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Aenaon / Satanochio: A parallel zoetrope

27/10/10  ||  Altmer

Black metal demo deluxe (split demo/7”). That is basically what this is. A short eight-minute demo featuring exactly two songs (because of that, this coverage is going to be shorter than usual). The production on the guitars is actually decent, too. Even by demo standards. There are a few downsides: some of the drum production is goddamn atrocious. The high-pitched vocals on the second track fucking suck absolute cock and are better left out or replaced with low growls (similar to the first track), as this bad van Drunen impression leaves me with naught. Then again, apparently that is a different band as this is a split demo. Done by some Romanian band called Satanochio. I have no fucken clue why this is a split, but it is. The second track is in exactly the same vein as the first anyhow. Except the vocals are not as good. That is pretty much it.

You know what the best part is: the riffs are fucken addictive as shit. The dude(s) that do guitar are fucking excellent and riff like there’s no tomorrow. Occasionally there is a thrashy groove to the guitars that propels the whole thing forward. There are excellent melodic parts on the first song as well during the first song. The Nemtheanga-esque vocals work well in context. Basically, it’s decently-produced black metal with some thrashing influences and without the constant blasting (so it’s experimental apparently). You wanna know what I think of this recording?

Good work, kids. You hold potential for a good full-length.

Recommendation: Put out said full-length. Haven’t heard something this good from a young band in quite a while.


  • Information
  • Released: 2010
  • Website: Aenaon MySpace & Satanochio MySpace
  • Bands
  • Aenaon:
  • Astrous: vocals
  • Achilleas: guitars
  • Thyragon: bass
  • Draugen: drums
  • Satanochio:
  • S: vocals, guitar
  • Grui Sanger: guitar, bass
  • Nimenea: drums
  • IV: bass
  • Tracklist
  • Aenaon:
  • 01. I, Tyrant
  • Satanochio:
  • 02. Crimson Grim