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The best of 2006 - 2015

Top 30 albums from 2000-2009: Revenant

19/07/10  ||  revenant

This is an album cover As a late comer to the process of putting this masterpiece together (I only just joined staff in time to vote!), I missed the nomination process before the voting. As such, this list is what I call my “voting list”. At the bottom of this article I’ve listed albums that were unlucky in that nobody nominated them, and would have otherwise made my list. What position? Fucking irrelevant. Now enough yakking, here’s my list:

1. The Haunted: Made me do it (2000):

When trying to decide what album deserved the number one placing for the decade, I asked myself a number of questions: What album stayed in my CD player the longest? What album do I still feel the same way I did about it as when I first got it? It didn’t matter what question I asked, the answer inevitably came back this album. For me, this album is a true classic. As I mentioned in the list itself, to inspire me in writing I put the album on in the background. Well, it didn’t stay in the background for long. This is not an album that can be ignored. Even after owning it for ten years, I put this album on and it’s as fresh and inspiring as it ever was. And that is why I put it number one on my list.

2. Iced Earth: Horror show (2001):

I’m an absolute sucker when it comes to concept albums, which is something that will become clearer as you progress through this list. Iced Earth seemed to have made a career from concept albums, but no other album of theirs ever matched the quality of “Horror Show”. Great theme, great tracks… this album is simply killer.

3. Iron Maiden: Brave new world (2000):

OK, the Maiden of 2000 isn’t anywhere near as good as the Maiden of the 80’s. Regardless of that, “Brave New World” is the closest Maiden ever came to matching the form they had in the good old days. There is a definite energy in “Brave New World” that had been missing from their previous efforts. This is, by far, their best non-80’s release.

4. Bolt Thrower: Those once loyal (2005):

Imagine a huge rolling tank bristling with guns, armour thicker than the length of John Holmes’ cock, as big as a fortress and it’s crushing everything in it’s path. That monster is this album, and in my opinion the best death metal album of the last decade.

5. Vader: Litany (2000):

The only album that makes me feel like I’ve just suffered a physical beating. Purely brutal and simply brilliant.

6. Soulfly: Prophecy (2004):

OK, everyone’s going to have at least one controversial album in their list. This is mine, and I don’t give a shit if you disagree, this album is great.

7. Macabre: Dahmer (2000):

Extremely black, extremely twisted and extremely fucking good – that’s “Dahmer” from Macabre.

8. Machine Head: Through the ashes of empires (2003):

Thank fucking Christ (or is it Satan?) these buffoons finally got their shit together. Not as good as their debut, but this is a welcome return to form.

9. Violator: Chemical assault (2006):

Easily the best of the thrash revival bands by a long stretch.

10. Amon Amarth: Versus the world (2002):

While the world screams these words once more “save us, oh lord, from the wrath of the norsemen”, I scream “give us more, odin, from the mightiest of norsemen”.

11. Facebreaker: Dead rotten and hungry (2008):

Grave worship at it’s finest.

12. Behemoth: Evangelion (2009):

“Ov Fire and the Void” could well be the best song of the last decade. An amazing album.

13. Stormrider: Lucifer rising (2007):

Supremely under rated band which now seems to be defunct, which is a great pity. They did leave us with two great slabs of metal, this one being the better of the two.

14. Kreator: Hordes of chaos (2009):

This album just has that magic something that makes me bang my head and raise my horns.

15. Bruce Dickinson: Tyranny of souls (2005):

Another excellent collaboration with Roy Z. Somehow Bruce’s solo efforts are still better than Maiden’s releases…

16. Amon Amarth: Twilight of the thunder god (2008):

More awesomeness from the viking wannabes, this is the soundtrack to rape and pillage to.

17. The Haunted: rEVOLVEr (2004):

Dolving almost ruined this album. Almost. He’s way to high in the mix, but if you can get past him, everything that made The Haunted so great is there.

18. Macabre: Murder metal (2003):

Another sick and twisted album by Macabre that’s worthy of a mention here. At times this album is seriously demented, but what the fuck – great music is great music.

19. Amorphis: Silent waters (2007):

A return to form, but still not as good as “Elegy”. Damn fine album nonetheless, and worthy of a spot in this list.

20. Blood Red Throne: Altered genesis (2005):

“Mephitication” is another song vying for the song of the decade in my opinion. The rest of the album’s pretty damn good too.

21. Shrinebuilder: Shrinebuilder (2009):

After hearing “Solar Benidiction” through the band’s MySpace page, I just knew this was an album I had to have. This is a great album, one that I pretty much listened to non-stop for the first month after purchase.

22. Gojira: The way of all flesh (2008):

It takes a few listens, but once this album sets it’s hooks in you, they go deep.

23. Edge of Sanity: Crimson II (2003):

Both Crimson albums are masterpieces. Sequels usually suck arse, thankfully this one rips it instead.

24. Blood Red Throne: Affiliated with the suffering (2003):

Another great album from BRT.

25. Municipal Waste: The art of partying (2008):

I honestly can’t split “The Art of Partying” and “Hazardous Mutation” from Municipal Waste – “Art” has the best couple of songs, but “Hazard” has better consistency, so they both get in.

26. Municipal Waste: Hazardous mutation (2005):

See above.

27. Sanctification: Black reign (2009):

There’s something about this album that just makes me want to go to war. We’re kind of lucky in Melbourne that their isn’t any fortresses, because after listening to this album, I would storm it. Great album.

28. Gama Bomb: Tales from the grave in space (2009):

A fine slab of thrash, 30-odds minutes of non-stop mayhem to bang your head silly to.

29. Machine Head: The blackening (2007):

To be honest, I almost didn’t want to put this here but there are a couple of absolute storming tracks on this record that make it hard to ignore. When Machine Head are on song, it’s a real joy to listen to. Let’s just hope the future brings more consistancy.

30. Hail!Hornet: Hail!Hornet (2007):

Down tuned guitars, dirty production and hellish screams come together to create this masterpiece.

Honourable Mentions:

My Own Grave: Unleash (2006)

Funnily enough, seeing ads for this band on GD is what actually led me to sample this band in the first place. I sampled a few songs and have been a fan since. “Unleash” is my favourite album of theirs, a fantastic debut album.

Corrosion Of Conformity: In the arms of god (2005)

This is an an amazing album, one I was very surprised not to see nominated for voting. I love nothing better than sitting back with a few beers and soaking this album in. A fucking masterpiece, and CoC’s best work.

Dreadnaught: Dirty music (2005)

Dreadnaught are one of the most under-rated bands going around. I am lucky to have them as one of my home town bands, because they put on an awesome live show. “Dirty Music” was a milestone release for the band. Pissed off, gritty, aggressive… “Dirty Music” is the perfect title for this excellent slab of Australian hard rock.

Abramelin: Deadspeak (2000)

I don’t really blame the fellow staffers for missing this one (I don’t know how well known they are outside of Australia). Abramelin were a band should have gone much further than they did, and perhaps would have were if not for a high number of line-up changes and restrictions placed on their albums by censors. “Deadspeak” is a phenomenal album, old school death with a hint of groove, this is long out of print but a true gem if you can get it.