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Gus Of Sweden: Major minority

10/09/07  ||  Lord K Philipson

“Gus of Sweden”, huh? I agree, that is one weird name, to say the least. Just as Gus himself states in the incredibly professional promo package that he sent me after I heard these tunes on MySpace and asked for them:

“The metal “ideology” as I see it, has always been about breaking laws, revel in forbidden fruit etc, and as a paradox I find metalpeople of today (I once included) to be more narrow-minded and judgmental than most people terms of what’s doable and what’s not, both musically and how to look’n‘act. THIS barrier is the one barrier to fight, and if not succeeding, I’ll at least do my best to seriously fuck with it. Hence the name Gus of Sweden by the way…”

I couldn’t have said that better myself. There’s a big chance you actually know who Gus is. Remember Defleshed? That’s right, Gus is that Gus. And this hero has done a 180 musically with this project. It’s still heavy as fuck, make no mistake, but it’s nothing remotely reminiscent of what Defleshed did back in the day. This is something new, and something that feels very fucken fresh even. How often can you say that about new metal coming out in 2007? Not fucken often, that’s how often.

There is a huge problem with this disc though… It only holds 2 tracks. I want more! If Gus scores a record deal (which would be a fucken disgrace if he doesn’t) and manages to create 7 or 8 more songs on par with these two here, we definitely got one excellent album to look forward to.

When I first heard the intro riff to “Awaiting the turmoil” I cursed myself for not making this riff up myself. Genius. And the rest of the tune is not any worse in any way. But that riff… that fucken riff… Cuuuurrrrrse you, Gus. I’m stealing it. It actually takes a few minutes before Gus’ absolutely terrific trademark vocals enter the picture, something that actually took me by surprise coz Gus actually… sings… up until that point. And he does it with tons of conviction and emotion. I simply love it. This tune is without a doubt one of the catchiest I have heard this year when it comes to metal. It’s brutal, it’s full of neat vocal harmonies and it has a very honest aura surrounding it. Fantastic work, man.

The other track (the opener on this disc) is fucken killer as well, but it is surpassed by “Awaiting the turmoil” when it comes to hitting the right notes with me. Sporting another killer opening riff and clever arrangements throughout its too few minutes, it really shows that Gus means fucken business. And not only that, it also proves that he is one extremely talented guy – something that was never this clear in Defleshed considering their somewhat limited style, I’d say.

And the production is heavy as a very, very fat chick. Crisp and crushing guitars, a dominant bass tone and a drumsound with the punch you’d hope for. Not surprising at all though since it’s Daniel Bergstrand who is responsible for the sound. Fantastic production, just as we have gotten used to when Dug Out is involved in the picture.

Never did I think I could make a review this long based on two tracks, but Gus has proved me wrong. After listening to this recording about 30 times already, I not only ask you, but I’m fucken demanding that you go to his MySpace and check this shit out.

Or I will kill each and everyfuckenone of you.

  • Information
  • Released: 2007
  • Website: Gus Of Sweden MySpace
  • Band
  • Gustaf Jorde: everything
  • Anton: guitar solo on track 1
  • Mikke: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Our wheels are in rotation
  • 02. Awaiting the turmoil