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Class 6(66)

Introduction by Global Domination

01/01/06  ||  Global Domination

So, this section is called Class 6(66). Say the word out loud and you might understand what it’s all about. If not, here’s a hint:

It’s not about hockey.

Here we are reviewing albums that are looked upon as “classics” for one reason or the other. You might think some albums covered in here are not worthy of being considered classics. Well, they obviously mean a hella lot to the one who decided to put it in this section, and that’s all that fucken counts. Disagree? Tough, bitch. There’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Since early 2005 we also have a minor addition to this section: replies (aka very brief interviews) to the Class 6(66) reviews. Naturally made with the band in question. Coz that kind of makes sense. How to locate one? If there’s a reply to any particular coverage, it will have the band’s name and album-title listed with a (you guessed it) reply attached to it. Click that and see what happens.

We wanna hand out a huge “Fuck you, bitches!” to all the bands in here that we have approached with the small interview, who never cared to reply to us, and therefor fucken suck. So, fuck you. We should remove yer band from this section, but we are cooler than that.

We even have our own, luxurious, rating system for the Class 6(66) reviews that we do. Yeah, but we are not telling you how it goes. You simply have to click each and every review ever published to see what our scores mean. They go from 1 to 10 though, just so you know. We are special like that. And trust us, we are aware of the fact that it’s the exact same scoring system used for the regular reviews as well. Duh.

Sometimes you might see a coverage written by an “ex-staffer/cocksmoker” and then a name of someone who’s actually on staff. This means they quit the site at some point, got their articles changed to “Global Domination” as the author while still having their name mentioned first off in the review, and then they changed their minds and wanted back on staff. The articles won’t change back though. That’s their punishment for being traitors in the first place, and it’s a bitch to do those changes. Also, due to some former staffers asking to have their stuff removed, tons of articles by the author “Global Domination” have been deleted. We are nice like that sometimes.

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