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Skull And Bones: Waking up songs

14/10/08  ||  Lord K Philipson

Hahahaha… Help me… I can’t breath… Hahahaha… Oh, man… Shoot me… Kill me… Rape me… Put me on a date with Roseanne Barr… Force feed me the cum of Jean Claude Van Damme*… Insert the Eiffel Tower into my anus… Hahaha… Blindfold me and turn me into a vagina… Hahaha… Man… I’m dying… Put forks in my eyes until I turn into Stevie Wonder… Anything. Do ANYTHING to help me stop laughing coz I can’t breath no more… I have bands to run, a fantastic site to rule the Internet with, a girlfriend to take care of, etc etc… Hahaha… People, I’m officially dead now and Skull And Bones is the reason, hahahaha…

I can’t even start to explain this genius’ music. His name is Spartacus and he looks like, hahaha… he look slike, hahahaha…. he look slike jahahajkkl… jahahaha… haha… I can’t eveenn type no noomore… hahaha… this is Spartacus:

This is Spaaaaaaaaarta!!!

Hahaha, believe me, if I could – I would explain what the music sounds like as well, hahaha… Just take my word for it when I say that the music is even worse, hahaha… You HAVE to go to his MySpace or his website. You have to hear this. ALL of it. Every song available. I need to go now coz I must have fresh air after laughing myself to death.

He can’t tune his guitar, he can’t sing, he can’t write songs and he shouldn’t be allowed to come near a recording device, hahaha… Oh my fucken god, hahaha… Fuck you Spartacus, fuck you for you are my new hero.

*(if that is not a genius rhyme, nothing is)

  • Information
  • Released: upon an unsuspecting world
  • Label: maybe when hell freezes over
  • Website:
  • Band
  • Spartacus: pure genius and professor in the art of uttermost global domination, everyone’s hero, your boyfriend, your mentor, Jesus’ penis, Yngwie’s daddy, Sarah Brightman’s son, Leif Edling’s apprentice etc, etc…
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Waking up song
  • 02. Inquisition
  • 03. Amazon
  • 04. Domination
  • 05. Aztec slaughter