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Audio autopsy

Audio Autopsy - December 2004

01/12/04  ||  Global Domination

Vomitory: Primal massacre Vomitory: Primal massacre

8.2 /10

Lord K: Vomitory’s been growing on me like flies on shit the last years, and this latest effort once again proves that Vomitory deserves a hella lot more recognition in the death metal scene than what they currently get. This is ace fucken death metal, and I’m not saying that becoz I love drummer Tobben. But it helps. 9

Chazz: I already reviewed this for the site and my rating is unchanged. These guys are Swedish, play old-school death metal, and have been around 15 years. How could anyone doubt that this is a great album? 9

Syrrok: In a rough batch of Audio Autopy releases, I’m greated by a great album! I find it hard to criticize this effort in any place other than it’s title, which is way to run-of-the-mill for this obviously gifted, creative bunch of musicians. This album kills. 8

Farlus: I love this album just because it’s the first album I’ve heard on this AA that has deathvox. Ah, how I love thee, cookie monster. Oh, and the music? It’s heavier than your mom’s period this month. Stick that in your back pocket. 9

Jimmy The Duff: Nothing that can be considered “standout”; can’t say I’m particularly moved. Decent death metal, I s’pose. 7

Desert Eagle: Where do I begin here? Vomitory play straight-up death metal and I can appreciate that. Don’t expect to hear any clean vocals here or acoustic interludes. This is strictly stuff to crank and bang your head to and everyone needs some of that every now and then. 7

Dark Tranquillity: Character Dark Tranquillity: Character

6.7 /10

Lord K: Dark Tranquillity are one of those bands who keep progressing with every album, which is nice for a change. After the pretty weak “Exposures” thing, DT have picked up their shit and spawned a CD that’s pretty tits. I’m impressed and I dig it. Quite a bit even. 7

Chazz: I’ll save my comments for the review I’m writing on this release. Some of this album is exactly what I’d expect from DT, some of it is a nice surprise. 8

Syrrok: I was lookin forward to this release about as much as Jimmy, as me and that fucker tend to thrive on the same shit. It’ll be interesting to hear what he says about it, but I’m not impressed. Do they feel the need to prove ability to hash out the death, perhaps in response to claims that the groups prior effort was deemed somewhat too “melodic?” By the way, what the fuck is wrong with that? Anynuts, being a huge fan, of course I enjoy some of the riffs and programming, but you come to expect certain things of your favouritebands and sadly they just didn’t deliver. 5

Farlus: I’ve heard the band’s name several times, but never checked their stuff out until now. I’m definitely not in love with the vocals, but everything else sounds pretty cool. Not sure how it compares to previous albums, but I like the vibe of it. Kind of like a Soilwork/Haunted hybrid, but better. 6

Jimmy The Duff: Fans of “Damage Done” aren’t likely to be disappointed with “Character”. Strong work. 8

Desert Eagle: I am struggling a bit with this one. I love Dark Tranquillity but nothing about this album really does it for me. Maybe after a few more listens it will grow on me but I’m not so sure. So far it feels kind of bland. Nothing really sticks out or seems worth mentioning. I guess that’s all I have to say. 6

Rotten Sound: Exit Rotten Sound: Exit

6.5 /10

Lord K: Oh. My. Fucken. Cock. Rotten Sound deserves as much attention as Nasum gets, as they are right up there with the best of them. Mieszko’s production is brutal as all fuck and the intensity of these Finns is nothing to toy around with. Not to mention the insane drumming of K (and what a beautiful name it is), which alone deserves a fucken 10. Excellent shit fuckers. 8

Chazz: I’m not going to claim to be some huge grind fan, but this sounds pretty good to me. The drums are out of hand (in a good way) and the guitar tone is insane. When these guys slow down and get some sort of groove going, there isn’t much heavier. 7

Syrrok: This is the review where half of the stellar GD crew is gonna say “this rules” just for the sake of being different. It is my belief that any discerning ear of good quality metal can enjoy more than 30 sec’s of Rotten Sound. When am I supposed to listen to this band? Is this grindcore? We all know my feelings on the genre. 2

Farlus: I’ve never been a big fan of grind just because I feel the songs are too short to get into. I’m digging this though because while it does have the grind style of “short songs in great quantity”, it doesn’t really feel like grind…just short death metal songs. I really dig the intensity of the tunes. Good stuff. 7

Jimmy The Duff: Some fucken GRIND! Thank fucken fuck! 9

Desert Eagle: So when I took a look at this CD and noticed that there were 18 tracks I thought to myself, “Hm I wonder if this is grind?” Sure enough, I was right. I love how these bands like to make it seem like the CD is all one big song. Each song flows right into the next and if you don’t pay attention then you might not even notice it changing songs. I can appreciate grind in small doses I suppose, but I don’t ever see myself ever sitting down and really getting into a grind album. I guess if you like Nasum you’ll like these guys because I can barely tell the difference! 6

Shadows Fall: War within Shadows Fall: War within

6 /10

Lord K: Another one of the million completely piss-boring bullshit bands. I can’t even put words on how fucken bored I am with this kind of metal. Stay away, coz Shadows Fall is as exciting as watching hair grow. 3

Chazz: There are moments where this album kicks ass, but I just can’t get into some of it. I guess these guys are putting the USA back on the map in the metal world, so I pay some respect to that. Good background music for playing video games or some shit. 6

Syrrok: Pretty determined little East Coast USA metal band right here. Lots of attention paid to riffs, but unfortunately they all end up dun-du-du-dun (slide) dun-du-du-dun (artificial harmonic). As with anything repeated ad naseum, it grows tired. The vocals are obviously contrived and the lyrical content no doubt originated about 20 mintues prior to recording. Nothing new here, but great axe work. 6

Farlus: Holy shit, where did this come from? I listened to “The Art of Balance” and hated every second of it. This album doesn’t even sound like the Shadows Fall that I remember. I don’t like some of the more overt hardcore elements, but overall I’m digging it. Yet another surprise from this month’s AA. 7

Jimmy The Duff: “The War Within” sees Shadows Fall returning to their more thrashy and brootal leanings. Fucken class album. 9

Desert Eagle: I really wanted to like these guys. I’ve always heard such good things about them and read rave reviews. But I guess there have to be a few that don’t like them and you can count me as one of them. The only thing that really caught my attention were the leads. I love me some good guitar leads. I guess my biggest problem with this album is the hardcore influence. I heard that Shadows Fall used to be more death metal but I suppose that changed when they got their new singer. So now they’re metalcore. Hm, not a change for the better if you ask me. I yawned through most of the tracks but that might be because I’m tired. Either way… next! 5

Within Temptation: The silent force Within Temptation: The silent force

6 /10

Lord K: At times cheesier than cheesecake. At times as beautiful as free coke. Most of the time as catchy as the flu. The cunt’s voice irritates me at times but overall she’s coming across quite well. I have a hard time deciding wether I despise this cheese-o-rama or like it, but something tells me they managed to fool me into digging them. 7

Chazz: Interesting album. I guess this is what people mean by “epic metal”. Metal with a lot of orchestra-type stuff that doesn’t suck as bad as Nightwish, but I’ll probably never listen to this again. According to my wife, who overheard some of this, it’s “bad ass”. 5

Syrrok: Fucken flute music. If I want this type of music, I’ll buy tickets to the Trans Siberian Orchestra and take my parents. Oh wait, I am doing that. Back to the album; sure, she has a nice voice. Apparently the band was banking on that fact alone, as they forgot to write good songs. 4

Farlus: Woah, chickvox! This stuff is pretty fucking cool. I’m really into this girl’s voice. I dig most chickvox except for the outrageous operatic bullshit of stuff like Nightwish. This band is kind of like Evanescence, but instead of the backing instruments being all pop-rocky, these are pretty heavy and get my head banging. There are still the little sorrowful soft chick-singing-over-piano parts, but at times this reminds me of the Jo parts of TPH. This is good, very good. 8

Jimmy The Duff: Can we all say “Night-Fish”? I wonder why this band was picked, hmmm? Fucken Evanescence fans; this sucks balls. 4

Desert Eagle: So I suppose I’ll get a lot of flak for the score I’m going to give this but so what? I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this. From the nice symphonic backgrounds to the wonderful female vocals it’s pretty much all good. The singer is also hot enough that they could be the next Evanescence/Lacuna Coil/Nightwish whatever. She’s not the hottest broad in the world but I’d definitely nail her. Not that this has anything to do with the music, but I figured you would like to know. So go ahead and hate me for giving this a higher score than Shadows Fall or whatever crappy band you like that I gave a low score. 8

God Dethroned: The lair of the white worm God Dethroned: The lair of the white worm

5.8 /10

Lord K: Rehashed thrash riffs mixed with some death metal influenced parts and blastbeats… Sounds like a gem, right? Believe me, it’s not. The obvious Swedish influences are taken care of pretty well though, not that it helps the overall concept. God Dethroned goes by unnoticed. 5

Chazz: I dig this album, maybe could use a little less guitar wanking, but it’s pretty quality stuff. Kind of feels like older Arch Enemy to me for some reason. 7

Syrrok: This band holds a special place in my bowels. I remember being drunk in a friends apartment, watching some metal video show, and a God Dethroned video appeared. In true retarded fashion, the video showed the band playing on top of a floating pentagram. “The Lair of the white worm” is the aural equivalent of the laughter I experienced in watching that ridiculous video. Again, BORING! Are we seeing a trend here? 2

Farlus: This could be either really good or really bad from reading the band name and track names…okay, more black metal influenced shit, but this actually sounds pretty good. Good production and actually veers off into some prog-type shit at times. I can dig it. 7

Jimmy The Duff: Eh… I didn’t think anything of this band’s last album, “Into the Lungs of Hell”. This is a step in the right direction, but still nothing I’d wrestle my own grandmother over. 6

Desert Eagle: I’m extremely thankful for this album. It broke the monotony that I have been experiencing while listening to all these other albums. I was going to be extremely depressed if I listened to 16 or so albums and ended up hating all of them. What we have here is some brutal melodic death metal, which is the best kind if you ask me. The solos are rather hit or miss but I will forgive them for that. There are some memorable riffs and catchy hooks. FEAR NOT! This does not mean that it is pop, or radio friendly, or whatever else you may label it after hearing the catchiness. It’s just good, ok? Let’s leave it at that. Oh and “Sigma Enigma” is an awesome song. 8

Isis: Panopticon Isis: Panopticon

5.7 /10

Lord K: Ever since I saw Anders of Nasum in an Isis shirt, pretty much the first time I heard their name, I knew they must be The Suck. I love to be right. They are The Suck. 2

Chazz: Not my cup of tea. These guys can be pretty heavy when they want to be, but they don’t seem to want to be that often. Unique, but again, not my thing. 5

Syrrok: This is real “here and there” metal, trying to hard to be something other than metal. That’s right up there with whores trying to be attorneys… or… wait a minute… 3

Farlus: Somebody help the singer, his vocals are drowning…oh, too late, there they went. Sounds like they produced everything else, then ran out of money once they got to the vocals. Woah, surprising… this song turned all Opeth-like. This is some pretty interesting stuff. Does remind me alot of Opeth, but it isn’t a clone by far. It’s got its own creativity and originality. A welcome surprise to AA amidst all the usual shit. 8

Jimmy The Duff: One of the best albums of the year. I can’t believe they managed to top “Oceanic”. *1*0

Desert Eagle: To be brutally honest, this band is rather bland. They sort of slowy build up each song and never really go anywhere with it. While this is not usually TOO terrible, the songs are quite long which make it feel like it drags. I think the music is pretty good other than that and the vocals definitely work. This is music that you could relax to or keep on in the background if you dont really care what is on. 6

Megadeth: The system has failed Megadeth: The system has failed

5.3 /10

Lord K: I don’t think the system is what failed. Dave Mustaine is. 3

Chazz: What I expected from Megadeth, it’s pretty catchy but not the greatest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. A step up from some of their later stuff, that’s for sure. 5

Syrrok: Dave Mustaine. 8

Farlus: I HATE YOUR VOCALS DAVE MUSTAINE. QUIT SINGING. That aside… this is actually pretty good. I thought it would suck. Maybe I can just ignore Mustaine’s vocals…nope, I can’t. Minus one point for terrible vocals. Everything else rocks pretty hard, though. 7

Jimmy The Duff: No dud tracks as such (a couple of real thrashers), but in the end I remain relatively indifferent towards Dave Mustaine’s latest efforts to revive the band’s vigour of old. 6

Desert Eagle: Do I really need to say anything about Megadeth? I mean everyone knows they’re terrible, right? Ha! Bet you didn’t see that coming. Now I never liked Megadeth so I may have been a little unwilling to like this but I did give it a shot. I don’t know why I did since it ended up sucking anyway. Dave Mustaine’s voice has never appealed to me, not in the slightest. In fact, you might even say that I think it blows donkey cocks. The music doesn’t capture me and the leads and solos are nowhere near enough to save this steaming pile. If you’re a Megadeth fan then I guess you’ll probably enjoy this, but what do I know? Megadeth fans are like aliens to me. You know, they live in space ships and like anal probing. Er, something like that anyway. 3

Maroon: Endorsed by hate Maroon: Endorsed by hate

5.3 /10

Lord K: “Endorsed by very boring songs” would be more appropriate. How many bands will continue to rip off Slayer and The Haunted without realizing they suck at it? Decent effort but oh-so boring.. 4

Chazz: Of all the “modern hardcore” bands I’ve heard, these guys rule the school. They groove like there is no tomorrow. Good stuff, but not something I’d listen to every day. 7

Syrrok: Perhaps one of the best examples of the “hardcore” type metal stuff out there. Being of German descent, I have a soft boner for them, and they have cool merchandise for sure (as Hatebreed guy). Unfortunately the music, although originally raising my eyebrows, has submitted and meshed in with 3500 mp3s on my drive. No special folders for these guys or anything. 5

Farlus: This is the second album I’ve listened to in this AA that starts off with a gunshot. Come on guys, it’s not original anymore. And come on, you can be more creative than to name your band after just a color. Anyway…seems like some basic deathrash. Wait…”Watch It All Come Down” just started playing… Okay, these guys aren’t basic. They do have their moments, and when they do, they’re good. Just for that I’ll add a point. 6

Jimmy The Duff: Y’know, these guys aren’t too bad. I should be spending quite some time with this album over the coming weeks. 7

Desert Eagle: Alright I already wrote a review for these guys so you should know how I feel about them. If the review isn’t up yet then know that I greatly dislike these guys. They show such potential with some of their riffs but it is wasted. They abandon the greatness of metal for the shallowness of hardcore. Sprinkled throughout each song are ridiculous shout choruses, spoken lyrics, and breakdowns. My god the breakdowns. Since they have some good riffs I can’t give them the lowest score but I will give them a… 3

Marduk: Plague angel Marduk: Plague angel

5.3 /10

Lord K: Marduk definitely wins the unofficial competition with Dark Funeral for “fastest band”. I love some of the riffage displayed here but these guys tend to be too fast most of the time, even for me. There’s no denying they pull off their black metal very well though. 6

Chazz: I really didn’t expect to dig this album for some reason, but it grew on me a bit. I’m still not so sold on the vocals, but overall I’m kind of liking this. 6

Syrrok: The blackest of the black metal? The true originators? Church burning parties every friday night? Graduating from being “at the forefront” to being “right dab in the fucken middle.” Indistinguishable from the pack. 3

Farlus: First album of Marduk’s I’ve listened to. I was expecting some more shitty kvlt black metal, but I’m pleasantly surprised. Marduk has shown me that not all black metal bands besides Dark Funeral suck. I like it. 7

Jimmy The Duff: Another Marduk album… never been ones to capture my full attention, even though they play pretty damn solid black metal. To be honest, I think they try too hard. 6

Desert Eagle: Oh goody, more generic black metal. As it stands I don’t really even like black metal, so when I’m given stuff like this I can only yawn and roll my eyes. During each and every one of these songs I wanted to change it and listen to something I actually like, but no I couldn’t because that wouldn’t be fair for you guys. That’s right, I suffered so you don’t have to. I guess if you like black metal then this might be for you, especially if you like generic black metal. But I dont, so… 4

Kreator: Enemy of God Kreator: Enemy of God

5 /10

Lord K: Kreator’s been fucken embarrassing the last 500 albums or so, this is no exception to their winning formula. Some bands just don’t fucken get when to call it quits. Congrats on another shit disc, it’ll make a good thing to throw out the fucken window. 3

Chazz: These fuckers are thrashing like it’s 1988. Not bad if you are an old-school thrash fan. If this album is the Enemy of God, Christians shouldn’t be too worried though. 6

Syrrok: Strongest effort in at least 18 albums for these fuckers. Production kicked up a notch as well. When I see them at the House of Blues in the near future, you might say they will “kreate” some strong metal that will compliment my beer and nachos well. 7

Farlus: Been anticipating this for a while now. Man, these fuckers can still rock. Kreator is back, my friends. They have regained COMMAND OF DA BWADE! Prepare for TOTAL DESS! Thrash thrash thrash that keeps kicking my ass ass ass. Make horns, raise in air, bang head. Rinse, lather, repeat. 9

Jimmy The Duff: I wasn’t expecting much of the follow-up to “Revolution”. This isn’t bad, as such; it just plain bores me. 5

Desert Eagle: Let me first say that this is the first time that I ever listened to Kreator so I have no idea how I SHOULD feel about them so instead I will tell you how I actually do feel about them. To tell you the truth, they’re alright. I definitely dig some of the riffs and they have a few killer songs but I wouldn’t say this is a must-have CD. The vocals are not my cup of tea but that’s not too offputting. 6

Anaal Nathrakh: Domine non es dignus Anaal Nathrakh: Domine non es dignus

4.8 /10

Lord K: It’s fast, it’s chaotic, and last of all: It’s fucken complete and utter shite. 2

Chazz: Decent modern black metal. I dig the industrial sound they mix into the album, but the clean vocals killed it for me. Decent otherwise.6

Syrrok: All sexually-themed band name jokes aside, this offering isn’t TOO bad. Although sloppy and unfocused in some areas, the overall feel of the album is strong. Oh yeah, the vocals suck. 4

Farlus: Black metal…it ain’t Dark Funeral, and if it ain’t Dark Funeral I don’t give a rat’s ass. It’s not all bad though, there are some pretty cool parts, so it’s spared a 1 rating. 3

Jimmy The Duff: Killer, killer, killer! A ferocious black metal onslaught that is a worthy addition to this year’s list of quality releases. Fucken love it. 9

Desert Eagle: Can anyone say generic? I know I sure can after listening to this album. That’s not to say that it’s a terrible album. Not at all, but I wouldn’t consider it to be anything special. If you like black metal then I suppose you will dig this but since I’m not such a huge fan, I don’t. I took a couple points off for the god-awful intro track and the fact that they use falsettos. 5

Enslaved: Isa Enslaved: Isa

4.7 /10

Lord K: This is the first album I ever heard by Enslaved, and judging from that, I don’t think I missed out on too fucken much. There are some interesting ideas here and there, but not enough to make me wanna spin this fucker every day. Or every second day for that matter. It’s just too much stuff and passages for me to appreciate. 4

Chazz: This is a new band to me, having never heard any of their stuff, even after countless recommendations. Very different music, I’m having a hard time attempting to explain it. The best I can do is suggest it sounds like Mastodon if they started listening to way too much black metal, and got some groove. 6

Syrrok: I remember reading a while back, “If you love Amon Amarth, check out Enslaved!” This proves once again that it is best not to leave your music listening choices in the hands of 15 year olds. Some good atmosphere every now and again, but 80% tripe… so math wizards, that gives you a 2

Farlus: Who the fuck picked the albums this month? Haha. More black metal type shit that I don’t like. Oh, and please, could we skip the stupid intro/outro bullshit? If you’re gonna have that, just combine it with the first track and the end of the last track. Quit trying to pretend you have 10 songs when you only have 8. After further listening it’s not that bad, but the vocals just ruin it for me. 3

Jimmy The Duff: Superb; Enslaved have yet to disappoint. 9

Desert Eagle: Ah, progressive black metal at its most mediocre. After listening to this album I completely forgot everything I heard. I think there were some interesting parts but I can’t be certain. I know it wasn’t terrible because I would remember it being terrible and I would remember if it was good so I guess it’s just ok. Completely in the middle. 5

Rammstein: Reise reise Rammstein: Reise reise

4.3 /10

Lord K: I like parts of Rammstein, and I always did. The problem is that they tend to get very boring, very fast. If you’ve heard one song by them before, you know what to expect with this album. Simple, electronic, sterile and over-produced. But also pretty damn catchy at times. 6

Chazz: If you want to listen to industrial influenced metal with a German accent, skip this and get the new Hanzel und Gretyl album. I remember this band being a whole hell of a lot better than this. 2

Syrrok: Mesmorizing to the extreme. This album is a step in the exact same direction, but lets just say what we’re all thinking. WE GET MORE VIDEOS NOW! 7

Farlus: German fuckers finally tuned a little lower and thus have gained a great deal of intensity. “Mein Teil” rules my ass. I also like some of the experimentation on this album, like “Los”. Finally seems like the band is making progress, rather than just making similar albums with similarly fucked up lyrics. And damnit, those fuckers took my idea…I was gonna write a song about the dude that let the cannibal eat him alive! But alas, they have. Wait… they wrote it in German! I can do one in English. Buhaha. Anyway…I’ve always dug Rammstein and this album doesn’t change that. These guys rock and rock ever harder live. Check it out. 8

Jimmy The Duff: Ugh. I can’t stand Rammstein; maybe I just don’t understand their music. Tough shit to ‘em. 3

Desert Eagle: When I saw that I had to listen to Rammstein’s new album I almost started to cry. I figured it was some kind of cruel joke. Surely you can’t be serious? Oh god I’m listening to it right now and it is painful. I think the song is called “Los” but I can’t be sure at this point. I just don’t know if I can go on living in a world where this CD exists. I think I just heard a harmonica, this isn’t fair. What did I do to deserve this? Can I give zeros? I really don’t know. I don’t care if I can’t, I’m still giving it a zero. 0

Annihilator: All for you Annihilator: All for you

4.2 /10

Lord K: Say “Annihilator” and everyone thinks “Alice in Hell”. This album is not going to change that though it has its moments. Melodic and guitar-driven metal, spiced up with some clean Fear Factory-like vocals. A lot better than expected, to be perfectly honest. 6

Chazz: I expected some killer thrash album after hearing everyone praise these guys as one of the better old-school bands. Isn’t this the band with the guy who claimed to be the fastest guitar player on Blabbermouth a few months ago? I hear a lot of shitty music, but this album stands out as one of the worst I’ve heard in some time. Cheesy butt-rock disguised as thrash, not even good for laughs. 1

Syrrok: This is some funny shit. Good efforts at originality that ultimately fall as short as a midget in a long jumping competition. I’ll always give bonus points for trying something new so long as it isn’t simply for the “sake of” being original, which this is. Most of the riffs on this album should just fuck off. 5

Farlus: Holy shit, “All For You” rocks my ass from the first song. Feeeeel the bass. Damn, these guys are from the 80s? This is some fucking rocking ass thrash n’ roll. I can’t stop banging my balding head. Vocals get gay at times, but fuck it. Rock the fuck on. 8

Jimmy The Duff: A fair number of solid riffs. Whether the lyrics are intentionally shit or not, they completely ruin “All For You”. The clean choruses make me chuck; the “ballads” are laughable. I’m still trying to figure out if these guys are for real. 3

Desert Eagle: Apparently these guys are big fans of the bass, which is nice because you don’t hear enough bass these days. However, they also appear to be big fans of sucking horribly, which isn’t so nice. The lyrics are just god-awful and the singer is so MTV friendly that it is painful. This is just sugar-coated garbage. Don’t even bother giving this a listen. 2

Bury Your Dead: Cover your tracks Bury Your Dead: Cover your tracks

3.5 /10

Lord K: Songtitles taken from Tom Cruise-movies (“Eyes Wide Shut”, “Mission: Impossible 2”, “The Color of Money” to name a few) really takes home the Cake Of Stupidity from the local bakery. As if the music wasn’t enough. Label Victory Records says on their website: ” – Most brutal album of the year”... Hahaha… I’ve had kisses more brutal than this. Go fuck yourselves. And take that horrible drum sound with you. 3

Chazz: Not unlike the film names used as song titles, this album was pretty forgettable. They have the heaviness, aggression, and chops I usually dig, but the songs lack groove and any sort of catchiness I’d expect with this “hardcore” style. Not bad but could have been great. 3

Syrrok: My initial reaction upon hearing the first 10 seconds of this album is to send a check to their drummer so he can buy someone to teach him how to properly trigger drums. Fuck, I’m bored. 2

Farlus: Hahaha, I just looked at the song titles for the first time. I gotta give the band credit for naming their songs after Tom Cruise movies. Never seen anything like that. Somebody’s got a sense of humor. The songs are pretty cool, to boot. Although, that snare drum sounds even worse than St. Anger’s garbage can lids. Regardless, I’m banging my head, and that’s all that counts. Sounds like Hatebreed with more balls. 7

Jimmy The Duff: The guitars sound flat, and the vocals grow stale after the first three tracks. Bury Your Dead have talent, but “Cover Your Tracks” can get boring very quickly. 5

Desert Eagle: Extremely generic hardcore where each song title is named after a movie Tom Cruise stars in. Wow, are there words that can express how I feel right now? I really don’t think so. However there is a number that can express it. 1