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Trenchgrinder: Demo 2011

12/07/12  ||  Habakuk

Since we introduced that stubs section of ours, we’ve saved ourselves and the readers a shitload of time. At the cost of the demos section. That one sits largely deserted due to nobody really caring to review some shit band’s rehearsal room secretes in full scale. A bit sad, eh?

Usurping the role of the caped crusader, with all due haste I step to the rescue and bring you – Trenchgrinder!

Risen from the ashes of the now defunct Brooklyn crust / thrash combo Atakke which barely got past demo stage, the core of that outfit parted ways with its singer and formed a new band which directed its focus towards filthy death metal. Sure enough, with a sound development like that, Bolt Thrower comparisons are only a matter of time. And yes, the guys certainly have the slightly melodic crushing midpace approach down (even citing the neverending “World Eater” riff once). However, the grittiness in the lo-fi production as well as the throaty vocals – which wouldn’t sound out of place on a black metal album – remove this demo far enough away from their inspirators. Clearly this is more of a homage than a mere copy, and a few high speed sections support this notion.

With a total running time of 20 minutes, you definitely get enough bang for your buck (especially since “your buck” translates to free download, you cheap bastard), but why two songs had to be combined into one isn’ t quite clear to me. Kind of takes the drive out of the recording for me a bit, even though that doesn’t really make sense. That really is my only problem though, which could be overcome by splitting the file. Given the fact that this demo sounds like an angry basement recording of The IVth Crusade, I am however more than willing to live with it. Someone sign these guys, and make sure you don’t fall into the “let’s give them a sterile production to make it all sound modern and heavy and awesome!1” trap.


  • Information
  • Released: 2011
  • Label: independent
  • Website: Trenchgrinder Bandcamp
  • Band
  • Owen Rundquist: vocals
  • Bill Dozer: guitars
  • Denis Bramley: bass
  • Robert Nelson: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. The hunt
  • 02. Destroyer unmaker / Waking terror
  • 03. Rapture of time
  • 04. War to wage