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Audio autopsy

Audio Autopsy - November 2004

01/11/04  ||  Global Domination

Vicious Art: Fire falls and the waiting waters Vicious Art: Fire falls and the waiting waters

8 /10

Lord K: I didn’t expect anything but ace deathrash from these veterans, and that is exactly what I got despite the too triggered drums for my liking. Jocke’s vocals gives these guys a more original approach than the material actually represents. It might not be art, but it sure as fuck is vicious. 8

Chazz: After hearing the Vicious Art demos earlier this year I really anticipated hearing this album. I was not let down. I used to be able to count on one hand the number of albums which truly moved me upon first listen – looks like I need both hands to count that number now. I don’t know what stands out more, the vocals, drumming, guitar riffs, or the strange yet poetic lyrics. Excellent, original, well written metal, just stunning… one of the few albums I can call a masterpiece. 10

Farlus: Pretty fuckin’ good thrash, and Jörgen’s vocals sound even better when used as backup because you aren’t constantly exposed to them so you don’t become accustomed to just how fucking brutal they are. I’m really digging this stuff. One of the few albums from this Audio Autopsy I’ll actually keep (and buy). 7

Syrrok: I played this album at a funeral last week, and I was the hit of the party! I even heard some corpses banging their old skulls against the lids of their coffins. TRUE METAL FOR TRUE BELIEVERS! 10

Jimmy The Duff: There’s something about this album that makes it stand out from the rest, but I can’t quite pin-point what it is yet. I’m delighted with this killer platter of death metal done proper. 8

Rance: This is some pretty intense shit, complete with blasts and other “heavy” elements. I don’t like the vox all that much. I like death metal, so this doesn’t completely suck in my eyes. 5

Mastodon: Leviathan Mastodon: Leviathan

7.3 /10

Lord K: I never understood the greatness about Mastodon and this is further proof I never will. The fact that Brann is an excellent drummer doesn’t help the material. 4

Chazz: I don’t know about anyone else, but this seems a bit more toned down to me than previous releases. It’s easier to listen to and the songs are a bit catchier, but they lost a bit of the unpredictability they had before. Worth listening to for the drumming alone, which is awesome. 6

Farlus: The best release from Mastodon and the best album of 2004, hands down. “Iron Tusk” is the song of the year. If you don’t have this album by now you should be ashamed of yourself. Go now. If you dug “Remission” at all you MUST own this album. 9

Syrrok: Mastodon makes pterodactyls look like trilobites. A more intricate ‘Helmet.’ 8

Jimmy The Duff: This album has completely blown me away. It most definitely surpasses the behemoth that was “Remission”. Killer riffs, killer drumming, and more diverse vocals make this an absolute stunner. 9

Rance: I’ve heard some good things about this one… and when I heard it for myself, I wasn’t disappointed. Kind of stoner-esque and thrashy… I’m not good with classifying music into genres… it’s a good disc, check it out! 8

The Mighty Nimbus: The Mighty Nimbus The Mighty Nimbus: The Mighty Nimbus

7.2 /10

Lord K: I wish I could love this album as much as these guys are cool, but no can do. It has it’s moments but sludgy doom with a so-so production isn’t my thing if it’s not Candlemass we are talking about. The vocals are real good though and there’s a few riffs here and there that makes me nod my head. I order these guys some speed for the next recording if they wanna impress me. 4

Chazz: I’ve never been a huge doom fan but if this is doom, then I might just come around. This is a nice change of pace to the blast-beat filled metal I usually listen to. Thick, sludgy production and monster riffs… what’s not to love. 7

Farlus: I’m not going to say too much on this album because I’m saving my thoughts for my full review, but suffice it to say this album is everything you could want in a doom album and more. Buy it now. 9

Syrrok: The Mighty Nimbus makes Silverchair look like Magnum P.I. Bassist plays bass and eats bass. 5

Jimmy The Duff: Holy clusterfucking shitstains, Batman! This is the first I’ve heard of The Mighty Nimbus; consider me blown to fucken pieces. I love the old rock vibe; very sweet indeed. An absolute must-buy (where do I get my copy?). 9

Rance: I’ve heard of these guys, mainly from the GD forums, so I was interested. It’s pretty cool…kind of sludgy and hardcore-ish…but, they’ve got other sides too…such as the piano and guitar interplay on track 5. Neat stuff. 9

Behemoth: Demigod Behemoth: Demigod

7.2 /10

Lord K: Vader need to keep their eyes open as Behemoth wants to make a change on the death metal throne of Poland. “Demigod” is blistering death metal that holds no prisoners. It blasts away from the get-go and won’t leave you room for breathing. Death is a beautiful thing and Behemoth are more than willing to testify to that. 9

Chazz: Not a bad album, but not as great as “Zos Kia Kultus”. Seems they went with a bit more ov the black metal sound they used to be known for here, but still keep a lot ov death metal influences as well. Nothing really special here, but a solid album no doubt. 7

Farlus: Could this guy have any more effects on his vocals? I want to be able to actually hear the lyrics somewhat, not just demonic TV static. Despite that, the music itself is pretty groovy. Kinda reminds me of Rebaelliun. 6

Syrrok: Behemoth give us more of the same, in both ridiculous outfits as well as very average death metal. 4 is the number of boredom. 4

Jimmy The Duff: I’ve been anticipating this one ever since becoming hooked to “Zos Kia Cultus” a couple of weeks ago. “Demigod” blows said album out of the water. After the disappointment that was Vader’s latest, it looks as though Poland are back on top in the death metal realm. 9

Rance: Good fuckin’ album… although, my first couple of listens left me with a Testament circa “The Gathering” vibe. Whatever?! That album rules too! 8

Illdisposed: 1-800 Vindication Illdisposed: 1-800 Vindication

6.5 /10

Lord K: Hello In Flames, I think Illdisposed have a hunch what made you guys famous, only these fuckers wants to sound more brutal. And they succeed. Mixing heavy fucken riffing with excellent death metal growls alongside clean vocals, groove and the use of electronics made this album the dane’s finest piece to date. I fucken like. 8

Chazz: This album is awesome when no one is singing, which isn’t a whole lot. The vocals killed this one for me, and it’s a damn shame because the music is pretty good. I don’t know which I didn’t like more, the way over-processed “super-scary evil” vocals, or the Creed-like clean vocals. 4

Farlus: They totally ripped the whole radio-tuning thing at the beginning of the album from Queens of the Stone Age’s “Songs for the Deaf”, but otherwise this is some pretty decent melodic death metal. I like it a hell of a lot more than the new In Flames shit, so I guess that has to count for something. But in the end, it’s still melodic dm, so I can’t rank it that high. 5

Syrrok: I dialed 1-800-vindicate for album samples, and it sounded like spoken word poetry. (I honestly did call the number) 8 for misleadin’!

Jimmy The Duff: Illdisposed sound like the merging of so many bands out there today. That being said, I have to admit that I enjoy “1800 Vindication” (didn’t know what to expect with such a title). The vocals floor me; decent guitars with a truly superb tone, although unimaginitive use of electronics. 7

Rance: I’ve never heard of these bastards, but they kind of sound like Peter Tagtg#sq@*!s&dn’s band Pain. Kind of industrial and heavy. The album title is stupid, the music is pretty neat. 7

The Haunted: rEVOLVEr The Haunted: rEVOLVEr

6.3 /10

Lord K: The Haunted are back with original vocalist Peter Dolving which makes zero difference to me. Executed as well as one could expect but still nothing that makes me wanna drop my panties and wank away. Make no mistake, The Haunted are in the top of today’s thrash metal bands but Jensen’s best effort is still Seance’s second album. I don’t think that’ll ever change. 6

Chazz: The Haunted seem to have gone with a bit more “modern” metal sound here, and I think that was a mistake. Not that a band changing things is a mistake, but the direction the Haunted took here doesn’t suit them that well. I really like the overall sound and production of this album, but the songs leave a lot to be desired. Not what I expected from the Haunted. 6

Farlus: I can’t say I really liked Dolving’s vocals on the self-titled album, and I don’t like him here. He appears to have lost what he did have going for him before. The music is all well and good, but without the Marco vocals á la “Made Me Do It”, this band just doesn’t do it for me anymore. “Made Me Do It” will always remain the band’s best effort in my mind, and unless they work really hard to top that, every successive album is going to seem lacklustre. Sorry guys. Nice try, but I know you’re capable of better. 5

Syrrok: If they combined their band name with their album name, they’d have the title for a great, spooky teen-fiction novel: The Babysitter’s Club in: “The Haunted Revolver”. At the Gates was a good band. 5

Jimmy The Duff: The Haunted’s latest keeps forcing me to come back for more. Couldn’t be happier with Dolving’s return and his performance here. I really like the new direction the band have taken with “rEVOLVEr”. 8

Rance: The Haunted are fuckin’ good. Is that OK with you? This cd has been touted as one of their best…I would have to agree. Gothenburg, baby! (Did I just say that?) 8

Capharnaum: Fractured Capharnaum: Fractured

6.2 /10

Lord K: Welcome to the land of technical playing and weird rhythms. Take a dose of later Death, mix it up with some Cynic-beats, some Atheist, and throw in cock-face Mike “I still can’t spell my lastname right” Poggione from Monstrosity on bass and you got Capharnaum. Interesting stuff with a top-notch performance. To enjoy this you better be sober, coz there’s alot of shit happening here. 7

Chazz: One of the few “technical” metal releases I can actually get into. The songs flow well and actually groove, and contain some decent melodies. Best of all, the wankery level is kept pretty low from beginning to end. These guys can play circles around a lot of other bands out there. 8

Farlus: Someone show these guys the volume button. This stuff is so underproduced that it loses a great deal of potential intensity. It’s really technical death metal, but just falls flat due to its weak sound. It’s not the 80’s and 90’s anymore, save up your allowance for a little longer and get your shit sounding good. 4

Syrrok: Capharnaum makes Great White look like Whitesnake. Capharnaum isn’t the first metal band to wear black denim… but they’re the best at it. 3

Jimmy The Duff: This album has grown on me so much over the past couple of months. The vocals took a while to grow on me due to their hardcore vibe. This is quality, complex death metal. 9

Rance: Some good grinding hardcore here, but nothing that stands out like “little-Rance” after I had discovered that Brooke Burke was in Playboy this month! I don’t know how to pronounce their name. 6

Danzig: Circle of snakes Danzig: Circle of snakes

6.2 /10

Lord K: The evil midget is back. I like Glenn’s vocals, it’s just a shame his music has always sucked alot of cock. 4

Chazz: The addition of Tommy Victor makes this album sound almost too much like Prong at times – Prong with Danzig singing, that is. I don’t think they will ever be able to capture the magic of the first 3 or 4 albums, but “Circle of Snakes” is a step in the right direction. Danzig’s best album in years as far as I’m concerned. 5

Farlus: To be honest with you, I haven’t ever heard any Danzig except for the song “Mother”. Though I find his voice to be a bit absurd and unbearable at times, this album has some pretty rockin’ tunes. Sounds like I need to get with the times and familiarize myself with his back catalogue. 7

Syrrok: There has never been a more perfect union of geometric shapes and predatory reptiles since his Rhombus of Hawks bootleg in ‘93 (You on the perimeter). 8

Jimmy The Duff: Erm… I think it’s safe to say that I really don’t dig Danzig. 5

Rance: I don’t give a shit if Danzig gets punched in the face by shitty bands…he still makes good music. This album is some good gothic influenced rock…like Danzig should be. Better than the last one. 8

Mnemic: The Audio injected soul Mnemic: The Audio injected soul

6 /10

Lord K: To write something about Mnemic without naming the obvious influences from Fear Factory is impossible. This bores the fuck out of me and I just can’t understand why the press thinks differently. I don’t care if it’s top-notch when it comes to playing, this cyber-metal bullshit is a wart on the world’s metal ass. I find more groove listening to my toilet running. 3

Chazz: This album sounds like the bastard offspring of Fear Factory and Meshuggah. Don’t let that description fool you, this is pretty good shit. I found that in the right stereo, the new and highly publicized “surround sound” mix this album has actually does work. 6

Farlus: Dear Satan in Hell. The music sounded promising until the vocals hit. I hate hate hate hate HATE that vocal style. Jesus fuck, if you’re going to sing cleanly, don’t sing like you’ve got sand in your vagina, sing with some fucking balls. Thank you, vocalist, for ruining this band for me. Pussy. 2

Syrrok: If you’re going to inject anything into your soul, make it dragon tears or bear spit. Mnemic Mnsucks Mncunt? Hey, I already reviewed this album in longer form. Anyhoo, for a quick blurb on AA, it gets a 10

Jimmy The Duff: People aren’t fuckin’ around when they mention Soilwork and Fear Factory as influences. I get a touch of Meshuggah somewhere in there too (but I deserve no points). Some of the choruses are aggravatingly poppy. This would score more if it didn’t remind me so much of “Figure Number Five”. 7

Rance: Everybody… well, Syrrok… has been raving about these “mesh top wearing industrial metal producing are they gay? I don’t know but their music seems pretty cool bastards”. So, when I listened, I agreed. Good production. Good album. From Denmark?! wtf?! 8

Lamb Of God: Ashes of the wake Lamb Of God: Ashes of the wake

6 /10

Lord K: Attention Slayer! Attention The Haunted! Do not fear, no matter how well-performed their brand of thrash metal is; Lamb Of God are as dangerous as a teethless shark. 3

Chazz: I don’t know if it’s the Pantera-like screams and “spoken” verses, or the riffs that sound a lot like the ones on their previous releases, but this album really didn’t bring much new to me. Other than a much better production with this album, it sounds like it’s all been done before. LOG do it so well though, that’s almost not a bad thing. 5

Farlus: Definitely in my top 5 of the year. It continues to build on the Lamb of God formula, while increasing the intensity of the music even further. While I don’t agree with the political message, it helps to fuel the band’s fire and makes the music that much better, so that’s definitely a good thing. I saw these guys live the other night and they definitely live up to the emotion they create on CD. The bar for American metal bands trying to “make it” has definitely been raised. 8

Syrrok: No amount of mint jelly can make this lamb taste good! If they could turn political ignorance into quality guitar riffs, they’d get a 10. But they can’t, so 2

Jimmy The Duff: This album has taken me a long, long time to fully appreciate. More complicated musically, but packing far less punch than “As the Palaces Burn”. In the end, I approve; the riffs are just too damn fine. 9

Rance: Honestly, I’ve always respected this band… but never really liked them. But, shit, this cd is fuckin’ killer. They execute a good mix of thrash, death, and hardcore that’s infectious, heavy and technical. Good production too! 9

Cradle Of Filth: Nymphetamine Cradle Of Filth: Nymphetamine

5.8 /10

Lord K: I can seriously say that I can’t listen to a COF-song and say what album it’s from. It all sounds the same to me. Dani’s vocals are as annoying as always, but I have grown to enjoy them a bit. This album won’t have me buying my first CoF-shirt though. 6

Chazz: Believe it or not, this is the first Cradle of Filth album I’ve actually heard, the first full album that is. I never liked any of the tracks I’ve gotten from previous albums, but this sounds a bit different from any of those. The songs here seem a little more straightforward, and the production is pretty good, but I found myself with no desire to listen to this album after the first time I did so, probably because the vocals sound like piss. 3

Farlus: The last album of CoF’s I liked was “Midian”. The main reason I liked that album was for the atmosphere the music created, not for the actual music. With “Nymphetamine”, I think Cradle of Filth have finally figured this thing out and created their own style. Dani is less over-the-top with his vocals and the songs actually have some pretty good intensity to them instead of just being black metal wannabe songs. I think this can work out for them…but the song titles are just ridiculous. “Painting Flowers White Never Suited My Palette”? “Swansong for a Raven”? Come on guys, you’ve been around long enough to get by without stupid puns for song titles. 7

Syrrok: Listen to this album, or a Russian will travel all the way from ‘89 and force this cassette into your hi-fi stereo: more of the same from these guys with horrible guitar tone. 5 (Billy Idol Cradle of Love Video Reference: 10)

Jimmy The Duff: I don’t see much of a connection with black metal, but “Nymphetamine” has steadily gotten better and better with each and every subsequent listen. I’ve surprisingly grown quite fond of Dani Filth’s vocals. To say the least, this remains a solid effort. 7

Rance: This album didn’t suck as much as I thought it would. I want to say CoF have “returned to form”...but, I’m not sure they ever really left their “form”. 7

Wynjara: Human plague Wynjara: Human plague

5.7 /10

Lord K: Death metal with a drummachine doesn’t usually come across too well, but these guys apparently put some time into the programming and atleast the drums sound better than most of Krisiun’s. Absolutely good death metal with catchy riffs and monstrous vocals. I wanna hear these guys with a real drummer, I’m sure they are capable of great things coz that’s what this album shows. But doing blastbeats on a machine is forever completely forbidden, no matter how good the riffs are. 7

Chazz: AA so far has always produced a new gem in my music collection, and this album is just that for this month. I like the fact that each song has a different feel and set of dynamics that really keep my interest from beginning to end. A strong album from what seems to be a very underrated band. For some reason they use a drum machine on this album, hopefully things pick up for these guys and they can hire a real drummer soon. 7

Farlus: Maybe I’m yawning because it’s 2:30 AM, but I’m willing to bet it’s because Wynjara is the most boring thing since sex with your hand. Lame intro leading into muddy, generic black/death metal, with some instrumentals thrown into the mix. Yeah, I think I’ll go masturbate now. 3

Syrrok: Wynjara makes Windows XP look like Windows 3.1. See, what I’m trying to say is, it’s not very good. 3

Jimmy The Duff: First time I heard this, I thought Wynjara were from Poland. Surprising to find out this is US death metal. Groove, catchiness, brutality; can’t say there’s anything to complain about on “Human Plague”. Tasty work, fellas. 8

Rance: Pretty cool thrashed out death/hardcore. It’s good, but not all that original…although I do like the mixture of different tempos on the album. Not something I would listen to every day…you may disagree. But, in the end, I really don’t give a fuck. 6

Samael: Reign of light Samael: Reign of light

5.5 /10

Lord K: From black metal to electronic muzak… the step is not necessarily a huge one. I prefer Samael as of late to their early days and they keep perfecting their shit. Even though I dig this album quite a but it tends to get a tad boring in the long-run. I think these guys are first to include about a 100 capital-names in a song by the way, which is a cool thing to do if you got the hots for stuff like that. 7

Chazz: This isn’t a bad album if you like your metal with an industrial sound to it. Samael aren’t afraid to experiment with electronics and keyboards and they are able to pull it off for the most part. Very dark and music with a ton of atmosphere. 5

Farlus: Another band that’s been around that I haven’t followed. Can’t say that I’m upset I’ve missed any of their albums, if this is any indication of their previous efforts. Man, what the fuck is this shit? This shit is way too industrial for my tastes. I get enough of that out of Rammstein and they’re not really that industrial. This album just plain ain’t my cup of tea. You might like it if you’re more into that style of music. I, however, am not. 1

Syrrok: I don’t mean to REIGN on your parade, but I cannot properly review this album because I am busy thinking of hundreds of puns involving Reign/Rain. 6

Jimmy The Duff: I think this one will grow on me given time. Has the potential to be quite captivating. Some of the happier moments get to me on occasion, but I think this will diminish after repeated listens. 7

Rance: I’ve always had a special place in my heart for these guys. Excellent combo of industrial/electronic metal, goth, and black metal. There is a lot of industrial shit in this month’s AA…oh well. 7

Damnation: Destructo Evangelia Damnation: Destructo Evangelia

4 /10

Lord K: It sounds like Venom, it sounds like Bathory and it sounds old. Not only that, it also sounds like crap. Exactly like Peter Stjärnvind wanted it to sound I’m sure. And I’m positive he knew from the first tone of this recording that I wouldn’t dig it for shit. I guess that’s a good thing after all. 2

Chazz: I like the drumming and some of the riffs, but this album didn’t do much for me. These guys seem to know how to play, but it’s just not my thing, fans of this style will probably eat this one up. 4

Farlus: Man, did this album catch me off-guard. If you want old school black metal, look no fuckin’ further. This shit sounds like it was recorded in grandma’s basement in 1985. Even though I can appreciate tributes to the old school, I think that doing it with poor production is still just selling yourself short. Kudos to Damnation for having the balls to make some trve kvlt black metal, but it still doesn’t strike me as being something I’d listen to again. 4

Syrrok: Damnnothanks! 2

Jimmy The Duff: Sounds very much like Darkthrone worship to me. I must say that I don’t listen to this style of black metal all too often, but what Damnation present on “Destructo Evangelia” appears to be top-notch stuff. I dig it. 8

Rance: This sounds fucking “old school”, so if you like that type of sound in your death/black metal… or whatever the fuck this is.. then I guess you’ll like Damnation. I’m rather indifferent, but I don’t like it that much. 4