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...And Darkness Remains: Calling into the abyss

15/07/09  ||  HailandKill

“Calling Into The Abyss” is a genre defying succession of instrumental tracks that sprung from the mind of one Geoff Doucette, who’s the lone ranger behind his baby, …And Darkness Remains.

Now the person responsible for …And Darkness Remains is a budding musician living somewhere in the United States. In his spare time Geoff studies the finer points of music production, pursues sports, and attends high school. He also likes Metallica a lot and has an affinity for Swedish deathsters Bloodbath. His dedication to becoming a better music-man is commendable and can be heard in all its raw glory on this demo. However, Geoff’s current level of musicianship is execrable, and god knows how people are supposed to get themselves copies of this abyss-mal demo.

There’s supposed to be a concept here (why else separate the opus into three parts?) only nobody’s gonna care. The drums are programmed, the guitars muddy, and the overall audio is heavy and foreboding as a thundercloud. The three tracks follow a semblance of melody except that the listener would much prefer listening to the new The Project Hate album than spend some earnest time on this way-beyond-obscure solo opus.

Some anonymous username in a discussion board put it best: get a band, dude.
This review’s opening sentence was meant to be sarcastic, by the way.

For the love of Lord K there will be no score for this.

  • Tracklist
  • 01. Calling into the abyss 1
  • 02. Calling into the abyss 2
  • 03. Calling into the abyss 3