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Corpus Mortale - Martin Rosendahl

24/05/04  ||  Lord K Philipson

Damn, that's one small logo... Corpus Mortale. One of Denmarks’ finer bands. They are almost up there with Panzerchrist, but just almost. I didn’t have the strength to proofread this fucker all too well, so sue me if there are any errors. Anyways, I shot them an intervew without even knowing who was replying, and I didn’t care. It turned out fine though. Check these fuckers out at

You guys fucken kill, even though you are from Denmark, explain yourself. And in a stylish fashion, do you have anything to add?

You’re right – We fucking kill! There´s nothing more to it! Denmark may be a pussy country but we are fucking killers! And we play death metal too!

Bare with me here… I mean, you guys are from Denmark. I’m trying not to hold that against you. Your country isn’t really known for being a great host of shitloads of excellent death metal bands, right? Seems like it’s quality over quantity for a change, which is most welcome. As of late I have come across you fuckers, and Panzerchrist. 2 completely excellent bands to say the least. Ellaborate on this subject and as a finish, tell me who would win a fist-fight between you and Panzerchrist?

I think that we Danes are such slow learners, and it has taken more than a decade to catch up with the rest of the world. These are the pitiful facts! But now 15 years later there are a couple of cool outfits spawned out of the Danish mud! Exmortem, Usipian etc. And I must admit that we would have a tough time kickin´ Panzerchrist´s ass, as they´re about five guys and we are three! Two off ém are big as hell too… They look like a couple of bikers! I wouldn´t mess with them in a dark alley!

Corpus Mortale… Wow, that’s one original name. Yes, I’m being sarcastic here. Don’t you think using Latin for titles, band names and what not should be forbidden since noone can top Candlemass’ “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” anyways? Whose lame idea was it to use this name? Where did you get it from and am I correct if I say I think it means “dead body”? I wouldn’t know Latin for shit you know.

Hey fuck that… the name was invented in 1993, and since our music is still in the early nineties vein, I think it is quite suitable! The name was actually invented by the first vocalist, he showed up about 10 times for rehearsals, that was it! But he came through with the name! And ofcourse it means dead body! Come on… Every child could tell that!

To be perfectly honest, I don’t have a fucken clue as for who I’m interviewing here. In case you are the drummer, if you are not; pretend you are. Your drums don’t sound very much triggered. That’s a compliment right there. What’s yer take on triggered drums? Isn’t it sort of cheating to use triggers to make all the hits sound the same no matter how hard/soft you hit? Then again, when I listen to the start of “Sombre and Vile”, those bassdrums and tom’s sounds a bit triggered. Am I out riding a bicycle here?

I´m the vocalist & bass player… So don´t mess with my boy Nicholas on the barrels! We actually intended to do the drums on “With Lewd Demeanor” with triggers only on the bass drums! But when we reached the mixing process there was several tom´s missing here and there! Therefore we had to take them through a sound replacer! Which means it is his actual hits, it´s just a new sound! And as you say we solely use the triggers to get the bass drums at a steady level!

Do you think that all those guitar-solos you put into the songs really are that necessary? Who plays guitar anyways? It sounds like whoever is playing knows his shit. I hate guitar-solos by the way. Sweden’s got Yngwie Malmsteen, Denmark’s got.. eh.. Kartoffelbillen klegg, or something like that. Do you realize Sweden is quite a bit better than what you guys are, in pretty much every field of profession? How come Sweden’s spawned so many more killer death metal bands than you guys?

As mentioned earlier, we have been asleep for a decade for crying out loud! Another factor is that in Sweden you get all kinds of support for rooms, equipment etc. In Denmark we don´t get shit! Nothing! That is not too good for the creativity! The large amount of solo´s and lead are to show the listeners of brutal death that there is more to metal than just pounding on the fucking E-string all the way! The guys’ name is Roar and he´s been playing for more than 15 years, so he would be a loser if he didn´t have his shit together!

So… Rate the following Swedish and Danish death metal bands and make some comments about them. Scale is 1-10. 1 is not too fucken good, 10 is pretty fucken non-Danish, aka “excellent”.

Iniquity: 9. One of the oldest bands from Dk, an all-time favorite of mine! Excellent stuff! I´ve actually been a member from ´96-´98! They have recently split up, and their vocalist, guitar player Mads Haarløv will play with us as a session guitar player!

Dismember: 8 (10). Their first three records are classics! A band I truly loved! But but but… Their recent albums haven´t been what I´ve expected! Therefore the 8!

Panzerchrist: 5. I have their first two albums! I really liked the first one, but the latest has been a little too predictive for my tastes! Technically they´re very good, it’s just not my cup of vomit!

Early Entombed: 9. Also a band with three classic albums! I listen too them quite often! Soon you´ll wake up dead… aaaarrrrggghhhh…

Leif Edling: ??? I’ve never heard of this band!

Grave: 10. FCK…FCK… Fucking excellent band! I like all their releases! Fucking killer! The only band in this poll to get the “Corpus Mortale” head-prize!

Unleashed: 0(8). Gay gay gay gay gay… but hey! Their first album had a couple of good songs on it! No further comments!

When 2 Ton Predator guitarist Mazza recorded an album or 2 down at Ant Farm Studios in Denmark, he saw a sign for a town called “Bögballe”. Though that’s s’posed to be spelled with yer Danish version of “Ö”, which I can’t find on my keyboard. You do know that “Bögballe” means “Gay-dick” in Swedish? Exactly what the hell is that supposed to mean? And while we are at it, what’s the point of making red fucken sausages, like you guys do?

Well… “Bøg” is a type off tree growing in our forests, and “balle” is ass or butt! So it must mean tree-butt, but I don’t think that is what it’s intended to mean! The red sausages are a Danish speciality, and they’re disgusting! Nothing but fat and chemicals!

If it looks like I hate Denmark, I apologize. You can spill yer guts about how much you despise Sweden now, as a small favour in return.

Your football team sucks haha.. but you have some nice coaches though… Hans Backe styrer for vildt! And I’ve always had a problem with your language! Whenever I meet a Swede we always end up taking English to each other, I know a couple of guys from Sweden and we always communicate in English! I don’t understand them- they don’t understand me!

I know exactly what you mean by that. To try to get this interview on a more serious track then… “With Lewd Demeanor”, that’s yer latest album, right? It might look like I’m not too well-informed about you guys, and I’m not. The only reason I’m interviewing you is becoz I got this very album sent to me and was impressed. You have yer fair share of blastbeats and heavy riffing, to say the least, and that’s all I need if it’s done well, and you guys do it all so well. How much have you sold of it so far? Don’t lie to me. Do you think you will ever get a royalty-check? Have you ever gotten one? If so, what did you buy with it?

The last thing we heard was in February, and they told us the first pressing was gone! So 1000 or 2000 + promos are out there somewhere! As for royalties… We got them at the same time the cd’s were pressed, so we used them to go on tour! (Reality tour 2004 with Konhkra, Illnath and so on…)

Let’s see if you know your history. Would you like to have Skåne back? (For the non-Scandinavian readers, “Skåne” is the lowest part of Sweden that used to belong to Denmark., until we beat their asses in some war and took it from them. Sadly enough these fucken guys in Skåne almost talks like the fuckers in Denmark yet today). That part of Sweden seems to be beyond help, so we’d gladly give them back to you.

We don’t want them either! They can keep their seventies nuclear plants for themselves! I’ve heard that their economy sucks! So to anybody who reads this: just stay away! I know some people who moved there, and they didn’t even last a full year! Haha…

I dig your growls alot. Don’t tell anyone. I know (as I have recorded albums with him) that Caligula has some personal tricks in the studio to get those deep growls. I’m not telling what though. How do you guys do it? Whiskey? Beer? Cocain? Cock?

To be honest I don’t really do that much! I just rehearse intense a couple of week prior to the recordings, and that works for me! Sometimes I have to take a break though, and then it’s not impossible for me to drink some beers and smoke some J’s!

You guys are a 3-piece. Have you realized that there are rhythm guitars on yer album during the solos? How lame does that sound live when you play solos and there’s no second guitar backing it up? Do you want me to join you as a session-guitarist? I have 3 Jacksons’ and a hell of alot of talent you know. Just don’t ask me to play any solos… Solos are for retards.

Sorry pal, but we’ve already found a new man, the fore mentioned Mads Haarløv of the late Iniquity! He’s just been with us for a month or so! When we were on tour it was really annoying with only one guitar, as there’s a lot of thing going on! But that problem is now solved!

When it comes to death metal, do you think it’s necessary to even have a bass-guitar included seeing in 9/10 cases you can’t even fucken hear it? Can you name some death metal albums where you can hear the bass?

All the albums of Cryptopsy has very loud bass on them! And Suffocation… from the “Breeding The Spawn” album and forth! Several records with the legendary Death! Cannibal Corpse “The Bleeding” and of course all the recordings of Corpus Mortale! And so on… Your bass critics remind me of a guy who once said the exact same thing, and he has a goddamn record company! Lets put it this way… If you can’t hear the bass on a death metal recording it can have three reasons: One – The producer sucks!!! Two – The bass player sucks!!! Three – The loud bass doesn’t fit the style!!! But I can assure you that a band will loose serious amounts of brutality both live and in studio without a bass… Up the basses!

We have been struggling with this interview for a good 2 hours now, (that’s 2 more hours than what I ever spent on an interview in my entire life, I must like you guys), and I already have problems coming up with questions. Is that a good sign? It might be thanks to the fact I’m having a lot of beers here… Have you ever smoked hasch? That would explain why you guys are only 3 in the band, less people to share with, you know…

Well… we are four now! Ok.. The story goes… In the summer of 2002 when the studio was booked and everything, our former guitar player Brian, became very unstable! We was four at the time, and we didn’t another delay, so we just continued with him coming and going! In the studio he was unprepared and didn’t show up very often, so in the summer of 2003, four months before the release of the album, we kicked him out! That meant we were only three persons to go on tour, but the band has always been meant to be with two guitars! But actually it was a bit easier on the tour, as we had less equipment than the other bands, and more beer pr. Member… yeah…

I still don’t know who the fuck I’m interviewing; would you mind stating your name, social security number and cock-size please?

This is Martin speaking, bass player and vocalist in Corpus Mortale! I’m born in 1977. which means I will reach the age of 27 within this year! My cock is massive and impressive!!! Just ask the groupies at our shows, they’ll tell ya!

Now it’s Sunday, I managed to get pretty fucken drunk last night so it was a good idea I didn’t finish this interview then or we’d be fucked. What did you do yourself seeing it was Saturday? Did you do any coke? Fight somebody? Don’t destroy your whole metal-image now by saying you were home watching TV or so.

Actually as was in a fight on the 30th. of April! I was attending a surprise concert with the Danish rockers DAD, when a gay looking idiot tries to jump me in the beer line! I yelled the crap at him, and soon we were hittind each other! He got me, but I got him harder, and even as we speak (20th. of May) my knuckles are still hurting!

Do you regret taking me up on the offer of doing this interview? It kinda feels like we haven’t covered too much shit musically you know, then again, isn’t this a lot more fun? I mean for example, who cares as far what equipment you guys use? By the way, what kinda guitars do you guys use?

I play on an Ibanez SG series 4-string with active pick-up! The has been a little customizing such as skull bottens, removal of the useless eq buttons etc.! Roar make his own guitars from scratch! He only buys the electronics and the vibrato, the rest is home made! Mads plays a US made Jackson with neck through! Standard strat shape, you know which one! And occationally he also plays a Gibson Flying-V!

I really wanna go to the next question, is it ok if we skip this one?

Fine by me!

Finally. Question number 21. Or 20. Who’s counting anyways?Now I will really put you to the test. Fail on this one and I will have to kill you, your family, your bandmembers and any eventual pets you have, ok? Name the only NHL-player worthy of having number 21 on his jersey. Are you into the NHL at all? I think I asked Panzerchrist about this as well; do you guys even have ice down in Denmark? Why do you think there’s never been a decent hockeyplayer from Denmark?

I’m really not a big hockey fan! But I watch it from time to time! To your second question I can only say that again is it proven that Denmark has been a decade behind in several things!

8 more questions… Are you impressed as of how this interview has turned out so far? Would you like to ask me some stuff?

I don’t know what to ask you! Hmmm… What colour are the socks you’re wearing?

Black. Take yer pick:

Panzerchrist or a veneral disease?
Blowjob or dayjob?
Definitely this one!!!!
Evanescence or Linkin Park?
The Project Hate or love?
Leif Edling or Steve Harris?
Def Leppard or a mute tiger?

I don’t think you really got that question, haha… Here’s the chance here to wish genital warts on any musician on the planet. Who would it be?

Bruce Dickinson! I just hate him and his pompous band mates! Fuck off posers!!! I know this is not a popular opinion, but I don’t give a damn! I have the right to my own opinion! So… The warts goes to Bruce Dick-in-son of Iron Gayden!

By the way, do you love me?

Very much, but don’t tell my girlfriend! She’ll go crazy if she found out!

4 more questions… What metal band is the best out of Denmark nowadays you think? I have to say Panzerchrist I guess. You realize that whoever drums for you is not as good as that Reno-guy of Panzerchrist?

Reno is a machine and is probably the fastest drummer of DK just now! I’ve played with him on several occations and he’s fast and all—But I think he lacks a little in the variety department! Speed is not all! The best band in DK besides my own must be Exmortem! I would have said Iniquity, but they’re dead and gone now! R.I.P.

Naturally, this is a good follow-up… What band is the worst then? Keep it metal and feel free to bash them as much as you want.

I think we are better, since they are more like a hobby band! They don’t play live to often for instance! But the guys I know in the band, Michael K. and Reno, are cool fellas’ so I really won’t start to talk too much shit about them!

I’m so fucken lost as for what to ask now… I have to take a question from another interview I have done. Let’s pretend you are Joakim of Necrophobic for a while, ok? In Flames are making it big now. I know the guys and I think they deserve it. What’s yer take on the Swedish scene right now? Is Stockholm housing the better bands or is Gothenburg? I mean, come on… fucken At The Gates man…. Name your single fave album from respective city, no Joakim, you cannot pick your own.

The Haunteds debut album!!! Fucking cool stuff! The first At The Gates are ok too! And ain’t Luciferion out of Gothenburg too?
My final answer must be that I like both scenes! But I do not really like bands like In Flames!

Shouldn’t keyboards, female vocals and technoparts be banned in metal?

I think keyboards can be accepted if used with caution! For intro’s and instrumental stuff! But female vocals and fucking hip-hop remixes and samples can go and burn in hell!!!! Fucking hippie psykedelic fuks!

I did it again, almost 30 questions. I fucken rule. Well, good to see ya man, what’s up in the Corpus camp? You do realize you are one lucky band now as you get interview for Global Domination? We will make you world-famous.

I feel great! I’ve always wanted to become a rockstar! Thing are going very well, we are planning some shows in the fall in Dk, Belgium and Holland! So if anyone is interested in booking please contact us asap!!! Thanx for your support… you silly-head! Hope you weren’t too offended at times! See you all around! Martin and Corpus Mortale 2004…