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Ignition Code: Upgraded

16/03/11  ||  Altmer

Upgraded? Are you serious? This album is upgraded? Upgraded from what? A bad attempt at imitating Soilwork? Because you can use generic electronics to constitute a little intro? Fucking hell, you must have some cheek to use such a shitty album title as a band. It’s a pity (but no surprise) that the music is at the same abominable level as the title though. Italy (the country of origin here) is not exactly known for its good metal bands.

The music on this album can barely be called music at times. Most of it is just badly distorted weak-ass guitars, a fucking awful drum sound, perplexingly shitty vocals, a few groovy riffs that resemble some of the Swedish metal bands (but they do it better) and… nothing much. The electronic bits don’t make the band sound unique, they’re just useless intros and outros serving as zero links to the song.

Songwriting is another art that they managed to fuck up here. There are no choruses, no coherence between parts or riffs, no things that make sense, no nothing. They just put a few riffs together and hope it works. They then have an idiot sing over it, the drums play some useless beat, and that’s it. And they dare call it “math” metal. Fucking hell. There’s no mathematics about it. Zero skill and zero good songs equals the fucking suck and that is this demo.

Basically this is how to get your metal completely wrong. Try again next time, fuckers. And by next time I mean never. You guys fucken suck that badly.

Recommendation: Learn to play music before you record anything. Just because you can string together a few riffs doesn’t mean you get to record albums.


  • Information
  • Released: 2011
  • Label: self-released
  • Website: Ignition Code MySpace
  • Band
  • Alessandro Fala: vocals
  • Sabatino Fossemo: guitars
  • Marco Di Carlo: guitars
  • Gaetano Ettorre: bass
  • Guide Borraccino: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Human B.P.M.
  • 02. Game Gear
  • 03. Mikrokid