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Left Hand Path: Time to die!

03/02/11  ||  Lord K Philipson

Yeah, I know… The moniker. Wow. I wonder where they got it from. It’s so… so… innovative. And just like the band name implies, these guys are kinda claiming to to do shit so old-school not even old-school is old-school enough. By the way, I got an explanation for a part in the second track that’s supposed to be a blasting section or something. It was making a laundry list of excuses as for why it sounded like shit. I can narrow that list down to one thing: You guys fucken suck at playing death metal, that’s why it, yes, FUCKEN SUCKS!

Oh, sweet Satan – give me strength.

Take a production that was shat out of some obscure and deaf death metal dudes’ arsehole in the early 90’s. Add to that a vocalist who probably jacks off to pictures of John Retardy of Obituary fame since those kind of grunts unfortunately enter the songs all too often, backing up his silly “normal” growls. To further add insult to injury, throw in some extremely shitty and weak riffs played a million times before by a gazillion of other bands. You don’t think that is enough to make you stay away from this band? How about extremely poor execution in all departments? Would that help? Well, you get that too.

Obviously these idiots formed in 2009 or so and lemme tell you that they definitely entered the studio some 20 years too fucken early. Also, you know these guys mean serious business when they put an exclamation mark after the title. I mean if it’s fucken time to die, you better know it’s fucken TIME TO DIE!

Guys… Live the title.


  • Information
  • Released: 2010
  • Website: Left Hand Path MySpace
  • Band
  • Eden: vocals
  • Uffen: guitars
  • Bekhoff: guitars
  • HG: bass
  • Mr Tea (seriously…): drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Birthless grave
  • 02. Diary of an unborn child
  • 03. Suicide of mankind