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Global Domination | Class 6(66) | Terrorizer: World downfall

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Class 6(66)

Terrorizer: World downfall

16/07/10  ||  Butt-Beard

Terrorizer… the band that contained what would become half of Morbid Angel and Jesse Pintado who would join Napalm Death. In that sense Terrorizer could be seen as an American Nihilist, one band that would later split off into about 3 or 4 different ones. Except for one thing. I actually like Terrorizer 0.5 points more than Nihilist. Oh and Nihilist never had Eric Estrada’s cousin playing bass for them. But enough about Nihilist and on to what makes “World Downfall” a record worthy of Class6(66) status.


10. That’s right, a motherfucking 10. Terrorizer wrote the classic grindcore that bands draw from till this day, and in my opinion gave grindcore form and solidified its existence as a genre. Whilst some may argue that “Scum” is the first grindcore record, I have to disagree. “Scum” (as awesome as it is) is a snapshot of that early era of when hardcore was going to become grindcore. This is a collection of songs. A piece of music rather than a historical document, and the songs are fucking awesome. Terrorizer knew exactly what they were doing and the songs show it.


8. This record was recorded and mixed in 8 hours, and it sounds better than most albums that were recorded in 20 days. What else could you expect from a young Scott Burns? Before Morrisound was more than a studio, and before the glut of stuff coming out of it, Scott Burns was presented with the task of engineering this record. Now it credits Evil D (or Dave Vincent if you want to be boring) with the production, but what a team. Crystal clear production with one of the best drums sounds I’ve ever heard. Just fucking A.


8. Crunchy and brutal, with some of the best riffs ever written. Try not bobbing your head when the guitars come in on “Fear Of Napalm”. Jesse Pintado is one of my favourite guitarists, and he shines here on this record.


7. Your average vocals of this early era. Not incredibly deep or guttural. Kind of barky. Very, very similar to early Dave Vincent stuff on the Morbid Angel records but not nearly as deep.


8. Before Evil D decided his bass didn’t need to be prominent in a mix, he was fucking loud and fuzzy. Case in point: “Fear Of Napalm”. With an awesome drum and bass intro and an obnoxious bass tone. Fuck me, this is good. I could listen to a loop of the first 4 seconds of that song all day.


10. Pete Motherfucken Sandoval. ‘Nuff said. I could get into how technical his playing is for a grindcore record but I’ll keep it short. “World Downfall” was recorded after Pete had joined Morbid Angel, and his skills show a marked improvement from the Terrorizer demos. Scotty and Evil D also gave him a great production, none of that triggered crap that came later. Organic and clear, like drums should be.


7. Very punk lyrics. Political, social issues and violence are the main topics. Nothing special really.

Cover art

8. A collage depicting collage terrorists, a nuclear power plant, dead bodies and Jesus. Only one problem, my copy is fucken green. Like vomit green. Nasty shit. It’s better than the other version which is blue and is impossible to make out. I’m ignoring that and focusing on the green one.


7. Red with drippy letters. Not much going on. Your standard early grindcore logo.


N/A I got this on iTunes so I wouldn’t know.

Overall and ending rant

If you’re a fan of grind or extreme metal in general, this is absolutely a must-hear for you, both for its huge influence in the extreme metal scene and also because it’s a fucking masterpiece, man! Albums like this one are unique and you cannot overlook them. IN GRIND WE TRUST!


  • Information
  • Released: 1989
  • Label: Earache
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Oscar Garcia: vocals
  • Jesse Pintado: guitars
  • Dave Vincent: bass
  • Pete Sandoval: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 1. After World Obliteration
  • 2. Storm Of Stress
  • 3. Fear Of Napalm
  • 4. Human Prey
  • 5. Corporation Pull-In
  • 6. Strategic Warheads
  • 7. Condemned System
  • 8. Resurrection
  • 9. Enslaved By Propaganda
  • 10. Need To Live
  • 11. Ripped To Shreds
  • 12. Injustice
  • 13. Whirlwind Struggle
  • 14. Infestation
  • 15. Dead Shall Rise
  • 16. World Downfall