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Adamantra: Promo 2011

31/05/11  ||  Altmer

Nice Symphony X ripoff you guys have got going here, guys. I initially thought it would be a Dream Theater ripoff, but it has evolved into ripping off DT’s cousins in Symphony X along with that. I reviewed a band called Simulacrum earlier this month and I have pretty much exactly the same thing to say to Adamantra as to Simulacrum (and this is in all caps because clearly the message hasn’t hit home in Finland yet): GET A FUCKEN SENSE OF IDENTITY. Apparently this is not gonna happen because that band’s keyboardist is now full time in this band. Oops. They sound exactly the same too. Nice going, fuckos.

This is the nth band out there that sounds exactly like Dream Theater and Symphony X (particularly the latter in this case). If I was Michael Romeo, I would sue for copyright infringement. Originality is not the band’s strong suit. Songwriting isn’t either. There are good riffs here and there that sound like they have potential, but overall there’s no good songs to speak of. It’s just unabashed hero worship, and done in a B-grade version makes no one but the pure aficionados or sadomasochists happy.

If you lot have interest in listening to a carbon copy of the old prog metal scene, you should search out this demo, but everyone else can give it a safe pass. As for me: it’s listenable enough (the vox are actually non-irritating) but I’m not going to drug and fuck this record. I’d give this a 6, but it’s such blatant style theft that I’m going to drop the score by one point. For fucks sake, you could have done something new on this demo… Boring.

Also, apparently the new album cover isn’t out yet. So you’ll have to do without. Yeah. For that reason and that reason alone.


  • Information
  • Released: 2011
  • Website:
  • Tuomas Nieminen: vocals
  • Panu Kiskola: guitars
  • Jukka Hoffren: bass
  • Christian Pulkkinen: keyboards
  • Mikko Sepponen: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Three
  • 02. In The Sign of the Cross
  • 03. Oracle