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Como Muertos: Demo 2007

27/11/07  ||  Lord K Philipson

A demo (or MCD, according to themselves) from the country that, as mentioned before, brought us filthy chicks thinking that having hairy armpits is a sexy, sexy thing when you are a girl, France, comes Como Muertos. I’d be a fucken liar if I said that music from said country usually is impressive. They brought us fucken Vanessa Paradis at one point, you know. That hideous, hideous cunt. Well, Como Muertos most fucken definitely thought they had to make me reevaluate my opinion. Thanx for that, bitches, becoz you guys are pretty fucken killer!

You want some quite excellent fucken death metal? Here you go. Look no further for the time being. The French fucks know what they are doing. Most of the time they groove like a sumbitch, they blast when needed to and they have some magnificent fucken growls to accompany everything. It’s been a long, long time since I was this pleasantly surprised by an unknown band. I will be honest here, I almost passed on this recording. I thought someone else on staff could review it coz I have better things to do than review music from beret wearing motherfuckers, you know. I’m fucken glad I put the damn thing on though, coz Como Muertos is a nice kick in the balls. Why haven’t I ever heard about this band before? Has anyone ever heard about them outside of France? Or even in France? If not, this review must be the start of changing that. If Como Muertos remains unsigned for long, all labels deserve to be shot. Well, they do anyways, but hey…

Give these guys a fucken deal, give them enough money to record in a good fucken studio (the production on this demo is fine, but not album worthy) and get them out on tour. When literally fucktons of bands (known or unknown) in the death metal scene release shit albums, Como Muertos would piss on them with their dirty and catchy death metal, given the chance. I can’t exactly say why I’m digging this so much, maybe they just caught me at a good time? But anyways, I like this a lot. Bring me the fucken album! (and when you do, keep the Spanish lyrics, but skip all the fucken horror movie samples)

Ending note: According to the info I got from them, members came and left during this recording, so I’ll just list the actual current members as provided in said info.

  • Information
  • Released: 2007
  • Website: Como Muertos MySpace
  • Band
  • El Maestro: vocals
  • El Doctor: guitars
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Demembrado a Machetazos
  • 02. El Antro de La Disgracia
  • 03. Salidos de Tierra
  • 04. Necrofista
  • 05. Orgia
  • 06. Despertados por el Maestro