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Global Domination | Class 6(66) | Dark Funeral: Diabolis interium

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Class 6(66)

Dark Funeral: Diabolis interium

19/07/05  ||  Lord K Philipson


Weird to make an album from 2001 a classic… But I have to. You’ll know why in a while. I was a DJ at a club back in 2001… Dan Swanö came and visited me. We got into a discussion about good fucken metal and I ranted about Krisiun being completely fucken awesome; how they blew me away with the intensity and the speed. Dan just laughed at me and said he’d go home and fetch a compilation album with a new Dark Funeral song on it. Again he laughed and said:

“-You think Krisiun’s fast? Just wait…”

Have in mind I was never a huge black metal fan, nor did I have any interest in Dark Funeral back then. Dan comes back and hands over the disc and I blast the tune. Oh man, did I blast that tune… I was completely knocked out. Dan smiled and told me he knew I’d like it and that I could keep the album. I have no idea how many times I have played “The arrival of Satan’s empire” (both on stage and at home), understanding that this could be one of the most insane tracks ever. A black metal hit-extravaganza, who fucken knew that was possible?

Another thing that comes to mind is that I was down in Gothenburg, visiting Jesper of In Flames and his girlfriend. We threw a party and when I woke up I see the same compilation album on the floor in their flat. From approximately 6 in the morning to around 9 I played nothing but that song, and had beers and booze for breakfast. Damn, I love that tune.


10. There’s not a single song on this album that feels out of place. Not one single filler. It’s a goddamned fucken unholy unity. From start to finish. We are unblessed with furious blasts in the most melodic and anguish-ridden sections alongside extremely catchy choruses such as the ones in “Hail murder”, for instance. It’s MTV hit material only it’s black metal we are dealing with.


9,5. It’s crystal clear. It’s massive. And it’s powerful. Finally a band that understands the importance of having a good production, even if black metal is the name of yer game. Abyss Studios really shine here and granted Dark Funeral an ace production where everything is audible (except the bass, as always) and nothing is left to chance. I’d go as far far as saying this is the best production a black metal band ever had up until this point in time


9. Lord Ahriman’s got his style, there’s no 2 ways about it. The man eats, breathes and shits black metal riffs of higher quality than anyone else’s. It’s eerie, it’s beautiful, it’s evil as fuck. It’s fucken downright fan-fucken-tastic. Alot of it sounds kinda the same, following the same chord patterns, but by incorporating those wicked melody lines over it he manages to create a new thing altogether all the time.


9,5. Caligula’s screeches dominate. This guy pulls off the longest and most insane screams known to mankind. And he growls with the best of them as well. Not many fucko’s can combine both, Caligula can. Oh fuck me with a umbrella how he can. When I first heard the opening scream of “The arrival…”, I was so sure it was fake. Studio-trickery… That scream pushed him to the limit in 2001 and rumors have it he fainted after pulling it off in the studio. Nowadays, that scream is short compared what he is capable of doing.


5. Can’t hear much of it but it’s there. You can’t make out what it’s doing though.


9. Matte Modin might not be the most technical drummer around, but he sure is one of the fastest. There’s no way this album would be what it is if Matte wasn’t in the band. Blastbeat-perfection. I take a bow.


9. You dig Satan? Dark Funeral do too. Thankfully enough it’s not the cheesy kind of lyrics that f.e Deicide pulls off, even though all of it might not be grandiose literature. But there’s obviously time put into the lyrics and they fit like a cock in God’s rectum.

Cover art

10. Astonishing. For quite some time the best fucken cover I ever saw. I even have a poster of it at my wall, and that explains alot. I’m fucken old, posters are for kids. But it stays.


9,5. Pentagram, inverted crosses, Satan. Yeah, that’s a fucken 9,5 as far as I’m concerned. Classic logo. Quit ugly and generic, yes, but still beautiful.


9. Classy as fuck. Just like the album. And the cover. And the production. And the songs. And… yeah, you get the point.

Overall and ending rant

9,5 fucken points. It’s a masterpiece. Dark Funeral changed my whole conception about black metal and actually tricked me into liking it. I salute them for it. Easily one of my fave bands. I must point out (again) though that I’m not a huge fan of their older material. It took them some years to reach perfection, but with “Diabolis Interium” they did just that. Where do you go from here?

  • Information
  • Released: 2001
  • Label: No Fashion
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Emperor Magus Caligula: bass, vocals
  • Lord Ahriman: guitars
  • Dominion: guitars
  • Matte Modin: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. The Arrival Of Satan’s Empire
  • 02. Hail Murder
  • 03. Goddess Of Sodomy
  • 04. Diabolis Interium
  • 05. An Apprentice Of Satan
  • 06. Thus I Have Spoken
  • 07. Armageddon Finally Comes
  • 08. Heart Of Ice