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Deathchamber: His will be done

10/03/11  ||  Lord K Philipson

Let’s go over this again… It’s not the funniest thing in the world to have to deal with shitty demos and albums that are sent to Global Domination. In 9 out of 10 cases what we get is complete arsehole music. “Music” that is made by actual anuses. Stuff that never should have made it onto a CD. I usually get my hopes up a little, though, when unknown bands send in their stuff and the band in question happens to be Swedish. That is usually a sign of the product being at least decent, coz you all fucken know we (The Mighty Swedes) absolutely rule the universe when it comes to music. Deathchamber are, naturally, Swedish. I never heard their name, let alone the music. So, what are we in for?

Some impressive fucken death metal, that’s what.

Something I really dig about Deathchamber is the fact that they use some symphonic influences (keyboards, that is) at times, and it really works. It adds a great atmosphere to the brutality and their blasting and competent death metal really benefits from it. Smart move, kids. Keep that up. Another thing on the plus side is that it’s not all blasts and standard death metal riffing going on. They throw in the occasional chugga-chugga riff, to please the groovsters out there. Another smart move since it spices things up a little and keeps the material from being completely anonymous.

And whaddya know, they borrow quite a bit from Morbid Angel when they see fit (listen to “Fallen from the grace of God” and tell me that’s not a theft/tribute to the Floridians). These kids also manage to neatly steal a thing or two from early Decapitated and Vader. Not all shit bands, to put it mildly. And they do this fucken great, Deatchchamber do.

Expect a ton of double bass and blastbeats with groovy guitars, mildly annoying fx’d vocals (too much delay/reverb for my liking) and a sterile production (the drums sound quantized to perfection and the sound of them isn’t really winning any awards) to round it all off. Competent song writing is present and Deatchchamber is not likely to stay unsigned for long.

It’s been quite a while since a Swedish demo impressed me this much and I really look forward to hear what these guys will cook up in the future. Coz fuck knows they got the potential to make some impact. Let’s just hope for a much better production (including improvement of the quite weak guitar tone) next time around and a “better looking logo, then this shit will absolutely fly.

I am not very surprised by the quality. After all: it’s Swedish death metal. They could have fucken chosen something better than an old fucken Gustave Doré painting for the cover though. That is just so overdone, and it’s not like this particular image hasn’t been used before by a million of other bands.

But considering the quality of this effort, I will let those retard mistakes slide for now.


  • Information
  • Released:
  • Label:
  • Website: Deatchchamber MySpace
  • Band
  • Martin Runnzell: vocals
  • Markus Tervamäki: guitars
  • Peter Uvén: bass
  • Dennis Bobzien: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. His will be done
  • 02. Through flesh your souls be saved
  • 03. Opposite
  • 04. Fallen from the grace of God