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Mind: EP 2007

28/05/08  ||  Kampfar

“This is the band that wants to change Norwegian metal. To do this, new paths must be taken. This new recording has changed the way many people think about metalcore.”


If your band already changed the way many people think of metalcore, I’m sure the net would contain some information on your behalf’s, ey? Not so. And, how the fuck are you guys supposed to change the face of Norwegian metal by playing metalcore? Are you fucking stupid, all of you? I wouldn’t know this, as the net seem to have aborted any info, but I bet you are leeching East Ender cunts. And, last but not least, what fucking new paths did ye take? Whichever it was, it sure didn’t lead you guys to a field of mushrooms. Your music wouldn’t be this boring if so was the case.

Mind do have a couple of nice riffs up their sleeves, and also play their instruments rather well, but a band judging their shit groundbreaking because they mix metal, core, and a bit of grunge – the latter separated, a “place” they visit – can of course never be a great one. Sure, if they learn to attain some focus and stop being gay while at it, there is hope for them. I hate hope.

Get a fucking grip, get pissed. Fuck off.

  • Information
  • Released: 2007
  • Website: Mind MySpace
  • Band
  • Daniel Fossli Hansen: vocals
  • Stein Inge Stølen: guitar
  • Thomas Sjöberg: bass
  • Drum Machine: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Hollow king
  • 02. Be yourself
  • 03. Cocksucker AL
  • 04. World of sin