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Castillion: Triumph and tragedyCastillion: Triumph and tragedy

31/03/09  ||  theProphet

What, these guys don’t have a record deal yet?! Fuck you, Castillion. You will never ever release an album on any label that you don’t run yourself, you pathetic scumbags. Actually, I did some quick research and found out that pathetic scumbags do get to release albums (you can research yourselves by clicking this link). But even if some brainless retard would mistakenly pull Castillion out of the “self-released” cesspool then I think it’s fairly safe to say that people would care about their bullshit power metal about as much as Europeans care about baseball.

Power metal, yes. Cause that’s what these bastards play, and while I’ll admit to like a minuscule amount of said genre, what is produced on “Triumph and Tragedy” doesn’t even come close. Seriously, this is lame even by power metal standards.

The main problem, aside from the astoundingly weak riffs and Castillion non-existent composing skills, is Mr. Sörman’s completely worthless vocals. With a vocal range going from “amateurish at best” all the way to “stab-myself-in-the-eardrums-with-my-housekeys hideous”, you know you’re in for an ordeal. At least you could call it an ordeal if that’s how you refer to the holocaust. Oh my fucking god, you can hear how this guy tries sooo hard yet he sucks soooooo baaaad. The only thing worse than power metal vocals is someone trying, and failing, to imitate power metal vocals, and that’s this guy. Especially the incredibly lame attempts at power ballads makes me scrabble in panic for my keyring, and the only time he’s even on the map as far as a passing grade goes is on the album’s best song “Neon Knight”, a track that is so good that might very possible have been one of the lamer tracks off a Hammerfall album.

Okay, so the witch is dead now, right? I’d just finish this up then by saying that the cover art is shitty and the production is okay, seeing as this is a demo and all.

  • Information
  • Released: 2007
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Ulf Sörman: vocals, guitar
  • Robert Örnesved: guitar
  • Magnus Stenberg: bass
  • Johannes Berg: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Ljudion – Intro
  • 02. Electric Skies
  • 03. Fade to Nothing
  • 04. I Ride my Pain
  • 05. The Darkest Night
  • 06. Interlude
  • 07. Denying Destiny
  • 08. Repent my Sins
  • 09. Triumph and Tragedy
  • 10. Written in Stone
  • 11. Neon Knight
  • 12. Ridon