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die!
Zyklon: Aeon
The Duff
69 Chambers: War on the inside
A Storm Of Light: As the valley of death becomes us, our silver memories fade
A Storm Of Light: Forgive us our trespasses
Aborted: The necrotic manifesto
Agalloch: Pale folklore
Ahab: The divinity of oceans
Ahab: The giant
Akercocke: Choronzon
Akrival: Vitriolic
Alcest: Shelter
Alice in Chains: Alice in chains
Alice In Chains: The devil put dinosaurs here
Altar Of Plagues: Mammal
Altar Of Plagues: Teethed glory and injury
Anaal Nathrakh: Passion
Anata: Dreams of death and dismay
Anata: The conductor's departure
Anathema: Distant satellites
Anathema: Weather systems
Anomalous: OHMnivalent
Arch Enemy: Anthems of rebellion
Arch Enemy: Khaos legions
Archspire: The lucid collective
Arkaik: Metamorphignition
Arkaik: Reflections within dissonance
Arsis: United in regret
Artificial Brain: Labyrinth constellation
Augury: Fragmentary evidence
Ayreon: The theory of everything
Barbara: Peger
Baring Teeth: Atrophy
Baroness: Yellow & green
Beheaded: Ominous bloodline
Behold... The Arctopus: Skullgrid
Black Label Society: Catacombs of the black vatican
Black Label Society: Order of the black
Blood Of The Tyrant: Blood of the tyrant
Blut Aus Nord: 777 – The desanctification
Blut Aus Nord: Cosmosophy
Blut Aus Nord: Memoria vetusta I - Fathers of the icy age
Blut Aus Nord: Ultima thulee
Borgia: Ecclesia
Borknagar: Empiricism
Borknagar: Quintessence
Brute: Demo 2008
Burst: Lazarus bird
Cannibal Corpse: The wretched spawn
Capharnaum: Fractured
Casualties Of Cool: Casualties of cool
Cephalic Carnage: Misled by certainty
Cephalic Carnage: Xenosapien
Cerebral Effusion - Eihar & Co.
Cerebral Effusion: Idolatry of the unethical
Cerebral Effusion: Impulsive psychopathic acts
Cerebral Effusion: Smashed and splattered organs
Condemned: Desecrate the vile
Converge: All we love we leave behind
Cradle Of Filth: Nymphetamine
Crowbar: Odd fellow's rest
Crowbar: Sever the wicked hand
Crowbar: Symmetry in black
Cryptopsy: ...and then you'll beg
Cryptopsy: Blasphemy made flesh
Cryptopsy: None so vile
Cryptopsy: Once was not
Cryptopsy: Whisper supremacy
Cult Of Luna, Suffocation, Pelican, 2008
Cult of Luna: Salvation
Cynic: Kindly bent to free us
Dark Tranquillity: Construct
Dark Tranquillity: Projector
Darkane: Layers of lies
Dave Patchett - Artist for Cathedral, Electric Wizard and so on
Dead Beyond Buried: Condemned to misery
Dead Congregation: Promulgation of the fall
Deafheaven: Sunbather
Death: Spiritual healing
Deathspell Omega: Drought
Deathspell Omega: Kénôse
Decapitated - Rasta, Vogg
Decapitated, Phazm, Hate, 2007-02-22
Decapitated: 2010-02-08
Decapitated: Carnival is forever
Decapitated: Organic hallucinosis
Decapitated: Winds of creation
Decaying Purity - Mustafa
Decaying Purity: Malignant resurrection of the fallen souls
Decaying Purity: Phases of dimensional torture
Decaying Purity: The existence of infinite agony
Decrepit Birth: ...And time begins
Decrepit Birth: Diminishing between worlds
Decrepit Birth: Polarity
Deeds Of Flesh: Of what's to come
Deeds Of Flesh: Portals to Canaan
Deeds Of Flesh: Reduced to ashes
Deep Desolation / Primal / Iugulatus: Split
Defeated Sanity: Chapters of repugnance
Defeated Sanity: Passages into deformity
Defeated Sanity: Prelude to the tragedy
Defeated Sanity: Psalms of the moribund
Derelict Earth - Quentin Stainer
Derelict Earth: And so fell the last leaves...
Desecravity: Implicit obedience
Detrimentum: Embracing this deformity
Devin Townsend: Accelerated evolution
Devin Townsend: Epicloud
Devin Townsend: Terria
Devin Townsend: The hummer
Disavowed: Stagnated existence
Disentomb: Sunken chambers of nephilim
Disgorge: Consume the forsaken
Disgorge: Paralells of infinite torture
Disgorge: She lay gutted
Dominion: Born God and aware
Drudkh: Blood in our wells
Drudkh: Microcosmos
Earl Sweatshirt: Doris
Ebony Lake: In swathes of brooding light
Enslaved: Blodhemn
Enslaved: Isa
Enslaved: Mardraum (beyond the within)
Esoteric: Paragon of dissonance
Esoteric: Subconscious dissolution into the continuum
Esoteric: The maniacal vale
Evergrey: Torn
Everwhere: One by one... dead
Evile: Enter the grave
Evoken: A caress of the void
Evoken: Atra mors
Fartgod: Demo 2008
Fen: The malediction fields
Forlorn: The rotting
Gasmask Violence / Vuohi: Hatred united (split)
GD's verdicts - Best of 2012: The Duff
Gorgasm: Orgy of murder
Gorguts: Colored sands
Gorguts: From wisdom to hate
Gorguts: Obscura
Gorguts: The erosion of sanity
Gorod: A perfect absolution
Gorod: Process of a new decline
Grimlord: V-column
Guttural Secrete: Nourishing the spoil
Guttural Secrete: Reek of pubescent despoilment
Hate Eternal: Fury and flames
Hate Eternal: I, monarch
Hate Eternal: King of all kings
Hate Eternal: Phoenix amongst the ashes
High On Fire: Blessed black wings
Hour Of Penance: Sedition
Iconic Vivisect: Monuments of depravity
Ihsahn: AngL
Immolation: Dawn of possession
Immolation: Failures for gods
Immolation: Unholy cult
Immortal: Sons of northern darkness
In Flames: Clayman
Indecent Excision - Hannes Gamper
Indecent Excision: Deification of the grotesque
Infinite Defilement: Promo 2008
Inherit Disease: Procreating the apocalypse
Inherit Disease: Visceral transcendence
Iniquity: Grime
Iniquity: Iniquity bloody iniquity
Insision - Roger Johansson
Insision: Beneath the folds of flesh
Insision: End of all
Insision: Ikon
Insision: Revealed and worshipped
Insomnium: Above the weeping world
Insomnium: One for sorrow
Insomnium: Shadows of the dying sun
Intronaut: Habitual levitations (instilling words with tones)
Intronaut: Valley of smoke
Isis, The Oxbow, 2007-29-05
Isis: Oceanic
Isis: Panopticon
Isis: Wavering radiant
Jerry Cantrell: Degradation trip
Junius: Junius
Junius: Reports from the threshold of death
Junius: The martydrom of a catastrophist
Katatonia: The great cold distance
Klabautamann: The old chamber
Kongh: Shadows of the shapeless
Kylesa: Spiral shadow
Kyuss: ... and the circus leaves town
Lamb of God: Sacrament
Left Arm Pregnant: The harvest
Let The Night Roar: Let the night roar
Loss: Despond
Lvcifyre: Svn eater
Malebolgia: Requiem for the inexorable
Malevolent Creation: Warkult
Malignancy: Inhuman grotesqueries
Martyr: Feeding the abscess
Martyr: Warp zone
Maruta: Forward into regression
Mask Of Judas - Samuel Bell
Mask Of Judas: Mask of Judas
Mass Infection: For I am genocide
Mastodon: Crack the skye
Mastodon: Once more 'round the sun
Mastodon: Remission
Megadeth: Cryptic writings
Mendeed: Positive metal attitude
Mendeed: Shadows. War. Love.
Meshuggah: ObZen
Metallica, Megadeth, 2007
Minsk: Out of a center which is neither dead nor alive
Minsk: The ritual fires of abandonment
Misery Index: The killing gods
Mumakil: Flies will starve
Nasum: Human 2.0
Nasum: Shift
Nato: Kill the fox to foil the plan
Necrophagist, Origin, Misery Index, 2007-09-03
Necrophagist: The onset of putrefaction
Necrotic Disgorgement: Documentaries of dementia
Negură Bunget: Vîrstele pămîntului
Nero di Marte: Nero di marte
Neuraxis: The thin line between
Neurosis: A sun that never sets
Neurosis: Given to the rising
Neurosis: The eye of every storm
Neurosis: Times of grace
Nevermore: Dreaming neon black
Nevermore: Enemies of reality
Nevermore: This godless endeavor
Nightbringer: Apocalypse sun
Nightbringer: Hierophany of the open grave
Nothing: Guilty of everything
Odious Mortem: Cryptic implosion
Odious Mortem: Devouring the prophecy
Ondskapt: Dödens evangelium
Open The Skies: Conspiracies
Opeth: Still life
Origin - Paul Ryan
Origin: Antithesis
Origin: Entity
Ozzfest 2007
Paincraze: Hellbound
Pelican: City of echoes
Pelican: What we all come to need
Perverse Dependence: Gruesome forms of distorted libido
Pig Destroyer: Book burner
Porcupine Tree: Fear of a blank planet
Porcupine Tree: In absentia
Porcupine Tree: The incident
Portal: Seepia
Portal: Vexovoid
Pretty Little Flower: Crushing fury of bastardization
Psycroptic: Ob(servant)
Psycroptic: Symbols of failure
Psycroptic: The inherited repression
Psycroptic: The isle of disenchantment
Psycroptic: The sceptre of the ancients
Putridity - Andrea "Ciccio" Aimone
Putridity: Degenerating anthropophagical euphoria
Putridity: Mental prolapse induces necrophilism
Pyrexia: Feast of iniquity
Pyrrhon - Doug
Pyrrhon: The mother of virtues
Quarter Of Blind Anger: Demo 2008
Rage Against The Machine: Evil empire
Rotten Sound: Cursed
Rotten Sound: Cycles
Saxon - Doug Scarrat
Septycal Gorge: Erase the insignificant
Severed Savior: Brutality is law
Severed Savior: Servile insurrection
Sharp Practise: Radiocity
Slough Feg: Ape uprising
Soilwork: Figure number five
Soilwork: Natural born chaos
Soilwork: Sworn to a great divide
Soreption: Engineering the void
Soreption: Illuminate the excessive
Soundgarden: King animal
Spawn Of Possession - Dennis Röndum
Spawn Of Possession: Cabinet
Spawn Of Possession: Incurso
Spawn Of Possession: Noctambulant
Steven Seagal: Songs from the crystal cave
Steven Wilson: Grace for drowning
Steven Wilson: Insurgentes
Storm Corrosion: Storm corrosion
Suffocation: Blood oath
Suffocation: Breeding the spawn
Suffocation: Effigy of the forgotten
Suffocation: Pierced from within
Suffocation: Suffocation
Susperia: Unlimited
Svart Crown: Profane
Svart Crown: Witnessing the fall
T3h Shred Boiz - Dylan McElvania
T3h Shred Boiz: Wtf
Terrordrome - Sakis
Terrordrome/Oath To Vanquish: Begetters of fear and ruin
Terrordrome: The day of sacrilege
Terrordrome: Vehement convulsion
Tessmarka: Tessmarka
Testament: Demonic
The Arson Project: Blood and locusts
The Black Dahlia Murder: Deflorate
The Black Dahlia Murder: Everblack
The Black Dahlia Murder: Miasma
The Black Dahlia Murder: Nocturnal
The Crown: Doomsday king
The Denial: Claws
The Devin Townsend Project: Ghost
The Faceless: Planetary duality
The Forsaken: Beyond redemption
The Forsaken: Traces of the past
The Mars Volta: The bedlam in Goliath
The Melvins: (A) senile animal
The Melvins: The bride screamed murder
The Ocean: Fluxion
The Ocean: Precambrian
The Ruins Of Beverast: Blood vaults - the blazing gospel of Heinrich Kramer
This Will Destroy You: Young mountain
Tombs: Savage gold
Tool: Lateralus
Top 30 albums from 2000-2009: The Duff
Twitch Of The Death Nerve: A new code of morality
Ulcerate - Jamie St Merat
Ulcerate - Jamie St. Merat
Ulcerate - Jamie St. Merat
Ulcerate: Everything is fire
Ulcerate: Of fracture and failure
Ulcerate: Vermis
Ulver: 2010-02-10
Ulver: A quick fix of melancholy
Ulver: Shadows of the sun
Ulver: Wars of the roses
Undivine: A deceitful calm
Unfathomable Ruination - Daniel Herrera
Unfathomable Ruination: Misshapen congenital entropy
Urskumug: Am nodr
Van Halen, 2008 (reunion)
Virus: Black flux
Virus: The agent that shapes the desert
Visceral Bleeding: Remnants of deprivation
Visceral Bleeding: Transcend into ferocity
Visceral Disgorge: Ingesting putridity
Visceral Throne: Omnipotent asperity
Vomit The Soul: Apostles of inexpression
Watain: Casus luciferi
Wolves In The Throne Room: Celestial lineage
Wolves In the Throne Room: Diadem of twelve stars
Wormed: Exodromos
Wormed: Planisphaerium
Year in review: 2002
Yob: Atma
Yob: The great cessation
AC/DC: Back in black
Anaal Nathrakh - V.I.T.R.I.O.L.
Anaal Nathrakh: When fire rains down from the sky, mankind will reap as it has sown
Avskum: Uppror underifrån
Baroness: First
Behemoth: Slaves shall serve
Behemoth: Thelema .6
Black Lotus: Harvest of seasons
Bolt Thrower: Mercenary
Castillion: Triumph and tragedy
Cattle Decapitation: Humanure
Cock And Ball Torture: Sadochismo
Darkthrone: F.O.A.D.
Deathspell Omega: Fas - ite, maledicti, in ignem aeternum
Deathspell Omega: Si monumentum requires, circumspice
Deathwitch: Dawn of armageddon
Dokken: Lightning strikes again
Emigrate: Emigrate
Evergrey: The inner circle
Face Of Ruin: Face of ruin
Funeral Mist: Devilry
Gojira: Terra Incognita
Gorgoroth: Ad majorem sathanas gloriam
Gortal: The blastphemous sindecade
Ibogaïne: React
Impiety: Formidonis nex cultus
Incapacity: Chaos complete
Inchoate: IV - The revenant
Körgull The Exterminator / Morbid Yell: Split
Lake Of Blood: Heed the primal calling
Lifelover: Pulver
Lionheart: The will to survive
Marduk: Plague angel
Marduk: Warschau
Melencolia Estatica: Letum
Mendeed: From shadows came darkness
Mortuus: De contemplanda morte
Narjahanam: Undama tath'hur al shams mn al gharb
Nex: A clockwork heart
Nifelheim: Envoy of Lucifer
Nightshade: The beginning of eradication
Nile, Grave, Belphegor... no wait, Severe Torture, 2008-10-04
Noflag: Spit English or die
Orb Of Torture: Cryogenic cleansing (four elaborations of cold)
Plethora: Middle Eastern cattle
Raised Fist, Totalt Jävla Mörker, Gatans Lag, 2008-08-02
Rammstein: Rosenrot
Rammstein: Völkerball (DVD)
Roadrunner United: The all-star sessions
Seance: Awakening of the gods
Slipknot: 9.0 Live
Sportlov: Offerblod I vallabod
Strapping Young Lad: For those aboot to rock (DVD)
Sunn 0))) / Boris: Altar
Svartsyn: ...His majesty
Syn:drom: Demo 2
The Darkness: Permission to land
The Oath: 4
Thyrfing: Hels vite
Totalt Jävla Mörker - Sylen and Victor
Totalt Jävla Mörker: Det ofrivilliga lidandets maskineri
Totalt Jävla Mörker: Totalt jävla mörker
Trident: Chained to routines
Vader: Morbid reich
Vader: The art of war
Watain: Casus Luciferi
Wednesday 13: Fuck it we'll do it live
Xasthur: Subliminal genocide
Yakuza: Transmutations
Zonaria: The cancer empire
AC/DC: Highway to hell
AC/DC: Powerage
Alchemy Room: Origin of fears
Alice in Chains: Black gives way to blue
Alice in Chains: Dirt
Altar: Red harvest
Armagedon: Death then nothing
Artep: Thy will be done on earth as is done in hell
August Burns Red: Constellations
Black Moor: The conquering
Bleeding Through: Bleeding through
Blood Stained: Infected
Bodyfarm: Demo 2010
Chaossworn: Chalice of black flames
Chronic Torment: Demons of chaos
Corrosion Of Conformity: Deliverance
Cowboy Prostitutes: Let me have your heart
Darkthrone: Circle the wagons
Dauntless: Death row poet
Defaced Creation: Serenity in chaos
Devil's Advocates: Merchant of death
Expulsion: Wasteworld
Flood: Native
For The Imperium: In/die
For The Imperium: This is chaos, baby!
Furbowl: Those shredded dreams
Godhate: Equal in the eyes of death
Grenouer: Lifelong days
Grenouer: The whole band
Grenouer: Try
Gutted: Bleed for us to live
Hellfueled: Emission of sins
Hypocrisy: A taste of extreme divinity
Imperial State Electric: Imperial state electric
Ion Dissonance: Cursed
Kamelot: Karma
Keitzer: As the world burns
Local Domination: Pittsburgh, PA
Metallica: ...And justice for all
Mors Subita: Sound of spite
Mustasch: Above all
Mustasch: Mustasch
Mustasch: Ratsafari
My Own Grave: Necrology
Noctis Imperium: Nihil
Nuclear Assault: Handle with care
One Master: The quiet eye of eternity
Opeth, Enslaved, 2009-05-27
Optimystical: Distant encounters
Pantera: Far beyond driven
Rammstein: Herzeleid
Rootwater: Visionism
Sarsekim: Fathom the spheres
Sathanas: Crowned infernal
State Of Rock: A point of destiny
Stolen Mondays: Meantime
The Birthday Massacre: Pins and needles
The House Of Capricorn: Sign of the cloven hoof
The Retaliation Process: Downfall
Thornafire: Vorex deconstrucción
Thunderstorm: As we die alone
Top 30 albums from 2000-2009: Trauma
Tortyr: Ingen kommer undan
Volbeat: Beyond hell / above heaven
Warbringer: Waking into nightmares
Weeping Lesion: Entombed in abscess
WhiteBuzz: Book of whyte
With Chaos in Her Wake: Treason
Angelcorpse: The inexorable
Defeatist: Sixth extinction
Exhorder: Slaughter in the vatican
Fatal Smile: World domination
Hull: Sole lord
Impious: Death domination
Infanticide: From our cold, dead hands
Kerasphorus: Cloven hooves at the holocaust dawn
Masachist: Death march fury
Oddland: Away from the watching eye
Repossession: Reign over inferno
S.A.T.A.N: Unfinished chapter of S.A.T.A.N's comment to reality
The Accüsed: Grinning like an undertaker
The Argent Dawn: A blank eternity
Global Domination & misc. material
Agalloch - John Haughm
Animosity - Leo Miller
Arkhon Infaustus - Torturer
Audio Autopsy - April 2005
Audio Autopsy - April 2006
Audio Autopsy - April 2007
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Belphegor - Helmuth
Benighted - Julien Truchan
Black Flame - m:A Fog
Bolt Thrower - Jo Bench
Brutal Truth - Danny Lilker
Callenish Circle - Patrick Savelkoul
Cannibal Corpse - Alex Webster
Cannibal Corpse - George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher
Cephalic Carnage - Steve Goldberg
Chelsea Grin: Evolve
Chris Black
Damnation Festival 2008
Darkthrone - Fenriz
Decapitated - Covan
Decapitated: The negation
Demonic Halocaust - Damien Necromencer
Destruction, Krisiun, Mantic Ritual, 2009-03-21
Devour the Domination, pt.1
Devour the Domination, pt.2
Devour the Domination, pt.3
Devour the Domination, pt.4
Dirge - Stéphane L
Enslaved - Cato
Estradasphere, 2006-10-29
Face Down - Jocke Carlsson
Fear Factory, Suffocation, Hypocrisy, Decapitated, 2006-02-11
Fecal Corpse - Ed Rankin
Four To Nothing, Sprawl, Syndicate, Final Obsession, Erase The Enemy, 2007-12-28
Fuck You (aka FAQ)
Full Blown Chaos - Mike
GD's Most Dominating Albums Of The 1980's (10-1)
GD's Most Dominating Albums Of The 1980's (100-91)
GD's Most Dominating Albums Of The 1980's (20-11)
GD's Most Dominating Albums Of The 1980's (30-21)
GD's Most Dominating Albums Of The 1980's (40-31)
GD's Most Dominating Albums Of The 1980's (50-41)
GD's Most Dominating Albums Of The 1980's (60-51)
GD's Most Dominating Albums Of The 1980's (70-61)
GD's Most Dominating Albums Of The 1980's (80-71)
GD's Most Dominating Albums Of The 1980's (90-81)
GD's Most Dominating Albums Of The 1990's (10-1)
GD's Most Dominating Albums Of The 1990's (100-91)
GD's Most Dominating Albums Of The 1990's (20-11)
GD's Most Dominating Albums Of The 1990's (30-21)
GD's Most Dominating Albums Of The 1990's (40-31)
GD's Most Dominating Albums Of The 1990's (50-41)
GD's Most Dominating Albums Of The 1990's (60-51)
GD's Most Dominating Albums Of The 1990's (70-61)
GD's Most Dominating Albums Of The 1990's (80-71)
GD's Most Dominating Albums Of The 1990's (90-81)
GD's Top 10 Albums Of Chaos
GD's Top 10 Albums To End A Band's Career
GD's Top 10 Best Beards In Metal
GD's Top 10 Best Growlers
GD's Top 10 Best Metal Covers Of Non-Metal Songs
GD's Top 10 Best Metal Drummers
GD's Top 10 Classic Metal Fuck-Up Albums
GD's Top 10 Clean Singers
GD's Top 10 Hottest Ladies In Metal
GD's Top 10 Metal Instrumentals Of All Fucken Time
GD's Top 10 Most Awesome Album Covers
GD's Top 10 Nerdiest Bands
GD's Top 10 Ugliest Guys In Metal
GD's Top 10 Worst Death Metal Album Covers
GD's Top 10 Worst Haircuts In Metal
GD's Top 10 Worst Vocalists In Metal
GD's Top 100 Most Dominating Albums From 2000-2009 (10-1)
GD's Top 100 Most Dominating Albums From 2000-2009 (100-91)
GD's Top 100 Most Dominating Albums From 2000-2009 (20-11)
GD's Top 100 Most Dominating Albums From 2000-2009 (30-21)
GD's Top 100 Most Dominating Albums From 2000-2009 (40-31)
GD's Top 100 Most Dominating Albums From 2000-2009 (50-41)
GD's Top 100 Most Dominating Albums From 2000-2009 (60-51)
GD's Top 100 Most Dominating Albums From 2000-2009 (70-61)
GD's Top 100 Most Dominating Albums From 2000-2009 (80-71)
GD's Top 100 Most Dominating Albums From 2000-2009 (90-81)
GD's Top 20 Debut Albums
GD's Top 30 Album Openers
GD's verdicts - Best of 2006
GD's verdicts - Best of 2007
GD's verdicts - Best of 2008
GD's verdicts - Best of 2009
GD's verdicts - Best of 2010
GD's verdicts - Best of 2011
GD's verdicts - Best of 2012: Jaime Viejo
GD's verdicts - Best of 2012: Lord K. Philipson
GD's verdicts - Best of 2012: Overview
GD's verdicts - Best of 2012: Smalley
GD's Worst Band Names In Metal
Gnarwolf, 2007-12-13
Gorefest - Frank Harthoorn
GWAR, Mensrea, 2008-05-30
Hammers Of Misfortune - John Cobbett
House Of Metal Festival 2008-02-15/16
Impaled Nazarene - Mika
Impaled Nazarene - Mika Luttinen
In Flames, 2007-03-26
Iron Maiden, 2008-06-18
Isis - Jeff Caxide
Jalometalli 2008
Joe Satriani, 2006-05-13
Khold - Sarke
Kill The Romance - Mika Tanttu
Killswitch Engage, Bled, SSS, 2007-10-03
Laethora - Niklas Sundin
Leeds Festival, 2008
Malevolent Creation - Dave Culross
Martriden - Kyle Howard
Master, Nebukadnezza, some other bands, 2008-02-04
Misery Index - Jason Netherton
Mylein, Diarrhea Till You Die, The Funeral Pyre, Apiary, Vale Of Pnath, 2007-10-16
Necrophobic - Joakim Sterner
New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, 2006-04-28/29/30
Nihilist - Sean, Loren, and Joe
Nihill: Verdonkermaan
Nile, Hypocrisy, Decapitated, Soilent Green, Raging Speedhorn, With Passion, 2006-02-10
Obituary - John Tardy
One Man Army and The Undead Quartet - Johan
Opeth, Devildriver, Dark Tranquillity, 2006-03-13
Opeth: Deliverance
Ottawa Tulip Festival, 2005-05-13
Overkill, Mortal Sin, Drone, 2008-03-20
Pantheon I - Tor Risdal Stavenes
Panzerchrist - Rasmus Henriksen (second one)
Profanation - Anton
Profile of CadenZ
Profile of Cobal
Profile of dinu06
Profile of gk
Profile of Habakuk
Profile of Ironpants
Profile of Kunal Choksi
Profile of Lord K Philipson
Profile of Pr0nogo
Profile of sincan
Profile of Sly
Profile of Statik Majik
Profile of The Duff
Rest In Peace, Global Domination!
Riverside, 2006-04-04
Rush, 2007-06-30
S(crap)s: Acid Elephant / Meadows End / Mother Of Millions / Obzerv / Oruga / Speedblow / Zeugen Der Leere
S(crap)s: Akrotheism / Black Altar / Druknroll / Enthroned / Funeral Sutra
S(crap)s: Barbarian / Need / Furor / For A Dozen Matters / Nyksta
S(crap)s: Cochise / Decomposed / Hogbitch / Impure Wilhelmina / Tellurion / Turbo
S(crap)s: Deadly Carnage / Thy Worshiper / One Hour Hell / Persefone / Nocturnal Breed
S(crap)s: Desdinova / Nation Despair / Panychida
S(crap)s: Domains / Dope Out / Epitimia / In My Shiver / Magoa
S(crap)s: Forgery / Subliritum / Dö / Confess / Decapitated Christ
S(crap)s: I Miss My Death / Kaoskult / Raus & Perunwit (split) / Spatial / Thy Flesh
S(crap)s: Mur / Psygnosis / The Milton Incident / The Morganatics / Windbruch
S(crap)s: Noctem Cursis / Voice Of Ruin / Moker / WAMI / On The Edge
S(crap)s: Souldrainer / Tonic Breed / Rude / Defying / Electric Hellride / Scorned Disciple
S(crap)s: Wings In Motion / Hardcore Anal Hydrogen / Decembre Noir / Holz /Among The Prey / Krymzon
S(craps)s: Triverse Massacre / Opressive / Thy Flesh / Suotana / Golem
Satyricon - Frost
Shining - Kvarforth
Sickening Horror - George Antipatis
Skinny Puppy, The White Mice, Otto von Schirach, 2007-06-16
Slogstorm - Mortug
Slough Feg - Mike Scalzi
Soaphammer: 2009-21-04
Solace of Requiem - Jeff
Suffocation - Mike Smith
Support Global Domination
Swallow The Sun - Aleksi Munter
Taedeat - Azogh Martins
Tenochtitlan - Senmuth
The Acacia Strain, 2006-11-20
The County Medical Examiners - Dr. Morton Fairbanks
The Fall Of Every Season - Marius
The Mighty Nimbus - Minnesota Pete
The Monolith Deathcult - Michiel Dekker
The Unholy Alliance Tour, 2006-07-08
Therion - Christofer Johnsson
Thine Eyes Bleed - John Araya
Throne Of Katarsis - Grimnisse
Today Is The Day, Mouth Of The Architect, Psyopus, Complete Failure, 2008-03-17
Tony Naima
Tool, 2007-05-05
Torture Killer - Jari
Tortyr, Principles of Existence, Massgrav, 2006-18-11
Toxocara - Martijn Moes and Michiel van der Plicht
Tuska Festival 2004, day 1
Tuska Festival 2004, day 2
Tuska Festival 2004, day 3
Type O Negative - Johnny
Vae Victus, Give Up All Hope, Space Bong and Los Diabolos, 2008-03-10
Vehemence - John Chavez
Vicious Art - Matti Mäkelä
Wacken Open Ass 2006
Watain - Erik Danielsson (first one)
Watain: Lawless darkness
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