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Mordax: Slaughter

28/07/10  ||  revenant

I like this. I like this a lot. I know that’s not your textbook introduction, but fuck the textbook (but watch out for paper cuts when doing so) because I’ve finally left the pits of mediocrity and received a label/artist send I really like.

Mordax is the band that’s impressed me, and “Slaughter” is their debut self released EP. The music they play has a mix of melody and thrash with growled vocals, and it is damn good. The playing is tight, though not excessively fast or complex, and the drummer operates with a single kick drum pedal with great precision. The growls suit the songs well, and the occasional clean yell that gets thrown in (as in the chorus “Devoured by Life”) fit perfectly.

The key strength to this release, for me, is the song writing. Mordax have certainly mastered the art of not just writing cool, catchy riffs, but writing cool catchy riffs that build upon each other. The songs all feel like a growing monster, with the chorus being the high point of each. I was also impressed by the variety here, with all tracks sounding unique to one another. Considering this is a first up release, to have seven (“Horror” is just a sound grab) unique and cool tracks like this is a great feat.

Whenever I listen to a self released EP or demo, I ask myself this question: If this band were to go on, sign with a label and release a full length album, would I rush out to get it? The answer, in the case of Mordax, is abso-fucking-lutely. And that is probably the biggest complement I can pay these guys. Bravo, and bring on more.


  • Information
  • Released: 2010
  • Label: Self released
  • Website: Mordax MySpace
  • Band
  • Ashbjørn Steffensen: vocals
  • Mads Bertram: guitars
  • Lord Insane: guitars
  • Jeff Hsjlund: bass
  • Ejnar Videbæk: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Horror (Intro)
  • 02. Buried Alive
  • 03. A Slaughter in the Dark
  • 04. Devoured by Life
  • 05. Eyes of the Weak
  • 06. Trail Of Murder
  • 07. As We Slay Your Gods
  • 08. Flense The Forsaken