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Asylium: 2004

22/03/05  ||  Lord K Philipson

So I lost/threw away the fucken CDR with the titles, whatcha gonna do, sue me?

It’s not like these youngsters have a website either so seriously… Fuck it. I’m not even taking the time to go on the ‘net to find out the titles as I have some 600 other albums/demos/dildo’s to review. It’s not like you or me care about titles anyways.

Asylium hail from my native country and that usually means they do some good stuff, no matter their age (18/19 all of them). What they serve us is 2 tracks of death metal (or “gore/satanic death metal” as they so nicely wants to put it), and I must say that, never mind the quite poor production and the here-and-there lacking talent, this material is pretty good. ”-2 tracks? The tracklisting says 3…”.

Fuck you, ofcourse the first one is a completely unecessary bullshit-intro, what did you expect?

Anyways, I’d even go as far as saying it’s alot better than most of the crap I get sent from various obscure fuck-labels every now and then. The kids seem to have some talent for writing pretty catchy death metal tunes and I wouldn’t be suprised if they get signed in a few years when the talent’s improved a bit, coz the energy and urge to do this kind of music is very present. They have alot of good ideas and some of the riffs kinda groove even…

But first things first;

1. The growls are real fine as long as he sticks to just that. When Andreas decides to do the Chris Barnes’ “pig-screams”, I seriously wanna take Andreas’ ballsack and nail it to the floor until he begs for forgiveness and promises to never do those vocals again. But to make things clear to you, the growls are real fine.

2. Sometimes the drumming gets on my nerves as Joel cheats a bit in the fast parts (or it might be the production hiding his every ride-hit, fuck if I knew). If he is cheating, my advice is to slow down until you can handle the speed. If he’s not cheating, good for him.

3. The bassists name is Mikaela. That’s a girl’s name. And I can hear the bass even, how about that? And it’s actually sounding all tight and shit. No one but Jo Bench is allowed to play bass in a death metal band as long as you are a chick. But what’s more important is that Joel didn’t send us a photo of her to jack off to (yes, we are very much like that), I should bash this demo solely becoz of it.

But no can do. This is a fine piece that promises alot for the future. All these guys (ok then, and girl) needs to do is change the piss-poor moniker and they might be all fine. I’m looking forward to hear some more.

Oh, and out of the 2 tracks, the first one is the winner. I love the riff kicking in at 0:56.

Ask the guys for a blowjob or a copy of this at

  • Information
  • Released: 2004
  • Website: None found
  • Band
  • Joel Axelsson: drums
  • Fredrik Lundell: lead-guitar
  • Andreas Runfors: vocals
  • Mikaela Ã…kesson: bass
  • Michael Nasenius: rhythm-guitar
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Track number one
  • 02. Track number two
  • 03. Track number three