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Death By Dawn: Unleash hell

06/01/10  ||  Euthanatos

The sounds of tanks rolling, machine guns blazing and the ubiquitous screams of agony start off Death By Dawn’s new demo, “Unleash Hell”. This German outfit had Martin van Drunen in their ranks for a while, so I guess this makes them all kinds of special, but I had never heard of them before. They actually have a full-length debut already, but for some reason, they’ve resorted to going back to demos after that one. I can’t say I’ve listened to that debut, but let’s just judge “Unleash Hell” for what it is, shall we?

So what is it? It’s actually a pretty nifty 4-track slab of death metal. The new vocalist, Jan, just Jan, has a great growl, deep, thick, long, girth. The guitars feature some interesting moments, although the volumes when the solos come in sound a bit strange, but that’s acceptable for a demo. P.J. Colapinto’s drums are rock solid, nothing flashy, but very appropriate for the style.

These guys aren’t trying to go lightning fast with their death metal, this is more Entombed, Gorefest type of speed, with a good dose of thrash metal influence in the mix.

The good thing about “Unleash Hell” is that Death by Dawn didn’t try and go for the usual, and their breed of metal does sound differentiated. I like a lot of the innovative elements they stick in there, like the jazzy parts in “Walk With the Dead”, that nevertheless still comes across as a brutal song. All four tracks are pretty unique, so that’s also a huge plus.

All in all, my only complaint is that it ends too quickly, these guys have the chops to release another full-length definitely. Get to it, gentlemen, the more songs, the merrier.

The cover: I can hardly figure out what’s going on. Not good.


  • Information
  • Released: 2009
  • Website: Death By Dawn MySpace
  • Band
  • Jan: vocals
  • Ingo “Fusel” Fussangel: guitars
  • Toshi: bass
  • P.J. Colapinto: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. The Great Crusade
  • 02. Righteous
  • 03. Walk With The Dead
  • 04. Unleash Hell