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Clock Paradox: Demo 1, 2009

20/11/09  ||  Smalley

Here I lay in my dorm room bed at 4 AM on a Tuesday, with about two quizzes and a speech due in class today, and I’m trying to scrape up a decent review for a band you’ve probably never heard of, for a demo you’ll probably never listen to. Still, I suppose Clock Paradox deserves a chance from someone, so here goes; we get some decent acoustic guitar work on opening track “Awareness of transiency”, but that turns into crappy-sounding, low-fi heavy riffs, and with no vocals in the song, the entire thing’s basically dead in the water. Pointless instrumental openers are no good, comprende, Clock Paradox? “The knife” is more direct and aggressive with the heavy stuff, and we do get to hear some vocals on it, but they’re either muddled, generic growling, or melodic clean vox that are delivered about as well as the growling was (so not very).

As for the songwriting there, it doesn’t offer much of anything good or bad, and for the most part, neither do the rest of the songs on this demo, except maybe some mild irritation at the singer’s clean vocals (or that odd harsh/clean hybrid he does sometimes). Erm, style-wise, what would I describe Clock Paradox as? I dunno, maybe some groove/thrash/hardcore/metalcore-ish thing? They didn’t have much of their own identity, so it doesn’t matter much, and it’s getting close to class time anyway (wish me luck!), so for the low-quality guitar sound, the inadequate vocalwork, and the average overall songwriting, Clock Paradox nets a…


  • Information
  • Released: 2009
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Antti Karhu: vocals
  • Jyrki Hiltunen: guitar
  • Jani Kuorikoski: drums
  • Timo Tyynismaa: bass
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Awareness of Transiency
  • 02. The Knife
  • 03. Terminal Farewell
  • 04. Moment of Reveal
  • 05. Convictions