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Ydin: Saasta

23/05/08  ||  Lord K Philipson

Oh man, oh man, oh man… A Finnish death metal band with lyrics sung in Finnish is exactly what I need. I know like one word in Finnish and that is hirvenpaska. I don’t even know if that is the correct spelling, but it’s supposed to mean moose shit. So for me to get any joy out of Finnish yrics, you better include that fantastic word or we are fucked. Either way, this band, Ydin, have been kind enough to actually translate the written words for us in the accompanying booklet to this CDR. And I’m so glad they did… Just take a look at this, the lyrics from the song “Huorat” (that would be “whores” in English):

“Good morning whores, what shall you have today?
How about an amputation, in this dawn of death?
Or shall you rather swim in pool of barbed wire and nails?
Shall you close your eyes for the blessing light from my blade?”

I offer venom to you and let you lick
I cut your tongue and won’t let you die
I feed salt to you but do not let you drink
Suffering of your, is just a pleasure to see

You hear my words “Let’s mould…”. You heard right
I will keep my promise and melt the metal
Your sense of hearing will never betray
In your ear canal, I let the melt flow

When blood and tears gather
When steel and flesh meets
When ether is the end of your dreams
Time for tales is over

“Good morning new arrivals, I will guide you today
How about salt in your wound just to welcome you well
Or shall you prefer some electricity in your genitals
For a breakfast eat each others flesh”


Man, man… sweet Jesus I just pissed myself with laughter. When I decide to actually type down those lyrics you know that I am heavily impressed. I could probably have copied/pasted the whole thing from somewhere, but I thought the guys actually deserved having me typing it down. I can’t believe I did that. ROFL!!! ROFL!!! “For a breakfast eat each others flesh”!!!!! You hear?! How the HELL am I supposed to go on with this review now? It’s not like I can say anything remotely comical that will top said lyrics, you know. I’m in a precarious situation here. On one hand I wanna rip these guys so many new assholes they could start new careers as sprinklers, but the sad truth is that I can’t as the demo is actually too good for that.

Ydin plays brutal fucken death metal (more the American way than the Swedish one, if you need references) with some quite impressive drumming and a decent production (apparently done by the band themselves. I’m guessing rehearsal room, a PC and Cubase) where the bass is kinda dominant. It’s not the best bass sound I ever heard but there’s a distinct sound to it that makes it stand out very well. So, bonus points for that, fuckers.

Ydin really seem and sound like a competent bunch of cum-inhalers/death metallers, much to my surprise to say the least. They blast, rape and pillage with their 5 tracks of brutality and I, for one, is kinda impressed, or more like surprised with the outcome. Prolly becoz I expected something utterly terrible. Don’t get me wrong here, it’s not like Ydin just changed my view on death metal or anything, but they sure proved that looks can be deceiving.

With a decent label eventually backing them up, lyrics and vocals in English as well as some 600 years of learning the actual English language, Ydin might be getting some recognition in the underground. For now, these small things are holding them back.

  • Information
  • Released: 2007
  • Website:
  • Band
  • L.B: vocals
  • Ahmaoja: guitars
  • Kangas: guitars
  • Piippo: bass
  • Kuusisalo: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. LKD
  • 02. Ruttolainen (Plaguewielder)
  • 03. Huorat (Whores)
  • 04. Uhriutus (Render to victim)
  • 05. Ajatuksia kuolleesta (Thoughts about a dead)