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Zodiac Machine: Zodiac machine

27/07/09  ||  Kampfar

I am confused. Not immensely so, but I very well know that when all is said and done I know circa nada nothing about anything at all. So, just like the rest of the pest I don’t have a fucking clue what we are doing here. Fuck you. I see the logic in ants, plants and birds, plus a gazillion other things, but a breed of pretentious Mongoloids quenching their insane desires by raping a beautiful planet to shit, now that’s something I completely fail to get my head around. Fuck you all.

Enough about my confusion and over to Soda Machine already. Fucking hell, had this been an actual machine of said sorts it would spew out warm, uncarbonized Diet Coke exclusively. Bland, lukewarm and really rather piss poor is namely a splendid way of explaining what this bunch of Swedes sharing half a testicle amongst them is up to. Oh, the fucknuts in question like to think of their shit as a mix of rock and blues with a dash of psychedelia.


I mean, since fucking when did we become a fucking rock & blues site? Why oh why did you Zodiac’s ship your shit our way? And, where the fuck is the psychedelia? Did it fall off on the way here? Fucking pretentious twats, it’s nowhere to be found! No kidding, music doesn’t get much less wacky than what’s on the menu here. Congratulation gents, your self-released and also self-titled affair is a pure and unadulterated flat-liner sprinkled with the voice of a really rather talentless dude.

Music made for fun and friends ain’t welcome here at Global Domination. Utterly fuck off.

  • Information
  • Released: 2009
  • Website: Zodiac Machine MySpace
  • Band
  • Johannes: vocals
  • Johan: guitar
  • Andreas: guitar
  • Alexander: bass
  • Martin: drums
  • Tracklist
  • 01. 3-10 to nowhere
  • 02. You&I
  • 03. Promises&handshakes
  • 04. You die next
  • 05. Större kliv
  • 06. Midnight in the garden of good&evil