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Tao Menizoo: So blind

23/04/08  ||  Kampfar

What the fuck is Tao Menizoo supposed to mean? Sure is an awkward name this, one which fooled me into thinking I was about to deal with a gang experimenting with jazz and shit, eccentric and bonkers at it. Or, for a dark moment, an ambient shit band experimenting with boredom, one man at it. Turns out I’m dead and mutilated wrong on all accounts.

Tao Menizoo has, all according to their website, been labeled modern thrash by some of us critics. This cunt agrees, and so it became law. It is a midtempo variant of the said style we are talking, more pounding than ripping, not exactly made for those only in it for the speed, but with a healthy dose of punch for those not. An audible bassist underlines this punch with a nice rumble.

I approve.

The band themselves claim their music to be strongly influenced by power metal and, to a lesser extent, death core. I agree here is a hint of said core but fuck me sideways with a dildodrill if you want, I will anyway fail to hear the allegedly strong power metal influence. It’s like a hetero male insisting on being gay this. But their argument fails, and not only because there is no falsetto gayness raving on about swords, dragons and (tight) princes; oh no, here is proper crunch and a satisfactory to good use of extreme vocals. There is also a slight use of “clean” vocals, which in reality is just spoken passages all passing by more or less unnoticed.

But the main fault with “So blind” is the time it takes for it end, as the Tao formula turns weary and thin circa when the lone digit gets a friend. See, the Tao monks simply have too few tricks up their sleeves to stay interesting for 13 songs. Sure, there is only one truly ass song, namely “Southern cross”, but I would have been a much more satisfied reviewer if they had pulled the plug after “My reign”, not meaning they should weed out everything after, rather bits and bores both before and after. I calculate there to be 15 minutes of filler here, of 60+ that is.

(I just noticed Tao mentzoni are listed with 3 keyboard players, a (ragg) sock in their pants for sure. See, ambiance and fx is rather sparsely used, and when so happens, not exactly in your face as me and my chainsaw to any given tree we are ordered to kill)

There is very little fantastic about Tao Menstruation as of yet, but this vet of metal sure hears potential, so much I think they are able to make the musical equivalent of a truffle one day. So, fucking someone sign them already. But, whoever you are, tell them to search up and understand the word cultivation before handing them a (shitty) contract.

Bon voyage, cunts.

  • Information
  • Released: 2008
  • Website:
  • Band
  • LH: vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • TTF: guitar, vocals, keyboards
  • RNN: bass
  • KSH: drums, vocals, keyboards
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Words of wrath
  • 02. Deathwish
  • 03. (You’re) so blind
  • 04. My funeral
  • 05. Not even god
  • 06. Thrill of flesh
  • 07. Never leave me
  • 08. Obey
  • 09. My reign
  • 10. Crushed by illusion
  • 11. Southern cross
  • 12. Never get me
  • 13. Mind control cult