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Slaughter Denial: Eyes of madness

16/09/10  ||  Altmer

So this lot here are Italian fuckos. They have sent GD their demo, like any aspiring band does (or not… haha…), and someone on staff gets the boring, dreary task of sitting behind their PC at midnight, while playing the files, being half interested, half browsing the web, half wanting to sleep, and half wanting to study since he’s got deadlines for university coming up (ok, so that is four halves – maybe I should use quarters next time? Fuck if I know…). That someone is me, and that someone is not chuffed.

You see, this Italian outfit does some things right, but most things totally wrong. Things they do right are pretty much the guitar riffs and solos. The axemen have a shit guitar tone (this is a demo so we can forgive them, right…) but the riffs vary between thrash and death metal, at a slightly lower tempo than you regularly enjoy it (thus leading to it being more of groove metal). The solos on this record are also pretty neat, and have a very Megadeth lead vibe to them. It pleases me to see that that is at least one thing these Italians have got down.

The rest? It’s pretty much shit. The vocals are fucken horrible and this guy needs to be fired fucken instantly. Seriously, the frog croaks are absolutely detestable. The low growls aren’t good either. Criminal and it doesn’t belong anywhere near anything that should appear on a record so better to skip these. The drums are ok, but there is nothing going on here you haven’t heard before. The same goes for the pretty much inaudible bass. Yay, what’s new?

Good guitar skills, not much else. That can’t bode well for any band, and it does not for this one. Get an interesting vocalist and some more engagement in your material and you might come to be pronounced “passable” by me. As it is, these guys aren’t the worst I’ve heard, but I sure as fuck won’t put it on again either. And that’s despite the fact they do have some good guitar work going on at times.

Last thing: the last track is the band burping. I know, they seriously recorded that for the demo. Fucken dumbasses…

Recommendation: Shoot the vocalist a million times. That is fucking god-awful shit. And the song titles, Christ not-so-almighty: Italians win the trophy for “how the fuck to not name songs properly” every year… Congrats, fuckos. For being absolutely retarded.


  • Information
  • Released: 2010
  • Website: Slaughter Denial MySpace
  • Band
  • Fabrizio Losapio:vocals
  • Roberto Castorrini: guitars, vocals
  • Alessandro Trotto: lead guitars
  • Claudio Colantoni: bass
  • Simone Tempesta: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Nightmare
  • 02. Smile
  • 03. Amusement Fork
  • 04. Maniacal Organized Tragedy
  • 05. Smegma Violenta
  • 06. Neveri