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Global Domination | Class 6(66) | Accu§er: Who dominates who?

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Class 6(66)

Accu§er: Who dominates who?

21/08/06  ||  Lord K Philipson

Released: 1989


With an album title such as “Who dominates who?”, it’s easy to understand why this particular piece is in this section of your favourite site. That, and becoz these German (hailing from the city of Kreuztal, wherever the fuck in Germany that may be) sheep-fuckers have created a thrashy killer album that few have heard about, and even fewer actually heard. Accu§er released quite a bunch of discs, they were all pretty much shit except for this one. Not that I ever cared to check all of them out. Anyways, this bitch rocked my ass off when I first got it thru tape trading back in the days. It deserves a spot here in the limelight.


8. What is it with Germans? Except for inventing and loving the art of putting sugar on popcorn (but why….?), they sure knew how to create some badass thrash metal at times. While Sodom, Destruction and Kreator got their bill to fame, Accu§er made as much noise in the scene as a fly farting. And it’s a fucken shame, coz this disc is jam-packed with thrash metal hits and awesome groove. It’s a mystery they didn’t make a bigger impact in the scene coz this here album is a gem, and naturally it has something to do with the fact that they knew how to write songs.


7. “Who dominates who?” holds a production that Fear Fucktory would be proud of. It’s very sterile and “punch” is a word that the German dictionary sure left out. As far as levels go, it’s all fine though. It’s just lacking something, and I guess a “great sound” is exactly what’s fucken missing. But hey, it’s definitely working for an album released in 1989. It’s crystal clear and you can hear everything well. I don’t know where it’s recorded and I have no idea who produced it, but it’s sounding fine and actually not very dated compared today’s standards.


8,5. Obviously, these guys had a thing for playing guitar(s). Just listen to the solos for further proof. And if that’s not enough, you are graced with shitloads of groovy-assed riffs that speaks of years and years of listening to bands like Metallica and their cohorts. The tightness is definitely there, like Joey Tempest’s spandex outfit in the early 90’s. Fuck you, Joey Tempest, you fucken fag. By the way, I don’t know if there’s one or 2 guitarists here but I think their names could be Horst and Forst. Those are probably German names. If not, they are now. It’s a joy to listen to the axes on “Who dominates who?”. It reeks of passion and determination. I’d say the guitars are what dominates what here.


7,5. I’m happy to announce that the usual broken German accent is not present. I have no idea who this guy is or what his name is, but I’ll just call him Helga for now, coz that’s a German name, I’m sure. Helga’s got a semi-great thrashy voice that works with the music on all levels. He’s got his own style and I can’t draw any comparisons to any other vocalists of the same time. This also gives the music a little special edge like with so many other bands who got themselves a vocalist that differed a little from the rest. Overkill had it, Agony had it, Vio-Lence had it (but hey… it sounded like shit) and Forbidden had it. To name a few. Accu§er also had it and it worked in their favor.


7,5. What do ya know? It’s actually noticeable. While the guitarist(s?) show off quite often, the bass is left pounding its way along with the songs, not displaying anything spacey whatsoever. And I like it like that. I bet this guy’s name is Günther. It must be. German bassists are usually named that. It’s obvious that the string section knew what the fuck they were doing on “Who dominates who?”.


7. I have always thought that this is a drum machine being used and my opinion stands. It sounds ok though, but it’s nothing to write homo (haha, I said “homo”) about. It’s weird how the ride and hi-hat are often left out in certain parts, making the snare and kick wander off alone to the riffs, that doesn’t make much sense to me. The drum machine’s name is, ofcourse, Roland.


4. Guys, these bitches are Germans… But the lyrics are a bit better than those from German bands at the same time. Let me stress the “a bit” part. “I’m a cowboy, on a steel-horse I ride…” No, wait, that’s a Bon Jovi-line. I’m sorry. You all know what thrash bands used to write about. Accu§er didn’t wanna be too different…

Cover art

1. Not only are these mongoloids Germans, they are also obviously blind as a fucken army of bats. 2 fags hugging each other, waiting to get it on, German-style. This is a very astral fag-picture. It’s a shame to have a cover like this representing the excellent music inside. It deserved better. I mean, seriously, look at the cover and imagine how the conversation must have sounded like when they chose this crap…


1. I refer to my first sentence above for this rating. And I fucken despise that “§” shit in their name.


I got this fucker on cassette dammit, and it’s not like it was a purchased copy. And I don’t think it’s fair to rate the Maxell-tape itself. But if I could make a few guesses, I’d say the LP had some fucken idiotic color shot of the guys, all dressed up in white sneakers and jeans while hopefully sporting German mullets all over the fucken place. I just can’t be arsed to rate that coz it’s a disaster if that’s how it looked. Then again, it always looked like that back at the time.

Overall and ending rant

8. A mighty fine slab of neatly executed German thrash metal. They sound nothing like their Deutschland cronies from the same time and I must say I prefer these guys’ thrash over most of them other fuckers. Accu§er might not have achieved any recognition whatsoever, which is fine by me – I recognized them. This album is a hidden gem, appreciated and known about by few, and that makes Accu§er a little special to me. Having “Who dominates who?” placed right here in the Class 6(66) section is quite possibly Accu§er’s crowning moment. I’m glad I could help out.