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Våldsamt Motstånd: Högre tempo, djupare gravar

10/05/11  ||  Love Lagerkvist

“Våldsamt Motstånd”, can it get more Swedish crust than that? I don’t think so Tim. To spice this review up, I thought it would be fun to go cold turkey on this demo’s eight tracks and then write my feelings about it in real time. And you want to know what the best thing is? Thanks to the great dudes in the band, you can listen in with me using their MySpace. Hurray for technology!

1. Jävligt fel: If your demo starts with a sample from some obscure 50s horror flick, you instantly get a point in my book. Why? Because obscure 50s horror flicks are awesome. Another awesome thing is having a bass production that makes it sound like some kind of portable bulldozer, the Lord is proud of you boys. Too bad the rest of the song is quite generic Swedish crust, with vocals and guitars we’ve all heard before. Still, there is certainly potential here.

2. Arbetslinjen: Oh yes, and potential there was. Track nummero dos starts off a lot better, especially in the guitar department. The production somehow seems different from “Jävligt fel”, which might have something to do that what we have here is more of mid-tempo pessimism than the “Full ös medvetslös” found on our opener. Extra points for the 30 second repeating of “Högre tempo, djupare gravar” in the end.

3. Satans mördare: Intro gives hints of a bit more old school approach to this one and the gang vocals in the chorus confirms it. Two minutes of slightly rocking and pretty darn enjoyable punk. This might also be a good time to note that up to this point, all the tracks have been in the ever so superb d-beat, also known as the single best fucken drumbeat in the history of mankind.

4. Folk ä dret: Yet another two minutes of trve svensk discore, complete with “outro where we slow down and end with a huah #47”.

5. Svart och svår: Did the production on the vocals just get some extra distortion, or is it just me? Regardless of that, “Svart och svår” remains a great 79 seconds that are fun for the whole family. There are even some marching drum fills here and there!

6. Profitkvotens fallande tendens: This might be the best name of any song ever, but sadly the English translation “The falling rate of profit” barely does it justice. Musically, it sounds just like some other song by some other band I just can’t remember the name of. The person that’s able to place and then writes in this days comment thread it will get a jar of small blue cookies in the mail.

7. Nedåt: Hells yeah, starting off with some slow, dragging guitars that accompany us for the rest of the song. In fact, this reminds me of some of the more punkish proto-black metal. If you like it when your crust sounds as evil as humanly possible, this is you coup of tea.

8. Socialism eller barbari: Right when we thought that it was about to end, Våldsamt Motstånd reminds us of just how fucken awesome a no frills wall of crusty sonics really is. Nothing real to complain about here, even if the ending is a bit on the abrupt side.

Conclusion: “Högre tempo, djupare gravar” is just as you expect it to be: A not too original but still quite enjoyable quarter worth of music. Bands like contemporary Wolfbrigade and legends such as Anti Cimex certainly do it better, but then again they don’t have titles such as “Profitkvotens fallande tendens”.


  • Information
  • Released: 2011
  • Label: Self Released
  • Website: Våldsamt Motstånd MySpace
  • Band
  • Bald man: vocals, guitar
  • Dreadlock dude: vocals, bass
  • Guy who looks like the vocalist of Kvelertak: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. Jävligt fel
  • 02. Arbetslinjen
  • 03. Satans mördare
  • 04. Folk ä dret
  • 05. Svart och svår
  • 06. Profitkvotens fallande tendens
  • 07. Nedåt
  • 08. Socialism eller barbari