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After Oblivion: Vultures

10/08/11  ||  Lord K Philipson

Chuck this out. The leading asshole of this completely unknown band (hailing from Bosnia/Herzegovina or something similar) decided to e-mail the mighty GD with a download link and a request for a review.

I fucken hate that shit.

Bands are making it too easy on them these days. As it states on our muthafucken front page: “And no, we don’t download your shitty promos to review. Make an effort and send us the real deal, or don’t bother contacting us”. I directed him unto these words with my usual kind tone and got a nice “- Fuck off, I’ll send the bloody CD.” back. I dig that. It’s like a retard convention over e-mail. Thing is, after taking a listen to what this idiot actually cooked up with his non-hetero band mates on this promo I decided to make an exception and actually review it without him sending the CD (that I would have thrown away anyways after ripping it). Why? Becoz this shit is actually so fucken good it deserves it.

I fucken hate that shit too.

After Oblivion’s not afraid to admit what inspires them. No, that was not a typo in the beginning. I actually said “Chuck this out”. Do you idiots know of many relevant Chuck’s in the metal scene? No, you might know a couple – the one I am referring to here so cleverly went by the last name of Schuldiner. This Adnan fucko (guitars/vocals) sounds exactly like Chuck did before he tragically fucked off to another dimension to hang with other musical geniuses. But it doesn’t stop there. This whole fucken band sounds completely like later-era Death (minus the absolute excellence that Death possessed).

After Oblivion is bound to score a deal with a respectable label in a very near future, and they very much deserve it. Give these cocksuckers a decent budget and a good studio and I am sure they will fire up something absolutely astonishing that everyone who misses Death will enjoy to the fucken max.

Yes, this is a Death rip-off by the numbers, but lemme tell you that I much rather get something like this instead of the 4 million shit demos and albums we get sent on a regular basis.

Fuck you very much for being absolutely impressive. Assholes. I hate you.


  • Information
  • Released: 2011
  • Website: After Oblivion MySpace
  • Band
  • Adnan: vocals, guitars
  • Jasenko: guitars
  • Dario: bass
  • Marko: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Septic mind
  • 02. Vultures
  • 03. Deliverance