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Amorphead: Chaos expression

10/05/11  ||  revenant

Hey, have you heard the news? Amorphead have been signed to Casket Records, how awesome is that? Good news right? Yes? No? Maybe? Does anyone give a fuck? Well whether you do or don’t, I’m going to tell you anyway. That’s how we roll.

So as you may have guessed, this is disc the latest to hit GD’s mailbox of terror (terror for the writers that is). “Chaos Expression” is the second EP release from this Italian outfit who like to hang out in abandoned warehouses. Italian eh? I guess I’d better tread carefully here, we all know the Italians don’t like to be taken by ass.

The music presented on this EP is focused heavily around big crunching grooves that contain a hint of NWOAHM style riffing. The vocals are a pained high pitch growl, the kind you get when someone ties your scrotum in a knot. The drumming is pretty par for the course, mostly double kicks. Generally this is not ground breaking stuff, not blood flowing to my cock exciting and in general a little monotonous. Judging from the number of breakdowns and lead breaks in this EP, it’s probably fair to say the band recognizes this and has done their best to inject variety into their work. The lead breaks, incidentally, are quite good.

Though the variety is much welcomed in places, it’s completely pointless if it goes nowhere and adds nothing. I’d suggest with their next effort Amorphead familiarize themselves with the usage of used for cutting of useless sections and place where useless sections belong . These two items go well together, and would become particularly useful for addressing the pointless intro on the opening track, the derivative instrumental track and the 4 minutes of shitty sound effects and bleeps on the album closer. Snip, snip, snip, there, much fucken better. Oh shit, please also make sure your place where useless sections belong doesn’t have a recycle - like what all those useless thrash revival band are doing with Slayer's riffs logo on it though. That bit is vitally fucking important. If you put it in a place where useless sections belong with a recycle - like what all those useless thrash revival band are doing with Slayer's riffs on it, you’re only going to make trouble for yourself.

Overall, this wasn’t such a bad disc, but again not so great either. Amorphead don’t break any boundaries with their work, but the sound they produce is somewhat decent. There are a number of useless sections on this album which detract from the overall performance and are things the band needs to get out of the habit of doing. The lead breaks are quite good but their strength alone is not enough for me to rate this highly.


  • Information
  • Released: 2011
  • Label: None
  • Website: Amorphead MySpace
  • Band
  • Emiliano “Master” Iozzo: vocals
  • Alessandro “Mlex” Morrone: guitars
  • Antonio “Paul” Mazza: guitars
  • Matteo “Greg” Gregoraci: bass
  • Giorgio “Kronos” Faini: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Scream Inside
  • 02. Depth
  • 03. 5.22
  • 04. Holes
  • 05. Chaos Expression