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Gd-logoWriters wanted!

01/01/06  ||  Global Domination

Yeah, we want more writers. And not just any writers. We want talented ones. Preferably ones with a sense of humor and basic/advanced knowledge of the metal-scene. That’s what we focus on, even if we tend to slip into different territories sometimes. We blame that on the crack. It’s not of any interest if you have a goddamn degree in journalism, we want you to fucken burn for music first and foremost. We don’t give a fuck about people using very advanced words that people have to look up to understand to describe a single guitar riff. This isn’t fucken university, bitch. We just want you to write with alot of fucken passion, and we don’t mind if you actually know how to fucken spell and construct good sentences.

But listen right the fuck up now: What we don’t want is writers who get on staff and then don’t write for shit. Can you supply like one review minimum each week? Most of the time anyways? That’s what we are looking for since we like to have our site updated on an almost daily basis. We’ve had people who wanted in, agreed to these terms, got in, didn’t write, and finally got fired fast as fuck thanks to that. If this is how you want to be treated, just don’t write and we’ll make sure you will be just that.

Do you think you have what it takes? Are you willing to learn how to upload your own reviews into our Content Management System? Learning this system will take you some hours, or minutes. And yes, we have all the information that you’d ever need to get started with it.

But first things first: We need a sample of your lousy writing, so we can see if you are decent enough to join the Domination. Make sure you are satisfied with it, check the grammar and spelling, and send it to: lordk@globaldomination.se.

Yes, there’s a huge chance of you being laughed and pointed at, but if you can handle that stage we might invite you to the crew. After that we will all have a go at you with the GD-lubricant.

We did tell you that we’re all full-on flaming homosexuals, didn’t we…?