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Gus Of Sweden: Tell your god... to ready for blood

12/06/08  ||  Lord K Philipson

I’m sure that some of you missed out on the review I did for Gus Of Sweden’s last 2-tracker. Correct? If so, go fuck yourself. You know nothing about metal. If you miss out on what Gus and his cohorts are doing in the world of heavier music, you deserve to lead a miserable life all by yourself. No friends, no family, nothing. Redeem yourself, cunt. Understood? If not, read this intro until you fucken get it.



One of Sweden’s finest unsigned (trust me, they won’t be unsigned for long. If no label picks this shit up I’m starting a record company myself for the sole reason to get this fucker out to the masses) acts are back; vicious as fuck and completely stark raving mad. Like a pitbull on a combined diet of crack and crystal meth in a angel dust laboratory. “Tell your god… to ready for blood” is a more than fitting title for this release. It’s take-no-prisoners, present day metal that weaves extremes (among other things) together like it’s the most natural thing to do. It punches you in the mouth repeatedly until each and every tooth is lying on the floor and your face is a bloody pulp. Then it picks up the battery again.

As you could see in my previous review (I’ll fuck you up if you missed the link to it in the intro), I have nothing but great things to say about what Gus and his army are doing. They crush. They rape. They pillage. And when they are done with those festivities they burn down your fucken house and move to the next. It’s as fucken simple as that.

Top notch musicianship, fantastic production (yet again, Dug Out rules at times), incredibly catchy tunes, and as the icing on the fucken semen cake we get Gus’ ferociously wonderful snarl. He spits, vomits, screams and sings. All in a completely thought out manner matched by very few bands today, and all of it sounds fantastic. I must make it my mission to get the word of GOS out to the masses. This shit is too fucken good to stay in the shadows. It deserves world wide recognition. And it deserves it now.

I’m not floored very often when it comes to new bands. Gus Of Sweden (don’t change the fucken moniker, Gus! DO NOT CHANGE THE FUCKEN MONIKER!) just did it for the second time in a row. How many bands can claim to have that effect on me? Not many, that’s for sure.

Take everything you know about groove, take everything you know about fresh ideas and take everything you know about writing memorable tunes – Gus Of Sweden’s got it all. Do yourselves a favor: get this now. Spread it to everyone you know. Talk about it whenever you get the chance. Get the fucken hype going. As said: these guys here deserve it. And if I say so, it fucken is so.

While the first recording was more of a solo effort, GOS’s now turned into a full band of five. I dig that shit. It means I can book them and experience them live at my club. And believe me, I have to do that. I should have done so yesterday. Keep your phone close to you, Gus.

Congratulations, you fucken bastards, on another excellent, excellent release.

  • Information
  • Released: 2007
  • Website: Gus Of Sweden MySpace
  • Band
  • Gustaf Jorde: vocals
  • Michael Hahne: guitars
  • Peter Lans: guitars
  • Ronnie Nyman: bass
  • EB: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Raging swine
  • 02. I would die to be alive