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Angelfire: 2005

12/04/05  ||  Lord K Philipson

First of all, getting a “booklet” with the CDR that is so poorly printed that you’re not able to make shit out of it is not fun. If there’s any mistakes about the fucken member’s names and/or song-titles, blame them coz I’m not giving the slightest of shits. Beside the cover being printed by a leprechaun they also have the fortune to sport a ridicously pissy cover-art for this thing. Good work fellas, if yer aim is to not impress anyone with the first look, you succeeded.

You guys are damn lucky to not being close to as sucky as the package you handed us. But you are not that far away from it unfortunately. Having a production that’s listenable is always a good thing, apparently these guys don’t care about that. Whoever got their cock stuck on the treble-buttons in the studio should leave the room and then be force-fed glass for a week. I have recorded better-sounding material with a pair of soccer-shoes producing.

So, the packaging sucks elephant-balls, the production licks the same balls, what about the music? Yeah, exactly, what about it? Some semi-metal of some sort, hooray. They heard In Flames and they heard Iron Maiden, good for them, bad for the rest of us. Throwing in some blasts (I guess they are supposed to be blasts anyways) over some crappy riffing doesn’t work either, it still remains piss-poor. I gotta applaud them for creating one of the more ridicolus-sounding parts I have heard in quite some time though. Listen to “Let go” from 2:22 and forward. If that’s not a deaf soundguy doing this production, my cock is 2 yards and as wide as Anna Nicole Smith in her glory days of ultimate fatness.

Nope guys, this wasn’t good for shit. Re-do it, do it right.

  • Information
  • Released: 2005
  • Label: Yeah, right…
  • Website: We never checked for one.
  • Band
  • Matt: guitars, vocals
  • Nico: guitars
  • Dan: drums
  • Chris: bass, vocals
  • Josh: lead vocals
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Altered perception
  • 02. Let go
  • 03. Dividing all that is real
  • 04. To the flames
  • 05. Vampire