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Endless Torture: At war with war

07/02/07  ||  Lord K Philipson

If you hail from Östersund (the city who brought us excellent bands such as Aeon and Sanctification among others), Sweden, you are bound to at least sound decent, at worst. That city is definitely known for its quality when it comes to music. Endless Torture is no exception.

While most of the bands up there in the north seem to concentrate on playing metal in the most deadliest of ways, ET (hahaha… fucken ET, people. Where’s Steven Spielpenis when I need him?) decided the world needed some more thrash. I don’t think that decision is all too fucked actually.

I get some Accu§er-vibes at times, which definitely is a good thing. That’s mostly becoz of the vocals. This also means that the vocals aren’t particularly good, just as they weren’t with Accu§er, but for some strange reason they fit the music like cock in hand. With only 2 tracks to judge, I’ll make a rundown of them both;

Opener “Fugitives lament” is the weaker one and I think they should have turned the tracklisting around upon the release of this demo. There’s heaps of Kreator-ish riffing in here but Peter’s vocals prevents it from sounding like a complete rip-off. Some nice riffs here and there and some of it definitely brings back some old school memories for yours truly.

“Breed by war” is the hit tune on this thing. While sporting a fantastically groovy opening riff it really gets asses moving. Bonus points for that bass slide-thingy as well. That sounds killer, guys! A really good fucken track by all means. Definitely people, check it fucken out. It’s prolly available on their My Penis page listed below.

This band is comprised by members from most of the local bands you know coming from Östersund. That’s how they work up there. If you ever saw “Deliverance”, you know what I mean…

Before I round this off I just have to mention the quite great production where the bass really stands out, much to my liking.

Good work guys, I look forward to hearing more from you.

  • Information
  • Released: 2006
  • Website: Endless Torture MySpace
  • Band
  • Peter Mellgren: vocals
  • Markus Edvardsson: guitars, bass
  • Tom Åsvold: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Fugitives lament
  • 02. Breed by war