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Psychoparalysis: Escalation

22/02/12  ||  revenant

We wants it, we needs it. It’s mine, give it to me. Stay away you sneaky hobbitses, it’s mine! Oh master, master K, let me have it, please, I must have the preciousssssssssss……

Ok that’s not a Gollum impression, that’s actually my reaction when the new Psychoparalysis demo landed at GD. Yes I reacted that way for a demo, and why the fuck not after I sprayed so much cum over their previous effort? Their brand of progressive death metal certainly got my juices flowing then and a chance to hear their follow up was just to good to be missed.

So no fucking about this time. No playing games while having the demo on in the background. This time they get my full attention as I sit and hit play for the first time. Track 1 opens with a tremendous thrashy opening sequence, before settling into Bolt Thrower-esque grooves which not too long after gets overlayed with a great melodious lead section. We’re only a little over a minute into the demo and already I have a smile on my face. Already I know this is going to be another ace demo from these Fins.

There’s definitely a lot to like about what Psychoparalysis do. As mentioned in the above paragraph, they really mix it up to create progressive songs that flow in serpentine manner from thrashy to groovy to melodious to soft. The three tracks on this demo clock in at around 19 minutes, and the songs are both long but filled with a lot of shifts and changes. It’s hard to describe a single sound that Psychoparalysis is, being that at different times they will sound like Bolt Thrower or Edge of Sanity or any other of a number of bands. So let’s just say this: plenty of different styles, all well conceived and well integrated with one another.

Again I’m struck as well by the production. Damn it sounds good. The days of shitty sounding cassette demos of yesteryear are long dead if this demo is today’s standard. Everything sounds right. Bass clearly audible, guitars with plenty of bite and the drums just the right amount of punch.

Yes, it appears yet again Psychoparalysis have won me over with three more excellent tracks. This doesn’t quite have the same hooks as “Forest of Ignorance”, but the quality is still as high. “Escalation” can be summed up simply: 3 great progressive death tracks with more punch than Mike Tyson. Some label needs to fucken sign these guys pronto so we can get a full length. They deserve that shot.


  • Information
  • Released: 2012
  • Label: self-released
  • Website: Psychoparalysis MySpace
  • Band
  • Anssi Kantola: vocals, guitars
  • Bhaadi Partanen: guitars
  • Otto Trygg: bass
  • Mika Sallamaa: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. The End Results in Violence
  • 02. Beyond Iris
  • 03. Symbol of Enslavement