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Electric Hellride: Charged

25/01/11  ||  revenant

Since joining GD as a writer I have become something I never expected to be: familiar with the Danish metal scene (I guess it puts me in great stead if I ever travel there and want to see a show). First there was Mordax, then Raunchy and now my third Danish release in six months in Electric Hellride.

Yeah, Electric Hellride (from this point on referred to EH). Pretty lame name, I know. I guess “Sonic Rollercoaster” was already taken and “Audio Rough Trip” was out of the question for being complete shit, but the alternative they took is steeped in crapness if ever a band’s name was. But hey, it’s not the name that matters, it’s the music, right?

From the opening moments of this demo one thing is clear: this is one rocking release. Big crunching riffs blast from the speakers, sounding a little Swedish in their guitar tone (and backed by some fucken beautiful sounding production I might add) and laden with wicked groove, with ace bass and drumming to match. The music is hard rock, though with the odd thrash or death metal flourish to give it added edge. It’s quite an ace sounding record, and I’d raving further about it if it wasn’t for the crap vocals.

Yep, sadly these guys are brought down by what is essentially a shitty vocal performance. These vocals are the worst thing I’ve heard since… well, since I heard the name of the band (ha!). Half yelled, half growled and really awful sounding voice, the best thing this band can do from here is look for a proper full time vocalist, because musically they are in a pretty good place.

All in all this is a pretty solid release despite the shitty vocals, and if future work from these here fuckos found its way to GD I would again put my hand up for it. EH have demonstrated enough talent and strong songwriting (check out “Unleash”, one of the most rockingest hook laden tracks you’re likely to hear this year) in this demo to be a band to keep on your radar.

Now if I may borrow from Altmer to close this review off:

Recommendation: Get a new vocalist. Everything else is sounding great.


  • Information
  • Released: 2010
  • Website: Electric Hellride MySpace
  • Band
  • Caper Wild: vocals, bass
  • Nick Damn: guitars
  • Ancent Van Rock: guitars
  • Bryan Idol: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Obsessive Aggression
  • 02. Installing the Virus
  • 03. Unleash
  • 04. Fighting Alone