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Quarter Of Blind Anger: Demo 2008

23/08/10  ||  The Duff

I warm to demo albums up for review because the things K does to our families when we delay coverage for label-sents are quite inhumane, and so the shorter the material on offer the quicker it is to assess, another night awarded our wives and children who can sleep with but the fear of being eaten alive from the toes up and not the reality. When they’re bad demos, it makes the job all the easier, and although Quarter of Blind Anger have some redeeming qualities, we have a light-sided metal band that takes itself along a doomy-ish path (but in a very difficult to take seriously manner; don’t you dare throw Cannibal Corpse arguments in my face, you arrogant fucks), but wishes to share the grounds of popularity dominated by nu-metal, metalcore bands and Lordi.

So the bad, and surprise, surprise, it’s the vocals; poorly-produced means the inexperienced vocalist bares all, despite his attempts to layer every which way his range will allow him and be about as versatile as you’ve come to expect from a “getting off the ground” emocore band – meaning cram in as much shit as possible whenever possible (I know Rising Records have learned their lesson and have refrained from sending us any more material, but this runs along similar lines). You could say a very poor Mikael Åkerfeldt, I guess, with the dude from Lordi and at times the cleans expressed by Novembre’s frontman (the kind that roll out of the vocal pipes effortlessly but with no energy – in a real doom band it works, on this demo it does not), plus bad Anders Fridén. Wait, I’m not done yet – another unsettling element to the band’s sound is the lifeless drumming, tediously uninventive; whatever you do, don’t play this demo to forumer Floodhorse.

And that about does it; musicianship elsewhere is all fine, but the music will not impress – drab and predictable. Melodeath at best, Novembre/Sentenced-doom as a middle-ground, Stoner every now and then and to top it off, at it’s worst, technical-bordering nu-metal, collectively splashed around the edges with touches of thrash, punk and folk with some catchy-as-hell clean choruses delivered with the conviction of a priest caught with his dick in a 6 year old boy’s asshole. Yet as much as the vocals drive my back up, and as inexperienced but competent the rest of the band is despite the lazy drummer, I can’t deny these guys have high hopes and consequently passion.

It is however difficult to ascertain what they’re striving towards. This is too watered down to appeal to the true metal masses, and too raw to tap into the mainstream market. Sure, it’s a demo, but the attitude to the music, more underground influences and, simply, the album’s production indicate they’re trying to compete in the harsher realm of things, and I’m sorry to say they’re in well over their heads.

  • Information
  • Released: 2008
  • Label: Unsigned
  • Website: Quarter Of Blind Anger MySpace
  • Band
  • Aki Vuorennaa: vocals
  • Tommi Timonen: guitars, vocals
  • Timo Silver: guitars, vocals
  • Joni Luomala: bass
  • Tomi Kauppila: drums, percussion
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Day of Redemption
  • 02. My Dying Wish
  • 03. Finally Breathing
  • 04. Silent Manne