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Pagan Fire: EP 2007 & demo 2006

04/02/08  ||  Lord K Philipson

Pagan Fire hail from The Philippines. This effort here is supposed to be a demo and a EP consisting of 6 songs in total. 6 tunes of “thrash fucking metal from The Philippines” as they state on the cover. There’s only one problem… No matter how fucken old-school and cool it is… Sending us a fucken CASSETTE TAPE to review is useless. I threw away my tape deck lightyears ago and I don’t exactly plan on getting a new one in this lifetime. So, I can’t listen to it and even less give it a proper review. But I have to give it to you guys, I’m impressed that you actually handed over a tape. The old-school cred is sky rocketing. Maybe I get to hear you some other day in a more convenient format, in the meantime I’ll just watch some more UFC and listen to Agony’s “The first defiance” repeatedly.

Oh, and thanx for not exactly handing over any info whatsoever, hence the lack of it below. If you wanna be old-school… At least fucken do it with class.