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Aeon - Daniel Dlimi

21/05/06  ||  Lord K Philipson

Aeon-logo Aeon is one of Sweden’s absolute finest when it comes to groovy death metal with a satanic approach that is second to few. Hell, they are one of the world’s finest even. If you haven’t checked out their debut-album, “Bleeding the false”, you are fucken related to Mike Poggione. And we are very sorry for that. Anyway, this is another feature in the promotional-campaign for the bands hosted at our forums. So, let’s see what guitarist Dlimi has to say about shit, shall we?

Global Domination: Some people visiting this site might not yet have checked you out just yet. Give them a reason as for why they should.

Daniel Dlimi: Well, if you like good, brutal and well-performed death metal at its best you better get your sorry ass in there and check us out. I think you won’t get disappointed.

Aeon! And what exactly are you fuckers playing when it comes to style?

“Florida”-like death metal. We often get compared with bands like Deicide, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse and so on.

List your fave-song with yer band so people know what to listen to for a first impression. And while yer at it, list the one you don’t want people to hear.

My fave Aeon-song must be “Forever Nailed”. It has a lot of cool elements and variations and it’s fucken brutal. And for the least fave-song I say “Bloodlust”, its not a bad tune but I think its the one I like the least anyway.

Can you please make a rundown of yer album/albums? Personal thoughts about it/them. Go into as much detail as you want to.

“Dark Order” – MCD. Well, this one was recorded before I joined the band (actually as a demo-recording at first, but Necropolis Records wanted to release it and so they did). I think this is an excellent mcd and it has some killer-tracks like “With blood they pay”, “Return of Apolluon” etc.

Aeon live “Bleeding the False” – I love this album even if it took us an eternity to complete, but it was probably worth it. The only weak thing about it in my opinion is that I could have wish for a little louder and more “fat” guitarsound, but this was the best we could do at the time and still make every instrument clear in the production. The artwork was made by me and was a complete pain to do. A 16 page booklet with full graphics all thru… I will NOT do it again. But I am happy with the result.

Are you guys having any side-projects/other bands going? Bands worth of mentioning that is. Plug away and give us the reasons as for why they should even care about them if they don’t really care about yer main-band in the first place.

Yeah, I have Souldrainer which I think is worth a check. It’s a slower kind of metal with choirs, orchestral strings and shit like that. It has nothing similar to Aeon so if you like bands like Hypocrisy and such, check Souldrainer out at:

Aeon on stage Nils(drums) have a couple of other bands that you can check out, In Battle is some kind of fast death/black metal band. Check out their last cd “Welcome to the battlefield”. The older albums has a different line-up and is more like old black metal. Nils is also playing in the death metal band Sanctification (also hosted here on GD).

What makes you guys any different to the shitloads of crap-bands out there? Do you really have anything new to offer?

We are different from the most of the other death metal bands since we do not find it good enough to just play fast. We are taking death metal to a new level by having all the instruments “supporting” each other, and we take our time to make good riffs, lyrics and vocal patterns with a thought behind it.

List some bands that inspired you guys to start playing in the first place.

I think I will go with every fucken crap death metal band out there that sucks ass. They have pushed me personally to make good music instead of the half-assed shit they were doing. And there are ofcourse good bands like Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse and so on that have inspired me in a good way.

If yer band was a NHL-team, which one would it be?

Seriously, I don’t know shit about NHL.

Who would be the most retarded member of the band? Give us a few examples as for why.

Tough call… I think all of us are retarded in some way. Nils for example, he watches women’s tennis (in a perverted way), Zeb has a perversion for large city-jeeps and knows every model number and shit like that. I could make this list long but I wont…

Nils playing drums. Describe the music of yer fucken band with ONE word. All this is to make people understand a little more what you are about, you know.


Why are you at our forums in the first place?

It’s Elof’s (Sanctification guitarist) fault… He was raving about how good this place was so I signed up as a member… And then came The Lord and blessed us with our own forum here at GD.

Roughly, how much has/have your album/albums sold? Be honest.

Actually I don’t know… We did not get a single sales-figure from Necropolis Records regarding the “Dark Order” mcd, and the sales figures on “Bleeding the false” is yet to come. We will get the first figures in a month, I think.

Do you guys believe you are bigger than you actually are?

No, I don’t think so anyway.

Have you ever seen any royalties? What was the biggest cheque for?

I have never got any royalties (money) yet. We did get some advance royalties in form of cd’s from Unique Leader though.

If people read this and still don’t give a fuck about yer band, is there anything you’d like to add that might peak their interest? Plug yer website(s) as well while yer at it?

What da fuck is wrong with you, still reading this shit… Fucken bastard, check out our web site at