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Clock Paradox: Promosexual 2009

18/03/10  ||  Smalley

HAHAHA PROMOsexual, that’s so funny!!! Lame title aside, after having sat through the first demo from Clock Paradox, I figured might as well do the same for this one, and share some more thoughts (and if it keeps my ass from getting fired, why the hell not?).

The first track has raspy, subdued, sup-par death growling, with riffs that are adequate, but never really manage to entertain. The soft clean-guitar part later is decent, as are the clean vocals (if overly derivative of Mikael Ã…kerfeldt’s), but the heavy/soft dichotomy here is still pretty disjointed, and is never executed in a compelling, cohesive way.

I like the lively guitar work and drumming that opens up the second track, even though the production on the latter is weak, but then the bad singing butts in again, which is more of a hardcore shout this time, but sucking all the same, and pretty much ruining what chances this demo had of being worthwhile (which were slim in the first place). Third track sees some emo-ish shouts vocals-wise, which yes, also sucks; it seems hiring Jouni Koskela to help Antti Karhu with the vocal duties only allowed Paradox to choose from a greater range of crappy singing, in comparison to the first demo.

The final song is a bonus track (on a demo??), a weird, creepy, over-long folk thing, with an acoustic guitar and accordion, and Valfar need not worry his legacy with those instruments was just surpassed, since it hasn’t been. Anyway, this is aimless, middling hard/metalcore overall, with bad vocal work all-around, and a few bright-ish parts that aren’t enough to redeem the demo as a whole. At least the guitars sound a bit better than what I remember from the first demo; now Clock Paradox just needs to work on fixing everything else.


  • Information
  • Released: 2009
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Jouni Koskela: vocals
  • Antti Karhu: guitar, vocals
  • Jyrki Hiltunen: guitar
  • Jani Kuorikoski: drums
  • Timo Tyynismaa: bass
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Spaceship01
  • 02. Nooperative
  • 03. The Noble Men
  • 04. Forgotten
  • 05. Introverted
  • 06. The Noble Dude