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Introduction by Global Domination

01/01/06  ||  Global Domination

Demons/demos/promos, whatever. You know the drill. Usually we never put a score to the CDR/tape/penis in question. Why? We don’t know, but sometimes we just like to do confusing things like that. For no good reason, and for the fact that alot of demos that was sent to us in the past never got a score in the first place. You could say we just don’t fucken care. And we are somewhat consistent. Yeah, along those lines, bitch.

Sometimes you might see a review written by an “ex-staffer/cocksmoker” and then a name of someone who’s actually on staff. This means they quit the site at some point, got their articles changed to “Global Domination” as the author while still having their name mentioned first off in the review, and then they changed their minds and wanted back on staff. The articles won’t change back though. That’s their punishment for being traitors in the first place, and it’s a bitch to do those changes. Also, due to some former staffers asking to have their stuff removed, tons of articles by the author “Global Domination” have been deleted. We are nice like that sometimes.

Anyways, now you know where your band will be featured if you send us yer disc/cactus/girlfriend/kitten for consideration.

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