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Architorture: Circle of aggression

07/06/11  ||  revenant

It’s thrash. It’s fast, tight and decent but, all in all, nothing special.

I’ve sat on this demo for a couple of weeks now and that’s the only sentence I’ve been able to form. I wouldn’t call what I have writer’s block, it’s just that there is no need to write anything else. That pretty much encapsulates the whole thing. OK ok, I know I have to do a little better than that. Let’s have at it then.

This demo is self released by the band ahead of a full length album they are currently putting together. It’s a self funded effort, and all the production work has been done by the band themselves. Despite hailing from Finland, the sound this band produces definitely owes it’s roots to the American bay area thrash scene. The three tracks on offer are fairly diverse, particularly the second track, which is the highlight of the three, being longer and a little more progressive thanks to a couple of interesting melodic lead sections. For the most part though, this is mostly full throttle thrashing mayhem, with echoes of Dark Angel in their recklessly fast attack. The vocals are raw screams, and I imagine the fast paced mayhem and ragged vocals would create a great live act.

The self produced sound is pretty good for a demo release. The guitars sound clean (possibly too clean) and there’s a definite 80’s vibe to the sound. I imagine, as this band is not currently not signed, that this demo has also been sent around to a few labels as well as to us. I’d say there’s definite potential here with Architorture if they can find something to make them unique. This demo certainly highlights their ability to play fast and tight. But aside from the melodic leads mentioned earlier, there is nothing new here that we haven’t seen before. Nor is it a beacon of brilliance shining out of the murky mediocrity that is modern thrash releases. It’s another number in the crowd. The songs are well structured, but not terribly catchy. The playing is sharp and overall the songs are well delivered. But rarely does this stretch beyond decent.

Which brings me back to how I opened this review in the first place.

It’s thrash. It’s fast, tight and decent but, all in all, nothing special.


  • Information
  • Released: 2011
  • Label: self released
  • Website: Architorture MySpace
  • Band
  • Petri Nordman: vocals, bass
  • Sami Eskola: guitars
  • Tommi Otsavaara: guitars
  • Anssi Kantola: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Spare No One
  • 02. Circle of Aggression
  • 03. Treachery