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Audio autopsy

Audio Autopsy - October 2004

01/10/04  ||  Global Domination

Bloodbath: Nightmares made flesh Bloodbath: Nightmares made flesh

8.2 /10

Lord K: Bringing another drummer into the fold as well as Peter Tägtgren on vocals really added to the brutality. As a whole, a more fun album to listen to than their debut but unfortunately not as groovy. Nonetheless, it’s solid fucken death metal, just like one would expect from these veterans. 8

Chazz: Peter Tägtgren (vocals) and Martin Axenrot (drums) are a breath of fresh air in Bloodbath. This album showcases a leaner, meaner Bloodbath, and I like it. Killer release, a must have, long live the old-school. 8

Farlus: Peter Tägtgren is a fucking god and definitely shows it on this record. This album is a million times better than “Resurrection thru Carnage”. 8

Syrrok: My contender for metal strong session during the 3rd quarter of 2004. Great vox by Peter. Soldiers take Bloodshowers. Bloodbath makes Meshuggah look like Avril Lavigne’s rotten pubis! 9

Jimmy The Duff: Peter Tägtgren sounds absolutely incredible here. The blastbeats add something most appreciated. A couple of dud tracks, but still a solid effort; catchy in a more subtle way, and far more brutal as a result. 7

Rance: I didn’t know what to think of this one, with the new line-up and such. But, shit…once I heard the music my worries were washed away. The songs are inspired and catchy as fuck… this is more than just a tribute to ‘old-school death metal’. The best Bloodbath cd yet! 9

Krisiun: Bloodshed Krisiun: Bloodshed

8 /10

Lord K: Some new songs which are excellent and some old ones not as excellent. Still, Krisiun is Krisiun. In every way, shape and form. 8

Chazz: Seems these fuckers a leaning towards a bit more groove this time out. I hear a lot of newer-school influences but also has the Krisiun sound of the past, there’s something here for new and old fans alike. Awesome album. 8

Farlus: No disappointment from these death metal veterans. They get better with every album. 7

Syrrok: Krisun loves snakes, and I love Poison. I guess I’m a Krisun fan now. 10

Jimmy The Duff: Not too shabby, Krisiun. I honestly thought you had left us for good. I find the new material to be extremely promising. I find the older stuff unlistenable, but I´m sure it will sufficiently whet the appetites of hardcore fans. 7

Rance: Krisiun is some brutal, heavy shit. It was recorded completely in analog…I dig the slightly muddy production. I guess this isn’t an actual new LP, just a compilation of some new songs and some other rare shit. But who gives a fuck, it’s cool. 8

Vader: The beast Vader: The beast

7.3 /10

Lord K: Vader never dissapoints. Polands’ finest deliver the shit once again. Death metal mastery! 9

Chazz: I’ve come to expect one thing from Vader after all these years, and that’s killer death metal. The Beast didn’t disappoint me. Finally someone told these fuckers to turn down the bassdrum in the mix, making this their best sounding album to date. 8

Farlus: More ‘Revelations’ style Vader, and that’s perfectly okay with me. Check out “The Sea Came in at Last”, you may be surprised. 7

Syrrok: The most metal thing to come out of Poland since human lampshades. Old, steady riffs. 7

Jimmy The Duff: The opener shows promise, but the rest of the album is just a series of ups and downs; a good riff here and there type of deal. Overall, worse than “Revelations”. This band has definitely lost it’s magic. 5

Rance: Vader is consistently a quality act. Pumping out some of that ‘old-school’ death metal. This album is no disappointment…they stay true to form, even adding a bit of ‘flare’ here and there (I don’t have enough space in this column to outline what exactly ‘flare’ is…sorry!) 8

Hatesphere: Ballet of the brute Hatesphere: Ballet of the brute

7.3 /10

Lord K: Denmark’s answer to The Haunted keeps going strong with their fine brand of cock-crushing thrash metal. These Danes’ shows that Denmark isn’t all about being worthless in sports. They make up for it with playing metal. 7

Chazz: This is the first album I’ve heard from Hatesphere, and I’m kind of pissed I’ve been missing out on these guys. Buckets of groove and chunky riffs, I dig the production here too. Good stuff. 7

Farlus: Pretty good shit. A shame I haven’t heard of them up until now. These guys are full of surprises, but at their core is good thrashy thrash. 6

Syrrok: Hatesphere… could make Taproot tap out. And that’s not easy considering Taproot were once intercontinental champions. 9

Jimmy The Duff: I’m guessing these guys are from Scandinavia somewhere. This modern thrash act showcase a lot of skill here. They remind me of Carnal Forge et al. Nothing much to get pumped out of shape over, but worth the time if it’s your thing. 7

Rance: Heavy and at times groovey grind. Excellent production. I’ve never heard them before…but, me likey! 8

In Battle: Welcome to the battlefield In Battle: Welcome to the battlefield

7.2 /10

Lord K: Drummer Nils must be one of the best death metal drummers around at the moment. Americanized death metal, technical as hell and most of the time faster than a crackwhore offering blowjobs for crack. They serve their master well, but it gets a tad boring in the long-run. 7

Chazz: I’m not totally in love with the vocals, but everything else is right up my alley. It’s a nice blend of technical, brutal metal with a dash of groove here and there. Quality release, and my pick for the best of this list. 9

Farlus: Oh my fucking God. Relentless fucking death metal. Where have you been all my life? 8

Syrrok: On my list of favorite things, In Battle lies somewhere between “wafting my own farts into my face and inhaling deeply” and “doing pushups”. Maybe Elof’ll fix this. 4

Jimmy The Duff: This is absolutely brilliant stuff. The vocalist totally slays. The drumming is tight and the riffs spew forth with furious abandon. Can’t recommend this enough. 8

Rance: Technically sound and heavy. Interesting song structures, full of different time signatures and lots of stops and starts. The vocals are not all that unique, but overall a good offering. 7

Amon Amarth: Fate of Norns Amon Amarth: Fate of Norns

7 /10

Lord K: Once again the Vikings’ put out a quality album even if it’s not topping my fave “Versus the world”. Amon Amarth stay true to their formula and refuses to stray one bit from it. I think they do the right thing. 7

Chazz: Decent stuff, though I like “Versus the World” better. This albums comes off a little slower in pace than their past stuff, but it’s growing on me. 6

Farlus: After the epic greatness of Versus the World, there’s no way Amon Amarth could bring us anything but disappointment. This is a good album, but just pales in comparison to the masterpiece before it. 7

Syrrok: Never thought I would intentionally skip 3 out of 8 songs on an Amon Amarth Album. Fuck. 6

Jimmy The Duff: The songs are absolutely fantastic, filled with Viking themes galore. At times, certain riff are overplayed. The band have once more offered something entirely satisfying without (this time) using material that appears recycled from earlier releases. 7

Rance: Amon Amarth have perfected their songwriting on this one. Heavy and epic, the vikings have hit a deathy milestone. 9

Nasum: Shift Nasum: Shift

6.8 /10

Lord K: Swedens’ grind-kings return with “Shift” and even grabs MY attention, which is saying quite a bit since I’m not the biggest fan of grindcore. Good shit it is, there’s no way denying that. Not even for me. 7

Chazz: Another strong album from the grind/crust masters. The breakdowns rule, but the rest kind of sounds the same to me, aside from the addition of a bit of melody here and there. Overall some of their best work. 8

Farlus: What can I say, it’s fucking Nasum. Excellent grind, though the vocals get to me after a while. 7

Syrrok: Noisy 1 minute intervals don’t let me get any kind of groove on. Bonus points for Mieszko. 3

Jimmy The Duff: Nasum have evolved into a band of no compromises, and appear dead-set in sticking to their sound of killer, lightning-fast grindcore. I wish they would relent a little more than they do, but otherwise this stuff is simply skull crushing. 8

Rance: I haven’t heard much of Nasum…but what I have, I’ve liked. They play a unique style of death/grind. Excellent musicians with heavy-as-all-fuck songs. This cd deserves more spins…but, my initial gut reaction says “killer shit.” 8

Grave: Fiendish regression Grave: Fiendish regression

6.2 /10

Lord K: Let’s face it, Grave will never top their first 3 albums, but this is a step in the right direction. After low-points like “Hating Life” and “Back from the grave” it’s nice to see the fuckers fishing in somewhat the right waters. “Breeder” is a death metal hit de luxe. 6

Chazz: Forget “Back From the Grave”, “Fiendish Regression” is Grave’s true comeback album. Their best release since “Souless”, don’t count these guys out of the game yet. 8

Farlus: Pleasant surprise. I haven’t liked much of anything Grave has done post-Jörgen, but this album snuck up on me. Good shit. 6

Syrrok: This make-up of “Grave” is six feet under my tolerance of shitty metal. AND THEY MAKE HOOBASTANK LOOK LIKE HUSKER DU! 4

Jimmy The Duff: Very few riffs come out and grab me here, the sluggish pace set for most of the album being far from enough to keep my interest up for long. As a result, the riffs come across as half-assed. A couple of terrific songs, the rest being just too mediocre to swallow. 5

Rance: There’s definitely a maturity to these songs, I don’t remember hearing on some of their earlier stuff. Good album, not their best, but damn good. 8

Konkhra: Reality check Konkhra: Reality check

6.2 /10

Lord K: Some Vader-ish vocals mixed up with blistering death metal and thrashier riffs makes Konkhra yet another quality-band. Not better than anything else, nor worse. 7

Chazz: This band gets better with every release, even if this is their 6th full length album. I wouldn’t say this is a bad album from the best thrash metal band in Denmark, but I think Konkhra’s best work is still yet to come. 6

Farlus: Decent stuff here and there. This band could really benefit from some better production. 4

Syrrok: Konkhra is Danish for “HIGH ENERGY FRIENDMETAL”. It’s also Spanish for “Thick Penis”. Buyer beware… 8

Jimmy The Duff: This is one of the better metal albums I’ve heard in a while. Nothing entirely special here, just straightforward and brutal riffing combined with a vocalist who totally pummels and crushes the listener into the dirt. I’ll be sure to pick this one up. 7

Rance: I’ve heard of them…but never heard them until now. So, obviously not a lot to base this on. There’s a thrash feel and a hardcore feel…some good grinding moments, these dudes are pretty good…but not my fav. 5

Carnal Forge: Aren't you dead yet Carnal Forge: Aren’t you dead yet

5.7 /10

Lord K: According to J of TPH-fame, ex-The Haunted vocalist Marco once said ” -We have to sound more like Carnal Forge”. I can see why. Top of the notch thrash metal. 7

Chazz: Good thrash,nothing more, nothing less. 6

Farlus: Decent shit, though not really my thing. Makes me bang my head, though. 5

Syrrok: Aren’t you disbanded yet? EAT IT, FORGE! 2

Jimmy The Duff: Same ol’ same ol’ from these guys. I’ve always liked Carnal Forge, and this album does little to change my opinion of them. Still brutal, still memorable, and overall damn solid fun. Not inventive enough to be nominated “brilliant”, but who fuckin’ cares? 7

Rance: I like the classic death metal production on this one. Shrieked vocals, blast beats, technical death metal riffs. It’s all good! 7

Turisas: Battle metal Turisas: Battle metal

5.5 /10

Lord K: Experiencing Turisas is like having yer cock in a blender, being unable to decide whether you like it or not. Excellent and completely worthless at the same time. 7

Chazz: Not really my cup of whiskey, but it’s a nice change of pace. Very good musically, but a little too “viking” for my tastes. Lots of violin and orchestra instruments, but it’s still metal. Probably deserves a higher rating, but again, not my thing. 5

Farlus: What a disappointment. Cool ass album name, but I’ve heard better music on old video games. A good concept that just fails to deliver. 1

Syrrok: Turisas is not a band. Turisas is Odin’s earthly brood. 10

Jimmy The Duff: A little tacky; can’t say it’s my thing, but I’m going to give Turisas credit for making everything gel and flow together successfully to the point where I actually bob my head on occasion (just don’t tell anyone). 6

Rance: When I first heard this, particularly track 2, I thought, “What the fuck?!” Although, I guess with an album title like “Battle Metal”...I should have known. They seem like competent musicians. I guess the music is kind of a slightly death metal, viking version of Cradle of Filth…if that means anything. I don’t like the organ shit they do too much…. sue me! 4

Paganizer: No divine rapture Paganizer: No divine rapture

5.5 /10

Lord K: Roggas’ vocals deserves a better band. Paganizer are old-school, sure, but they are also quite boring. 4

Chazz: The vocals totally dominate this album, awesome performance. The rest of the album is pretty decent, worth a listen for the vocals alone. I like this better than their last album. 8

Farlus: At first they sounded like standard death metal, but these guys keep surprising me. Lots of variation. I like it. 6

Syrrok: Paganizer make the Fine Young Cannibals look like Depeche Mode! Mediocriticity! 4

Jimmy The Duff: Holy crud, this is some boring shit. The dull riffing, decent vocalist and capable drummer are all brought down by a shit production. I’m listening to it now, and can honestly say that I can’t stand it. 4

Rance: We like death metal here at GD! Thus, Paganizer fits right in. This album flows pretty well. Everything is fuckin’ distorted…so if distortion = heavy metal goodness to you…then you’ll like this. 7

Unleashed: Sworn allegiance Unleashed: Sworn allegiance

5.3 /10

Lord K: I gave up on Unleashed many years ago. No one would ever imagine they were to release an album that’s actually decent after their last 300 CD’s worth of sperm. I was wrong. 6

Chazz: I’ve never been the hugest Unleashed fan, and “Sworn Allegiance” hasn’t changed my mind. Old fans will dig it, but I couldn’t get into it. 4

Farlus: Decent shit, about what I expected from reading the song titles. Old school stuff worthy of listen. 5

Syrrok: Unleashed, more like UN-COOL! 3

Jimmy The Duff: This doesn’t offer much past the first couple of spins, even though it is filled with quality riffs. The lyrics are dumb as all fucking Hell too, ranging from Isengard, necrophilia and Jesus’ supposed conception. I still have to stay relatively fair, because it’s a good album overall. 6

Rance: These boys have been around…they’ve done some good shit, and this album is some pretty good thrashy death metal. Plus the chorus to track 3… “I only fuck the dead!” is some good/funny?! shit. 8

Rotting Christ: Sanctus Diavolos Rotting Christ: Sanctus Diavolos

4.7 /10

Lord K: Bombastic, electronic, majestic, semi-brutal. A coctail of a lot of things. Some good, some bad. 6

Chazz: After 9 fucken albums I’m amazed Rotting Christ is still keeping their music fairly fresh. Loads of atmosphere… it’s almost haunting. 5

Farlus: Yawn. Boring black metal, for the most part. Though I must admit that the intro to “Thy Wings Thy Horn Thy Sin” is damn fine. Has some cool parts, but definitely not my stuff. 2

Syrrok: Christ was a black man, and these fellas aren’t black. So they’re liars. If Jesus was as pretty as these boys, they would have passed him around the Roman candle before hoisting him onto the cross. 1

Jimmy The Duff: I´ve never been able to appreciate Rotting Christ, which is strange. They present more than enough decent material on their albums. I can´t say I´m going nuts over this, but it´s still some fair ol´ black(ish) metal that I can enjoy to at least some extent. 6

Rance: Rotting Christ appear to be back at their evil black metal best. This album combines the feel of some of their earlier works with elements from their more ‘gothic’ phase. Not a bad combo, heavy and unique. 8

Mercenary: 11 dreams Mercenary: 11 dreams

4.3 /10

Lord K: I pretty much hate high-pitched vocals no matter how well they are pulled off. Cheesy metal at large here. Not anything I’d trade my Jacksons’ for though I have heard much worse. 4

Chazz: This is the first album I’ve heard from this Danish melodic metal band, and it will probably be the last. Very talented musicians, excellent production, just not my favorite style of music. 3

Farlus: Good sound, but gets kinda gay at times. Not really my type of stuff, but has potential to grow with more listens. 4

Syrrok: Mercenary makes Obituary look like Cemetary. I wouldn’t lie about these things! At least they put effort into production. 3

Jimmy The Duff: I surprisingly like the clean vocals, but the harsher singing appears too far boosted by the production. The keyboards and guitars come across well, used simply but effectively; and more importantly, tastefully. I could do worse. 6

Rance: These dudes like to write longer songs…which is fine…except when you play power metal (although, I guess that’s the norm in that genre). Now I don’t want to totally piss on these dudes, ‘cause the cd’s production is good and they like to throw some catchy groove into the mix here and there…to break up their guitar masturbation. 6