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Repuked: Excremental funeral

22/08/08  ||  Lord K Philipson

From the first look at the poorly xeroxed cover over to the whole layout, the biography and everything else included in this “promo package”, you just know this will be a fucken suckfest on par with a gigantic poolparty to which only mouths and cocks are invited. As it looks, this “band” is supposed to be a joke – and I’m not the least amused. I fucken hate bands who record stuff for the sole reason of being funny. You can go fuck yourselves and bother all the lesser sites with yer shit, coz we are not fucken interested. But we cover it anyways as with everything else that is sent to us. In sickness and in health. Damn, we are so good.

Obviously recorded on an 8 track digital portable studio, the sound is accordingly “awesome” when you have absolutely no idea of how to work a portable recording device. I would be surprised if these penises could actually work the “rec” and “play” buttons on an 80’s cassette deck. Ofcourse it’s made to sound like shit on purpose, coz sounding crap is really The New Black, right? Fuck you. They proudly state that it was “recorded, written, mixed, mastered & drunken rehearsals by Repuked 29 & 31 July – 2008”. You can imagine how much of a fucken thrill it is to listen to this bullshit. For once it’s ok that you wish not to be me, you lowlife reader of GD, coz this is just a pain to have to go thru and review.

You would think Repuked play death metal since they cover the sucky Autopsy with one tune on this here CDR, right? But I can’t even label it that. It would be wrong to death metal to insert these assclowns into that genre. I don’t even have to mention that it’s (the music, fucko) juvenile and untight either, do ya? Or the fact that the guitars are not even properly tuned? Color me surprised and call me Waffle-Benny.

Ok, let’s wrap this up like a shit-tortilla:

What a fucken truckload of poo. Just like they want it to be. Joke bands must die. I’m sorry I wasted perfectly good minutes of my life to go thru this “demo” and putting up a review that will get them some (well, at least it’s some bad) exposure. Avoid at all cost. If you run into these guys in Stockholm, where they obviously live, set them on fire and say hi from GD.

And no, I didn’t make up the member’s names below, this is actually taken from their cover to this poor excuse for a recording. That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about Repuked. Oh, one last thing… They wanted to be friends with me over MySpace (prior to this review, but who gives a fuck?). Not that it makes them suck any less but it’s the thought that counts.

  • Information
  • Released: 2008
  • Website: Repuked MySpace
  • Band
  • Nicke Shit: vocals, guitars
  • Rob West: vocals, bass
  • To Be Ass: drums, solos
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Human stench
  • 02. Excremental funeral
  • 03. Doomed to rot
  • 04. Wormdrenched
  • 05. Fuckdog (Autopsy cover)