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Entrails: Reborn

07/10/09  ||  cadenz

Swedish up-and-cummer Entrails have a logo that looks like a mix between the classic logos of two classic Swedish death metal bands: Entombed and Nihilist. Huh? E & N one and the same band? No, fuck no. There’s the Johnny-era, and there’s the no-more-Johnny-era. Or not. Well, who the fuck cares. What matters is that Entrails sound like them. Both.

Now some band history: according to their MySpace site, Entrails was formed as early as 1991, but never got around to record anything and was put on hold. Some years back, main felon Bloodspill started fiddling around with his old tunes written back in the day and decided to record them, with a guest growler to satisfy the songs’ gory needs. We should all thank him for going through the pains of the studio after all these years, ‘cause “Reborn” is a killer demo!

These eleven songs consist of pure quality Swedish death metal of the no-nonsense kind. Dismember seems to be at least as big an influence as the aforementioned band/bands, and the melodic riffing tastes mighty fine actually. Evil and mean but still harmonic and catchy, especially the fifth track “Voices” has a big “Hit warning!” stamp affixed on its gory, slimy forehead. The middle section and solo in “Midnight Death” also provide the sweetest kind of melodic break from the meaty pounding were served as the main course.

All the instruments are played with conviction, and the band mostly keep things simple enough so everybody can keep up with what’s going on. The vocalist has a deep, manly growl and sounds like his voice echoes from beyond the grave, in a good way. Well, of course in a good way, don’t think “from beyond the grave” could be considered anything else than good in death metal. You gotta find yourself a drummer, though – they’re programmed fine and all that, but this kind of DM needs the organic quality a human drummer brings to the table.

All in all, great dark atmosphere and catchy riffs that sound like authentic early 90’s material. I guess they’re not bullshitting us on their site regarding the point in time in which these songs were written. Had this demo been released back then in the early 90’s, Entrails would surely have been a band to reckon with, even in the horribly flooded Swedish death metal scene. Today, with all this having been done before, they’re probably not going to raise many eyebrows; which is sad ‘cause this band had – and has – potential. I hope they get noticed by Teh Almighty Record Company Corps and get to release these songs for a wider audience, and hopefully follow “Reborn” up with more ear candy for us fans of good ole cadaver slabbing.


  • Information
  • Released: 2009
  • Website: Entrails MySpace
  • Band
  • Bloodspill: drum programming, guitar, bass
  • Jocke Svensson: vocals
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Entrails Reborn Intro
  • 02. Evil Obsession
  • 03. The Morgue
  • 04. Your Dead Dog Smile
  • 05. Voices
  • 06. Triumph of the Sinners
  • 07. Stormy Death
  • 08. Midnight Death
  • 09. Breath of Blood
  • 10. Entrails
  • 11. Depression (bonus track)