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Centicore: Death's parade

07/04/08  ||  Lord K Philipson

It’s always nice to get a well composed letter when you receive a demo. It works to call us the “coolest site on the net” and so forth, you know. Simply becoz we know it’s the truth, but we are always open to shit like that like David Hasselhoff’s ass is open to cock.

Monikers are always a dilemma. Sometimes it tells a hella lot about the band in question and what kind of music they play, other times it just makes you go hmm… Centicore might have one that won’t go down in history as one of the best names in metal, so their music better be heaps above it. And I won’t complain too much about Centicore’s brand of modern, year 2000 and forwards, metal. Obviously quite skilled musicians where the guitarists definitely stand out with their precise playing and neatly delivered solos. The material is missing something though as I’m obviously paying more attention to how they play their stuff instead of listening to actual songs.

Some of this sounds like shit Amon Amarth could have come up with, we are talking guitars here, only the complete deal sounds nothing like them, just so you won’t get any idiotic ideas. If you wanna hear proof of what I mean, listen to the last, and best, track “Dead man wasted”. You’ll definitely get the guitar references if you have an IQ above an aquarium. You can also find traces of In Flames in the guitar department, which is not too fucken surprising. And yeah, if you really feel like it you can hear some Slipknot-ish influences in there as well, though Centicore’s focus is on the more melodic side of the heroin spoon.

So, the bottomline is: Centicore’s mixing a lot of the usual shit in their stew; modern metal riffing, clean vocals, screamy vocals, impressive leads, half-brutality, melodies and whatnot. You know, the recipe for today’s metal bands. This accompanied by a good production makes this effort a decent one on all accounts without being overly impressive, brutal or genuine.

Centicore’s yet another band among millions of bands doing their thing real fucken well. You heard it some 700.000 times before and let it stay on yer computer becoz it’s sounding all fine, though it actually gives you nothing-to-little at all in the end. Either way, it stays in my collection. A fate not shared by alot of demos these days. Congratulations, that is an achievement.

  • Information
  • Released: 2007
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Mattias Johansson: vocals
  • Niklas Lindblom: guitars
  • Simon Moberg Oleszkiewicz: guitars
  • Adolf Moberg Oleszkiewicz: bass
  • Jens Gustavsson: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Death’s parade
  • 02. Parasite
  • 03. Dead man wasted