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Introduction by Global Domination

01/01/06  ||  Global Domination

We suggest you read the FAQ before emailing us with your weird questions or angry, useless, opinions. We do understand that we have a slightly different approach to stuff than most of the sites do. And that’s the way we like it. If you have a problem with that… Well, no one is forcing you to spend your time here.

How about that? Impressive as fuck, right? Right.

Remember: you are required to register at the forums in order to participate in the all the forums, but you can read the band forums alone and some other sections without registering.

Submitting material:

If you want to submit your demo(n)s or albums for a good beating/praising at Global Domination, send your shit this way:

Global Domination
Enbärsgatan 12
69472 Östansjö


Staff members

Profiles of currently active staff-members. Simple as that. Just in case you want to know more about our personnel or contact certain writers, here's all the unnecessary info you'll need.

Sometimes you will find reviews written by someone you can't find a profile for. That means the person in question fucked off, but his/her work is still here.