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Intervention: Words of violence

09/03/10  ||  Lord K Philipson

It’s fucken 7 in the morning and I’m sitting here doing my daily morning routines; drinking coffee, answering mails, putting on corpsepaint, being tr00 etc, etc. In the middle of these routines it dawns on me that I might as well review this demo that some Finns sent to me a while ago. They are called Intervention and play (according to themselves) thrash metal. I am very fucken tired of this new wave of thrash metal that bands like Municipal Waste and whatnot belong to. I used to have the hots for this genre. I used to fucken live off it. That was some 15-20 years ago… Now I have a problem with it. Why? They don’t make it like they used to, that’s why.

Sure, when The Haunted play thrash they do it real good. Hatesphere also manage to deal out the thrashing the modern way. Those are but 2 bands who know how to deliver the new school thrash metal. But they sound nothing like good old Forbidden, Atrophy, Agony or whathaveyou, you know. Today’s thrash is as far away from the excellent old days as Vanessa Carlton is to shooting porn with me tomorrow. These guys, Intervention, look like they are in their mid-20’s, tops. That means they didn’t grow up on the old-school way of things for breakfast. So, how does it pan out then?

The Finns are not going to revolutionize the menu of old or new thrash metal dishes in this lifetime, let’s just put it like that. Melodic, wimp-thrash (the kind that is not particularly fast and lacking the groove it needs since it’s lacking speed) with sucky vocals (except for the occasional decent high-pitched scream) and a non-punchy production. The riffs sound poor, the aggression couldn’t be found were you Chief Investigator of the FBI and this whole thing reeks of too few hours in the “How To Write Great Metal” class. It’s not completely bad, nope, Intervention’s just not handing out anything that you’d find worthy of giving a fuck about. There are too many bands doing this thrash thing a hella lot better (still I could only mention 2), with more balls, better production and songwriting skills.

Intervention need to man up and listen to some old school albums released before the 1990’s. After that they can get back to us and we’ll give them another shot. They got themselves a great bass sound though. That’s a start.


  • Information
  • Released: 2010
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Tuomo Marttinen: vocals
  • Juho Kilpelä: guitars
  • Johannes Leipälä: guitars, backing vocals
  • Joni Lehto : bass, backing vocals
  • Ville Alakörkkö: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Say it with violence
  • 02. Run like hell
  • 03. Left for the scavengers